31 Brilliantly Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

You’re stylish, we know that. So when it comes to your bedroom, we want to help you come up with some ideas that don’t fit the ordinary. Why stick what what everyone else does? Your bedroom is your space, so get creative.

Below, we have gathered 31 different shabby chic bedroom design ideas for you to browse through. You will see many different options and rooms of all sizes, so you will know just how many directions you can take.

Take your time going through these photos. We know you will find some ideas you love.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Sleek Luxury

Around this stylish room, you can see how well the fabrics bring this space to life. It is a luxurious style that you don’t see often, but works so well.

2. New and Old Blend

With a weathered and beautiful hardwood floor, this room blends contemporary color styles with great furniture to create a blended space with life.

3. Easy Decor

What catches your eye in this room is the way the decor stands out because of the light background of the walls and fabric. Nothing here is complicated, show that you can create a beautiful space anywhere.

4. Fun Decor Style

Create a fun space for you loved ones with a room like this. The decor is fun and stylish and the symmetry of the room works well.

5. Weathered and Stylish

Finding low-cost furniture can be a blessing because you can make it work so well. The weathered style of this room is amazing, especially when combined with the light colors all around.

6. Eclectic Decor

Let your personality shine through in your room. This space mixes many types of decor that all come together in a brilliant style.

7. A Farm Style

This room will remind you of a barn loft, except with luxury and style. The furniture is beautiful and works well with the light color scheme of the room.

8. Light Simplicity

The light and gray color scale of this room is wonderful, giving a quiet luxury all around the space. With natural light shining in and a great space to sit outside, this is a great room for you.

9. Updated Farm Style

The furniture in this room is classic and the metal bed frame works well in this space. There is nothing complicated about this room and the light style looks great.

10. Calm and Subdued

The darker hardwood floor sets the tone for this furniture and color scheme. The space has a light, almost beachy style that really works well.

11. Rustic Beach

With a weathered and repurposed looking headboard for this bed, you can sense the calm and laid back style in this room. With simple furniture and great colors, this is a great space.

12. Fantastic Patterns

The colors used in this room are fantastic because they don’t overwhelm you. They are subdued, but they get the job done in matching the style of the room.

13. Romantic Classic

With a nod back in time, this romantic room makes great use of lighter colors to match the hardwood floor and doors. The decor is spot on, with a classic sense of style.

14. Fun Decor

From the eclectic wallpaper to the fun decor, this room take a light theme and makes it lively. The natural light shines in to show the whole space off.

15. Easy Symmetry

This sea foam green metal bed frame is simple and stylish, bringing life to this room. The furniture matches the color scheme and the symmetry works.

16. Plenty of Room

In this room, you have space for everything you need to do. Whether it is relaxing with a book, working a the desk, or finally going to sleep, this space is open and spacious.

17. Victorian Style

Go bold and make the whole wall match your timeless Victorian sense of style. The light colors throughout the room and the easy furniture are a great contrast.

18. Timeless Style

The light hardwood furniture is beautiful, bringing grace and style to this room. The carpet and fabrics of the room are calming and a perfect match.

19. Simply Beautiful

With the great striped wallpaper, this room has an easy style that looks great. The bed and furniture are simple and look wonderful for this space.

20. Quiet Luxury

It doesn’t take much to make a room shine with luxury. The simple decor here along with beautiful fabrics really work well together in this room.

21. Calm and Luxurious

This bedroom has a classic luxurious style that blends with a contemporary color scheme. There’s nothing wrong with combining old and new styles. Often, the result is perfection.

22. Floral Styles

This room has a fantastic weathered look thanks to the hardwood floor and the metal frame bed. The furniture is combined with the floral patterns to make a great overall fun elegance.

23. A Canopy Romance

This room is open and bright. With a fun sense of style, you have a swing seat to relax in before you go to the romantic canopy style bed.

24. Timeless Style

With decor that makes you think back in time, this room is open and spacious. It gives you a comfortable area to relax and the natural light warms the whole space.

25. Repurposed Greatness

Coming up with furniture and decor for a room can be fun and easy. Most of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. This room is full of repurposed items to make it look great.

26. Bright Spaces

This room is luxurious and the natural light shines in to show it off. With light styles and a wonderful color combination, this space has elegant decor to finish it off.

27. Classy Hardwood Floor

With a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles, this room balances a beautiful hardwood floor with a layer of light colors. The decor is a great fit for this space.

28. Weathered and Nice

The bed makes this room wonderful. With a weathered wooden style, it is a great contrast to the dark hardwood floor and the colors and patterns in the room blend well.

29. A Perfect Getaway

The light sea foam green that is the color of this room makes this space a dream. With a romantic canopy bed right in the center, this space is magically beautiful.

30. Wonderful Vanity Space

Sleek and bohemian, this vanity space has wonderfully classic furniture and brilliant decor. You can be sure that you start every day off right.

31. Open Floor Plan

Thanks to the design of this room, there are plenty of windows letting the natural light shine in. The light hardwood floor is matched by easy light furniture and you have easy access to the outside.
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