44 Spectacular Traditional Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on December 26, 2022

The next best thing to waking up in a beautiful home is starting your day right in an equally magnificent kitchen. A small kitchen that reflects your home decor can make it feel more connected to the rest of the house.

The easiest, least expensive way to make a big change in a kitchen is with paint, especially darker hues. A traditional white kitchen with a splashes of color can easily create a bold statement. Inky blues, rich greens, charcoal grays and striking aubergine feel especially current and can make a really good complement to an all-white paneled cabinet

Here are 40+ inspiring well-decorated traditional kitchen designs that some will show you what a bit of color can do for your kitchen.

Traditional Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Island Hopping

Two islands are better than one. A spacious kitchen has a dedicated bar for informal dining and another for a quick wash in the sink.

2. It’s Hammer Time

A vintage apron sink with punched hammer detailing and Victorian faucet adorns a well-aged kitchen.

3. Slide To Side

To maximize space and increase functionality, a cabinet slides off to reveal a chopping board.

4. Table For Three

A wood veneer in the facade of the bar accentuates the all-white kitchen. The pendant lighting adds a glowing personality.

5. Alley McBeal

An archway that opens to this narrow kitchen framed the view. The hardwood floor injects a rustic appeal.

6. Pull To Open

Quick pullout drawer stresses the value of having a handy place for your cooking seasoning.

7. One In A Mullion

X-patterned mullions garnished the white cabinets of this traditional kitchen. Brown wood-paneled kitchen island and wooden chair completes the look.

8. Leather Rip

Leather seat barstool and stainless steel kitchen equipment escalate the modern vibe of this contemporary kitchen dressed in all-white finishes.

9. Wooden Perspective

The unobstructed natural light coming from the windows puts the spotlight on the wooden utilitarian table and hardwood floorboards.

10. Room With A Hue

The yellow glass window on top of this walk-in pantry injects a mix of magic and mystery.

11. Time Table

An ornate suspended light fixture adds interest and emphasis on the dramatic black kitchen hood and kitchen island.

12. Kitchen Screening

To filter the light coming in, a sheer roller shade is installed in the window. This complement the silver hardware of the gray panel cabinets’ modern appeal.

13. Back To Black

Beautiful all-black cabinetry and marble countertop enrich the cooking experience in this extravagant kitchen.

14. Top Glass Act

The bay window architectural detail augments the appeal of this contemporary kitchen. The charismatic kitchen island with its marble top imposes a functional aesthetic.

15. Nook Book

A shade of blue paint and rug lend a subtle contrast against the hardwood floor. White kitchen cabinets express cleanliness.

16. Can Of Woods

Brown colored wood inside an all-white cupboard is a perfect, great pair that offers distinction and a homey appeal.

17. Subway Hero

Glossy subway tiles splash some texture and brought in an extra shine to a kitchen full of drawers.

18. Pearl Cupboard

The white paneled cupboard is accentuated by the gray stone countertop. Black button handles made an appearance.

19. Under The Light

Installing a spotlight underneath your wall mounted cabinets not only provides illumination, it can also indicate a meticulous and stylish homeowner.

20. Glow Me A Kiss

A pair of suspended lighting fixture mixed things up a bit in this contemporary kitchen. The kitchen island is sporting a stone countertop and antique pewter finish.

21. Cooking Time

A contemporary apartment featuring a show kitchen, hardwood floors, and walls in pale lavender is your dream personified.

22. Kitchen Vault

Adhering to the nature surrounding this cabin, wooden armchairs and round dining table made an appearance as the spice rack take a peak as the hidden treasure of this paneled kitchen.

23. Stool Samples

Dressed to impressed. The bar chairs spruce up an all beige contemporary kitchen with soulful Italian hardwood floors.

24. Wick In The Knees

Wicker baskets accessories a small office and acts as an accent to the bleached birch hardwood floor. The ceramic blue stool stands in all royalty.

25. Slope And Slide

A sloped ceiling hovers above this gracefully designed kitchen. Matching wood floors and furniture created a unified traditional look.

26. Hood Could Should

Stainless steel kitchen hood adorned the stove and formed a style connection with the suspended glass light fixture above the homey kitchen island.

27. Bar Level

The extended countertop that formed into a bar heighten the function and visual appeal of a contemporary kitchen.

28. Slim Shady

Roman shade in blue and tan together with the blue paneled table heightened the lovely charisma of an otherwise plain white kitchen.

29. Go Glow Grow

Strategic placement of lighting brings a glowing ambiance and guides the eye on the important functional areas of a spacious kitchen.

30. Stand Perfectly Stool

Natural lighting promotes a sense of character and reinforces a sensible connection of the outside surrounding to the interior of an all-white paneled kitchen.

31. Plank And Panel

Articulated by the stained hardwood flooring, the classic sense appeal of the interior of this kitchen, thanks to the wood paneling and ceiling planks, is magnified by the sensual kitchen island.

32. Queen Of Jade

Dark olive green is paired off with the floating kitchen island. Bleach hardwood floors and white glossy countertop helps highlight the bold color.

33. Tuft Sider

Tall bar stool dressed in tufted gray fabric adhere to the color of the kitchen island which enhanced the glamorous sensation of the kitchen.

34. Down Under

Decked with stained wood paneling, a stowaway pocket drawer underneath the sink holds the cleaning brushes, sponges, and steel wool for easy reach.

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35. Pale Of Green

Vintage lighting fixture adorns the plain ceiling. Pastel green and yellow colors accompanies the traditional flair of this homey kitchen.

36. Roman Holiday

Tiled backsplash and Roman shade in matching colors underscore the prevailing color scheme of this all neutral kitchen.

37. The Incredible Chalkboard

The black paint body of the kitchen island reinforced by the functional blackboard wall helps create an understated glamorous kitchen.

38. Murphy Brown

An all stained wood kitchen, including the hardwood floors, is punctuated by the use of modern stainless steel kitchen fixtures and hardware.

39. Seeing Red

Red leather barstool helps heighten the excitement that is prevalent on this kitchen. The wood finish of the kitchen island teams up with the sideboard nearby for an appealing visual continuity.

40. Bronze Statue

Copper lighting fixture dongle above the kitchen island bounded by adjustable industrial stools. The brown leather sofa coordinates accordingly to the overall look.

41. Heart Of Steel

Stainless kitchen fixtures like the double door fridge, dishwasher, and pendant lighting brings in the modern vibe in this all-white traditional kitchen.

42. Spice Kids

Charming and wonderfully organized built-in spice rack together with the pull-out chopping board storage fortifies the functionality of this kitchen.

43. Art Of Stone

Speckled brown granite crowns the counter of a bright kitchen, thanks to the ample natural lighting coming in from the windows. The stained hardwood floor keeps the chocolate cabinetry grounded.

44. Light Of Hand

Well-placed mood lighting magnifies the appeal of the brick stone backsplash. Led by a charming crystal chandelier, all important areas of the kitchen is highlighted thoughtfully.

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