18 Glamorous Victorian Bedroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

You want your bedroom to look fantastic, we know that. So we want to help. When you are designing a bedroom, whether one from scratch or a remodeling an existing one, you are faced with many options. Just remember, the final choice is yours.

We have gathered 18 Victorian style bedrooms for you to browse through. We think you will like the wonderful elegance of a Victorian style room, with calm luxury and beautiful decor. It brings a certain type of class to a room.

Take your time and browse through the photos below. We’re sure there will be something you like.

Victorian Style Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Amazing Patterns

This room is like something from a fairy tale, but don’t worry. There is nothing complicated about it. The patterns and decor, the colors and style. All of it comes together to create beauty.

2. Functional and Easy

With a separate area to sit in the natural light and read a book, this bedroom gives you options. The hardwood styles come together and give you a handsome space that is well decorated.

3. Classy Decor

This room gives you an old-fashioned sense of style while remaining contemporary. The hardwood furniture and the classic fireplace are combined with great decor.

4. Stylish Bed

The light hardwood floor in this room is a perfect place to start and this room certainly finishes well. The darker hardwood furniture is a great blend and is contrasted nicely by the light walls and fabric.

5. Prefect Blue Flowers

The wallpaper in this room steals the show and is matched by the blues all around. This room is lively and has great antique style furniture that blends perfectly with the overall theme.

6. Colorful Floral

This room is a light and elegant space, with great furniture that had a modern class. The colorful floral designs bring the whole room to life.

7. Great Sitting Area

With a darker gray color scheme at work here, this room has a sleek and unstated elegance. It looks amazing when combined with the hardwood floor and furniture.

8. Royal Treatment

Take a trip back in time to a royal setting and this is what you get. You will love being in this luxurious room, with golden trim and elegantly crafted furniture.

9. Great Ready Area

When you are getting ready for your day or getting some work done, this room gives you a great space to do that. The decor in this room is light and fun, giving a wonderful lively style.

10. Bright and Classic

This room takes beautiful furniture and makes a simply wonderful style in this space. The natural light shines in to show off the easy designs of this room.

11. Draped Elegance

There is no way to overstate the beautiful ambiance brought to this room by the fabrics. The elegance, from the light fixture to the furniture, radiates all over.

12. Open Elegance

Grand and luxurious area two words that come to mind when you see this room. The amazing hardwood floor and furniture here area a perfect fit for the wonderful architecture of this room.

13. Blank Canvas

This room is open for business, giving you so many options. You have built in drawers and a great space to sit in the natural light to read a book or relax.

14. Shades of Blue

A romantic four post bed and beautiful shades of blue work together in this room. The amazing pattern on the carpet gives texture and life to the whole room, and you can open up to the outside.

15. Vanity Space

Enjoy this light bohemian style. The decor in this room is a lively elegant, and the purple gives the space a great atmosphere. Get ready for your day right here.

16. Great Storage

With great closet space and a whole area for your shoes, this room is ready for you. The light styles work well and bring the space to life.

17. Warm and Luxurious

With a large and classic mirror, you will always be ready for your day. Sit by the warm fire and enjoy the light luxurious style of this room.

18. Comfortable Relaxation

Relax by these beautiful bay windows and enjoy the warmth of the natural light pouring in. The rug here has a great style that gives character to the whole space.
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