43 Well Executed Ideas for a Stylish Kitchen (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Who wouldn’t want a more stylish kitchen? For many, it’s the heart of the home and the place where family members spend the most time. Yet with the room’s utilitarian, everyday functions, sometimes it’s all too easy to take it for granted and neglect to update its design features. Perhaps like many us, you have fallen into this common trap.

Don’t underestimate your kitchen’s potential. With a bit of inspiration, you can add new elements that transform the look of the busiest room in your home.

Below you’ll see colorful images of 43 stylish kitchen inspirations. From writing desks to gleaming hardwood floors, smart and sleek storage solutions and wall units to upscale elegance of the most eye-catching kind, you’re sure to find the ideas you’ve been waiting for!

Stylish Kitchen Ideas You’ll Want for Yourself

1. Compact writing desk

This kitchen’s unique little writing nook has the “pop” factor of a red chair to liven up the space.  This desk is a great place to store receipts and other records, making you more organized.

2. Hardwood floors of extraordinary glossiness

This kitchen’s glossy floors are heightened by the sunlight that pours in through ample and elegant windows.  Their amber-tinted hue is set off even further by the presence of two darker, mahogany stools.

3. Snowy white and antiqued ivory

The antiqued ivory shade of the cushioned stools make the white of the rest of the kitchen seem even brighter.

4. An ample old-fashioned sink and cupboards of powdery teal

The powdery teal hue of the cabinets beneath this gleaming and ample sink make this an appealing kitchen combination.

5. Everything in its place

Your dinnerware will be safe and sound in these expansive drawers.  An open-concept connection to a dining room area makes this kitchen a gorgeous yet practical one that appeals to many.

6. White pillars are foundations of this look

You’ll be the first of your friends to have these unique and magnificent white pillars in your kitchen.

7. Champagne-colored tiles set off white cabinets

Champagne-colored tiles with a hint of duty rose set off the fresh white elements of this kitchen.

8. Elaborate kitchen wall unit

A fantastic kitchen wall unit with loads of storage options creates an impressive look.

9. Open-concept modern look

This contemporary kitchen has an impressive entrance area.

10. The best of upscale elegance

The design elements of this kitchen create a truly breathtaking look.

11. Compact pantry cupboard

Clear the clutter off your counter tops with this organized and streamlined storage solution.

12. White with the slightest hint of pink

The subtle hint of pink in this kitchen’s white color scheme beautifully complements the glossy dark-wood floor.

13. The kitchen as a refuge

With open-concept homes so predominant, closed off rooms can sometimes be a refreshing change.  Once you close the doors of this large and gorgeous kitchen, you’ve truly shut out the world.

14. Pretty in pine

The pale look of this kitchen’s lovely pine hardwood floors and drawers can be a refreshing change.

15. Granite gray

Cupboards and cabinets in a gray seemingly inspired by the color of granite, this kitchen look has style to spare.

16. Unique flooring option

A unique floor pattern changes the entire look of this expansive kitchen space.

17. Comfy upholstered chairs

Think outside of the box — why do upholstered chairs like these have to stay in the living room?  What a great place for your next morning coffee!

18. Room for family dinner

A large dark-wood table extends the island and allows enough space for a full family dinner.  Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in this gorgeous, airy kitchen?

19. Unique graphics

The fascinating graphic behind your stove top will be something all your guests ask about.

20. A touch of Old World charm

The bright red salt and pepper shakers and copper-colored pot evokes Old World design motifs that will warm up any modern kitchen.

21. Mosaic magic

The intricate mosaic work behind the stove top is just one of many gorgeous elements in this kitchen.  The putty-colored drawers and cabinets add to an enviable sense of sophistication.

22. Enjoy views of the outdoors

This kitchen is not only absolutely stunning in itself, it also provides excellent views of the outdoors as well as comfortable seating from which to enjoy them.

23. Stunning range hood

As if the glittering crystal chandeliers weren’t enough!  This stunning range hood is truly something to behold.

24. Double doors leading to the garden

Once you have finished your latest culinary masterpiece or delicious cup of espresso in this beautiful kitchen, you can step outside the double doors for a breath of fresh air and sunshine in the garden.

25. Room for your cookbooks

Do you have a cookbook collection?  There’s plenty of storage space here.

26. Sophisticated space

The black enamel elements of this kitchen add to its sense of sophistication.

27. Handy cutting board

This hidden cutting board is a handy tool for any home chef.

28. Blue and white porcelain

The traditional combination of blue and white on fine china is the unifying theme of this classically beautiful kitchen.

29. Strikingly pretty wallpaper makes one wall a feature

The lovely patterned wallpaper on a single wall provides a stylish focus point.

30. Unquestionably upmarket

Many features of this kitchen mark it out immediately as a place of luxury and convenience.  Some of these are the gigantic cabinet fridge and sparkling light fixtures.

31. Sliding pantry door

This pantry with a sliding door makes it easy to tuck away canned goods and treats.

32. Bright white door frame

This bright white door frame surrounds twin latticed doors.

33. Matching stainless steel stove, range hood, and lighting fixtures

This kitchen’s stainless steel stove, range hood, and hanging light fixtures create an appealing look.

34. Utilitarian charging station

This would be a handy addition to the kitchen of any family with many electronic devices.

35. Kitchen and family room in one

The unassuming but extremely comfortable upholstered chairs in the living room area mirror the simple design scheme of the kitchen.

36. Hints of the Mediterranean

This kitchen’s floors and other design features offer hints of the Mediterranean.

37. Bringing nature indoors

Rustic floral arrangements of different kinds bring an aura of freshness to the room.  Sunlight flooding through the windows adds to this effect.

38. Taste and sophistication

You’ll enjoy sipping wine with friends in this well-appointed kitchen with meticulously carved wooden accents.

39. Display your best

These charmingly simple yet elegant display shelves are just what you’ve been looking for to show off your best.

40. Glass display cabinets and metallic stools

This kitchen’s glass display cabinets are perfect for people who want to show off their dinnerware and crystal.  The metallic stools add a distinctly contemporary element.

41. Kitchen in the countryside

The simple wooden features and style of window curtains give this kitchen a distinct air of the countryside.

42. Plenty of windows mean plenty of sunlight

This kitchen has an enviable amount of window space, making the room wonderfully cheerful and bright.

43. Matching dark-wood floors and chairs

This floor seems impossibly glossy, while the matching dark-wood chairs add to the harmony of the space.
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