30 Superb Home Exteriors (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 27, 2023

It is not a secret. The exterior of your home has to be designed to look great. What other part of your home will be looked at more often?

When you start to get ideas together for how you want the exterior of your home to look, there are so many things to think about. What colors will you use and with what materials? What will the landscaping around the home look like?

We know the options can seem overwhelming, but we want to help. Below, we’ve gathered 30 different home exterior ideas for you to look through. They range in style and complexity, so take your time and see if anything here is something you like.

Home Exterior Ideas

1. Outdoor Entertainment

The outside of this home is beautiful and ready to host events with family and friends. With a calm area for the porch and a patio with a fire pit, this is a relaxing space.

2. Perfect Walkways

The walkways leading through this yard and up to this house have a great brick pattern and highlight the weathered style of the home exterior.

3. Perfect Place to Host

This home exterior is open and features plenty of room for outdoor entertainment. The yard is spacious and ready for game day.

4. Elegant Beach House

This home exterior features a classic beach architecture. The space is large and elegant in an open and bright way.

5. Outdoor Warmth

This cobblestone fireplace looks great against the house and will provide you wil plenty of warmth when you want to relax outside.

6. Classic Landscaping

The landscaping used outside this home is not complicated and it looks great. It matches the great stone design used for the walls of the house.

7. Color Contrasts

The dark blue blended with the hardwood creates a wonderful contrast for the exterior of this home. The space is comfortable and comes to life.

8. Fire Pit Relaxation

This classic exterior has multiple options for entertainment. You can sit upstairs on the balcony or relax around the fire pit.

9. Brick Charm

The lighter style of brick used for the exterior of this house looks great with the darker shutters and shingles. They blend well together to make a wonderful earth-toned exterior.

10. Contemporary Villa Style

Like a modified European villa house, this exterior is light and shows how to blend perfectly with the landscaping.

11. Gravel Works

This type of architecture is great because it is not complex, yet still makes a statement. It looks great when combined with simple landscaping. This gravel driveway is a great addition.

12. Spacious and Open

With plenty of porch space outside for nights of relaxation, this exterior really gives an open and spacious style. It is spread out and features a wonderfully large yard.

13. Quietly European

The style of this exterior takes on a slight European design that really works. The landscaping is creative and has wonderful curb appeal.

14. One With the Landscape

Some homes just blend well with their surroundings and they are truly wonderful. This home has a fantastic hardwood design and simple style that makes it great.

15. Gray Stone

The gray stacked stone look used for this home blends perfectly with the gray siding. The landscaping is simple and doesn’t overwhelm.

16. Southern Beach Style

When you look at this exterior, you should immediately think of a Southern beach home. It is grand and has classic beach plant life in the landscape.

17. Villa Home

When you pull up this driveway, you should immediately think of a beautiful European villa. The architecture and contrasting color use is a thing of beauty.

18. Flat and Modern

The flat architecture of this exterior makes use of two main materials and they contrast perfectly with one another. The outside gives you plenty of private space for relaxation.

19. Contemporary Brilliance

The unique styles used in this type of architecture makes you think modern. The multitude of materials all blend perfectly and create an inviting space.

20. Open and Inviting

The exterior of this home is calm and inviting. With a wonderful screened-in porch, this space makes use of beautiful plant life in the landscaping.

21. Courtyard to Elegance

The light exterior of this home works so well thanks to the brilliant use of natural hardwood for the doors and windows. This courtyard is surrounded by beauty and wonderful landscaping.

22. Modern Landscape

Sometimes getting a little creative with your landscaping is a great way to bring life to the yard. This yard is unique and it brings a wonderful style to the entire exterior.

23. Northeast Charm

This is such a charming exterior thanks to to the use of wonderful color combinations. The blue shutters stand out perfectly from the white house.

24. Open Glow

This exterior has a lively glow and is surrounded by an open space. The landscape is just as inviting as this home.

25. Stone and Hardwood

The exterior of this home blends together hardwood styles and stone brilliantly. It is perfectly matched by the landscaping and the gravel driveway.

26. Circle Luxury

This charming country home is luxurious. The exterior is well designed and the plant life is the perfect choice for the surroundings.

27. Spanish Villa Home

This exterior features a classic Spanish style and the courtyard ties everything together. The style is one that everyone recognizes and wishes they could emulate.

28. Luxury Cabin

When you have a natural mountainous environment, design a home around it. This home is a luxury cabin, built right into the hill. The landscaping matches the area perfectly.

29. Fantastic Craftsman

This wonderful home fits right into the neighborhood. With calm and open landscaping to match the design of the home, you can feel the welcome.

30. Upper Glow

The exterior of this contemporary home has great character. The upper level is opened up thanks to the many windows and the whole house blends perfectly with the environment.
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