51 Delightful Traditional Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

When you are designing a new kitchen, there are so many options you will be faced with. Going with a traditional style doesn’t mean that those options get any smaller. Traditional covers a wide range of designs. Depending of the space you are working with and the style of the rest of your home, you will have plenty of choices to make.

A traditional kitchen can use a multitude of materials and colors. They are beautiful when designed right, and we want to help you do just that. Below, we’ve gathered 51 traditional kitchen design ideas and styles. Browse through and see just how many directions you can take your next kitchen.

Traditional Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Bright and Brilliant

This beautiful kitchen gets its style from  the graceful white cabinets blended with the subdued blue used for the center island. Combined with the hardwood floor, the whole room is complete.

2. Great Storage Pantry

Blended with in with the rest of the cabinets, this pantry area looks great and gives you all the organizational space you will need. Just open up the doors and everything is ready for you.

3. Sliding into the Pantry

This black sliding door looks great and opens up to reveal a wonderful storage area. You have this walk-in space to keep all your kitchen needs organized.

4. Large Center Island

The light hardwood floor of this kitchen sets the tone for this space. The light colors and the marble counter top for the island look great and work for the slight industrial look of this room.

5. Great Color Balance

The bold hardwood floor blends perfectly with the gray cabinets of this kitchen. With large appliances that will ensure you have all the cooking space you need, this kitchen is ready for use.

6. Brick Back-Style

The dark hardwood floor is balanced perfectly with the white cabinets. The brick styles used around the space work well with the farm style kitchen.

7. All Organized

Don’t worry about being unorganized when you have a system like this. Not only is there plenty of room, but the containers are a great way to ensure everything is where it is supposed to be.

8. Open Floor Plan

This traditional kitchen is open and connected to the rest of the house. After you are finished cooking your meal, dine right near the windows in the natural light.

9. Elegant and Stylish

Thanks to the large window by the sink, this beautiful kitchen has plenty of natural light to show it off. The classic cabinets and designs blend well with the decor used.

10. Never Be Unorganized

When you have a kitchen space like this, you never have to be worried about being unorganized. With great drawers that roll out and fold out, you will always have somewhere to keep your stuff.

11. Great Hardwood Floor

Thanks to the many windows in this kitchen, this entire area is connected. The hardwood floor leads seamlessly into the living room.

12. Easy Organization

This is a refined and classic pantry space that gives you room for all your kitchen needs, small appliances included.

13. Keep Everyone On Track

We know you have a busy family, with everyone on a difference schedule. Help everyone stay organized and ready to go with a space like this in your kitchen.

14. Light Cream Colored

The light cream color used for the cabinets blends perfectly with the darker center island and hardwood floor. With the brick style around the wall, this kitchen is perfected.

15. Great Eating Space

With the great bay windows that let the natural light pour in, this kitchen looks great and has a fantastic dining space with cushioned bench seating.

16. Extended Island

This island comes with a hardwood extension, great for a quick place to have a meal or extra cooking space. The traditional designs around the room work perfectly.

17. Neat and Tidy

With a storage area this complete, you will certainly be happy. Keep your wine ready, your ingredients organized, and your cooking needs in order.

18. Plenty of Storage

Sometimes you don’t need a whole walk-in pantry to meet your needs. This storage space is easily available anytime you need it and it perfect for organization.

19. Calm Elegance

The exposed wooden beam leading into this kitchen give the whole room character. The open floor plan, connecting the kitchen with the rest of the house, is tied together by the wonderful wooden floor.

20. Stainless Appliances

The large stainless appliances really catch the eye when you come into this kitchen. The white cabinets blend perfectly with the black counter tops.

21. Easy Decor

When you use white in a kitchen, you have the perfect backdrop for decor. This kitchen looks great, starting with the plant life and going to the stainless stools.

22. Great Natural Light

The large windows let the natural light shine in on this wonderful hardwood floor. The blend of the hardwood with the white cabinets works really well here.

23. Beautiful Hardwood Style

This handsome kitchen makes us of darker hardwood for the center island and the stove hood. They blend perfectly with the cream colored cabinets and the hardwood floor.

24. Perfect Extra Space

This great space gives you the extra space you need to keep your wine chilled and ready for use. You have extra counter space and a little refrigerator to meet your needs.

25. Baby Blue and White

The blue ceiling in this kitchen is the perfect touch to blend with the hardwood floor adn the white cabinets. Everything is elegantly tied together.

