23 Unique Master Bedrooms That Stand Out (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Create the master bedroom you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for something that is simply okay, because this is the room you will spend most of your time in. The master bedroom should be your sanctuary.

Have you ever designed a master bedroom? It can be a challenging process as you figure out what kind of style to go with. You will spend hours pouring over different color schemes and decor choices. Deciding on a traditional or contemporary style can be hard to do.

We’ve gathered 23 different master bedroom design ideas for you to look through. Pick out some styles that work for you.

Unique Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Abstract on Classic

The classic bold hardwood used in this master bedroom is blended with a contemporary abstract piece of art. What a wonderful combination.

2. Beautiful Hardwood Ceiling

There is no denying that this hardwood ceiling is the center of attention here. This room has the style and decor to match it, with the hardwood furniture and lighter blends.

3. All Inclusive

With a master bedroom like this, you may think you are in a spa. The bedroom is seamlessly and beautifully connected to the master bath.

4. Weathered Hardwood Style

There is something beautiful about a weathered hardwood style like the one used behind the bed. This room uses traditional furniture to blend with the hardwood.

5. Modern Hardwood Designs

The light hardwood floor is perfectly matched by the furniture in this master bedroom. This room is minimal and beautiful.

6. Pink Splash

A loud splash of color is sometimes a brilliant move. This pink works well with the lighter colors and tile of the room.

7. Geometric Curves

The wall is geometric, but the room beautifully curves. With plenty of natural light pouring in, this room has a contemporary calm elegance.

8. Bold Design Choices

The bold dark choices really complement each other in this room. With a black wall featuring unique decor and dark hardwood furniture, the blend is perfect.

9. A Contemporary Decor Style

The room is sleek, featuring a modern bed style and great shelving. With a fireplace to warm you up, you will love ending every day here.

10. Natural Light Shines In

The bed and decor give off a modern vibe that looks out on a great view. The windows really make this room as they wrap around the space.

11. Cozy and Uncluttered

You don’t have to have a large space to have a comfortable and beautiful room. This space uses s symmetrical style and simple decor to make it wonderful.

12. A Royal Style

Spacious and grand, this master bedroom features the kind of designs you find in upscale resorts. It creates a Zen-like feeling in the room.

13. Writing on the Wall

Let your personality shine through in your master bedroom. Put your motivation and inspiration on the wall so you can see it every day.

14. Spacious Luxury

This is a classic and masterful room. Featuring much more than just a place to sleep, you can light up the fireplace and relax here any time.

15. Space to Work

With a wonderfully simple rolling desk for you to work at, this bedroom is functional, easy, and light.

16. Windows All Around

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to be blocked in, this room is opened up thanks to the windows that surround it.

17. Blue Styles

With the many shades of blue used around this room, you can see how it comes to life. The weathered hardwood bench at the foot of the bed brings a great character to the space.

18. Gray Tones

You can thank the brilliance of this room to the wonderful use of gray. It is layered, subtle, and brilliant.

19. Welcome to the Tropics

With a view like this, there is no need to wall it in. All you need is windows to let the natural light in and  that let you see out.

20. The Old Villa

If you’ve ever wondered how to give your room an old European villa look, this is how. With a weathered style and wonderful patterns, this room is simply beautiful.

21. Master Bed

The large bed is the center of attention, but don’t miss the great color blends between the white, black, and wood.

22. Warm Layers

This master bedroom is layered with respects to the light colors is uses. With great furniture and decor, you will love being in this space.

23. Canopied Brilliance

A romantic canopy bed is only the beginning of the style in this room. With natural light pouring in from two sides, it shines with brilliance.