27 Charming Southwest Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Making the right choices when it comes to designing your kitchen is important. You want to find the right style for your tastes, something that matches your personality. Don’t get stuck with something you won’t like for years to come. So, first you need to choose a theme.

We have gathered 27 beautiful Southwest style kitchen ideas. Southwest style kitchens are recognized by their distinctive architecture. They have a Hispanic influence that is evident throughout the spaces.

Don’t worry, there are still many options to choose from when you pick a Southwest style. Ranging from traditional to contemporary, you may find something you like in the photos below.

Southwest Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Modern Styles and Designs

With a great design for the light fixtures, this kitchen takes a blend of hardwood styles and matches them perfectly with the darker floor. The dark red tiles behind the stove are a great touch.

2. Classic Cabinet Styles

The natural light shines through the skylight above the hardwood beams. With a wonderful floor style and brick on the walls, this kitchen makes use of great colors to match the hardwood.

3. Smooth Architecture

With a smooth Southwestern design at work with the architecture, this room is brought to life by the floor design. A tan sandy color is used to blend with the hardwood and the style works well.

4. Stacked Stone Columns

This kitchen is brought to life thanks to the two stacked stone columns. With a wonderful sandy color floor to match the hardwood, the finishing touch is the darker counter tops.

5. Wooden Cross Beams

With weathered style wooden beams crossing in the middle of the ceiling to bring this space character, the bold design choices throughout this kitchen are amazing. The hardwood blends and the dark counter tops are a perfect match.

6. Open Connection

With a beautiful floor that ties the different areas of this house together, this kitchen uses a hardwood style that blends perfectly with the stainless appliances.

7. Great Decor Style

The design of the stove area, with the brick above it, looks fantastic. You can see how well the simple decor use around this kitchen makes it stand out well.

8. Durable Floor Style

The cracked stone floor style brings a durable look to this open space. With light shining down from the skylight, the hardwood styles, topped with darker counter tops, really stand out well.

9. Cantina Style

Like a Southwest Spanish cantina, you can pull up a chair and enjoy your drinks and a meal. The hardwood styles bring out a classic sense, making this a wonderful place to be.

10. Beautiful Stove Vent

Like an old fired clay cooking space, this kitchen uses a reddish style to show off its Southwest designs. With modern appliances mixed in, all of your cooking needs will be met here.

11. Minimal Beauty

This kitchen balances a darker floor and beautiful carpet with the light cabinet and appliance style. With simple decor, the minimal feel of this room works well.

12. Weathered Sense

The center island here take on a weathered appearance, bringing this kitchen a warm and classic sense of style. The hardwood, from the ceiling beams to the floor, is tied together nicely.

13. Elegant Hardwood Architecture

The ceiling, filled with exposed hardwood beams, flows around this whole kitchen space. The matching hardwood floor and furniture brings a warm durability that looks wonderful.

14. Cultural Decor

The table used in this kitchen can give you extra cooking space and will serve as a place for everyone to sit down to enjoy a meal. The blue used for the drawers and cabinets is matched with a cream color for the walls.

15. Stylish Counter Top

The counter top for this center island is cold and luxurious, setting the tone for this kitchen. The whole space is connected to the dining and living room areas, giving you plenty of entertainment options.

16. Natural Light Beauty

Thanks to the large windows next to the dining area, this kitchen is able to show off its use of different hardwood colors well. The open floor plan gives you plenty of room to move around.

17. A Blue Center

The blue used for the center island gives this kitchen area a splash of life. When combined with the elegance of the hardwood and rustic fixtures, this is a handsome place.

18. Breakfast Table

With great use of color, this kitchen is a wonderful show of Southwestern flair. The geometric tile patterns on the floor bring the space texture and the crafted door brings character.

19. Wonderful Wooden Shelves

Who says storage spaces should be boring? These wooden shelves prove otherwise and give you plenty of storage space for all of your cooking and small appliance needs.

20. Brilliant Tile Design

The tile design on the wall here is beautiful, bringing this kitchen area to life. The pots and pans have a great space to hang and will be available whenever you need them.

21. Quiet Excellence

The tiles, with subdued colors, and the beautiful green light fixtures bring this kitchen a quiet sense of style. The exposed ceiling beams match the floor perfectly.

22. A Crafted Wonder

The kitchen takes center stage here thanks to the brilliant hardwood designs used throughout this area. With a large and open floor plan, you are easily connected to the dining and living room areas.

23. Stone Floor Design

With a high ceiling to work with, this kitchen has an open sense of style that is matched by the great floor plan. The multi-colored stone floor ties it to the other areas of the house beautifully.

24. All Organized

Don’t ever worry about keeping all your pans organized. With a space like this to stand everything up, you will always know where everything is and have easy access.

25. Contemporary Colors

The subdued darker tile styles here match the cabinet designs perfectly. This is a contemporary space that brilliantly uses darker colors and decor to match.

26. Easy Wooden Style

The hardwood ceiling lets you really make use of the wooden designs in this kitchen. With sleek drawers to match the wonderful patterns on the wall, this kitchen is easy to fall in love with.

27. Durable Sense of Style

Blending a traditional kitchen design with a Southwestern style is a wonderful blend. The brick wall is beautiful, and the tile patterns behind the stove a perfect match.
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