26. Open Hardwood Floor

This open floor plan gives you a spacious kitchen. The hardwood floor ties everything together. The dark gray center island looks great against the lighter cabinets.

27. Seated Around Island

This center island is made for you to pull up a stool and relax. Whether you are eating a meal or just hanging out, this traditional kitchen is light and elegant.

28. Classic Cabinets

This classic kitchen has a center island that gives you a space for wine storage, and the open floor plan will let you move around easily as you go about preparing your meals.

29. Perfectly Designed Cabinets

This stove area is excellently elegant. The crafted design behind the stove catches the eye, but the color scheme carries the day. The whole design brings the kitchen grandeur.

30. Pitched Ceiling

Not only do the large windows provide this kitchen with an abundance of natural light, but it creates a wonderful symmetry. The hardwood floors are open and the kitchen brings a modern traditional style.

31. Comfortably Complete

This is a traditional farm-style kitchen. Starting with the wonderful sink and moving to the beautiful hardwood floor, this space is ready for you. The decor is simple and perfect, matching the ambiance.

32. Perfect Purple

Kitchens don’t have to be devoid of color. This elegant space makes use of purple with the chairs and the rugs to blend perfectly with the cabinets and marble counter tops.

33. Hardwood Combination

The floor and center island in this kitchen work together to bring character to this kitchen. With an open floor plan, moving around will be a breeze.

34. Warm and Spacious

With a fireplace built in and the dining are a part of the kitchen space, you will have all your needs met here. Enjoy the warm environment and wonderful decor as you go about your cooking.

35. Beautiful Storage

Built-in storage like this is a perfect space save. It helps to keep all of your small appliances off the counters and easily accessible.

36. White and Hardwood Blend

The hardwood floor and the white used in this kitchen create a pleasing contrast. This space is quietly elegant and creates a calm ambiance in the room.

37. Easy Pot and Pan Storage

Instead of keeping the pans and larger bowls you need somewhere down low, this space provides you with a way to keep them organized and ready for use.

38. Luxury Style

This kitchen is spacious and ready for some serious cooking. With large stainless appliances that blend perfectly with the decor, this kitchen gives you the room you need with the extended island.

39. Darker Counter Top

The darker counter top used here works perfectly with the hardwood floor and the light cream colored cabinets. The decor and furniture bring this space great color.

40. Comfortable Designs

This kitchen space lets you show off your best dishware as part of the decor. The designed rug helps create an elegant area that everyone will be comfortable in.

41. Comfortably Connected

The hardwood floor connects this kitchen to other areas of this house perfectly. The space, thanks to the wonderful lighting, is calm and elegant. The kitchen is easy to move around and has a great traditional design.

42. Bold Hardwood

The weathered hardwood style used for this center island not only blends well with the hardwood floor, but also with the white cabinets. Connected to the dining area, this kitchen is open and spacious.

43. Always Organized Here

This walk-in pantry gives you everything you need for keeping kitchen items organized. A rolling lazy susan, plenty of shelf space, and hanging racks are all here.

44. Traditional and Gorgeous

The hardwood floor and the ceiling design help bring some texture to this kitchen. The room looks great thanks to the combination of the darker counter tops and the lighter cabinets.

45. Cozy and Bright

No matter what size space you are dealing with, you can make a wonderful space. This kitchen is traditional and elegant, with a beautiful hardwood floor to match the cream cabinets.

46. Classic Dining

From the design of the center island to the stove hood vent, the classic style here works really well. The dining area is built-in and the whole space connected by a dark hardwood floor.

47. Light Luxury

This kitchen is made luxurious thanks to the decor and designs that come with it. The light blue patterned seat cushions and curtains match the beautiful decor.

48. Perfect Light and Dark Blend

This kitchen has a light feeling of upscale style thanks to the bold hardwood floor, the white cabinets, and the dark counter tops. Combined, they work perfectly together.

49. Wonderful Stone Floor

The multiple colors and design styles that work together here are amazing. The stone style floor ties the hardwood island and white cabinets together well.

50. Dine In Style

Well lit with a simple dine-in area, this kitchen will handle all of your needs. With an open floor plan that lets you move around easily, cooking and eating here will be fun.

51. Traditional Farm Style

Everything in this kitchen falls back on a classic country style. From the great hardwood floor to the farm-style sink, this space has a bucolic charm.
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