35 Wonderful Deck Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

We know you have wanted a deck. We’ve all walked onto one and decided that we need something like it. But how do you decide what is right for you? There are so many factors that go into building a deck or patio that it can seem confusing at first, but don’t let it get you down. We want to help.

No matter what kind of deck you want to build or what space you have to put it in, you can find something that works for you. You may want something classic and traditional or maybe you want something new and luxurious. You can design and build what you want. Look at these 35 ideas and come up with something that works for you.

Unique Deck Design Ideas

1. Marbled Beauty

This marble fire pit is so elegant that you will want to sit around it for hours getting warm and enjoying the view.

2. Outside Access

This beautiful hardwood covers the deck and the wall. You have this easy access right into the kitchen so everything flow easily.

3. Open Sky View

What a beautiful use of stone for the floor of this deck. With a great view, you will want to have a picnic here.

4. A Tropical Kind of Style

Walk from the brick patio to the hardwood deck and relax in this tropical space. You will want to stay for hours.

5. Grill and Relax

Grill out here or open up these windows for access to the inside of the house. Either way, you will find it a relaxing place to hang out.

6. Complete Entertainment

With a hardwood ceiling keeping the elements out, you can entertain friends and family in this space no matter what the weather.

7. Mediterranean Style

With a salute to the Mediterranean style, this beautifully colored outdoor space will see you kicking back with a drink.

8. Dine Right Outside

Open up the doors and get your meal out to this table for everyone to enjoy. Think of it as an extension to your dining area.

9. Relaxing Paradise

Whether you want to sit in the sun or relax in the hot tub, you will find a fun time on this beautiful deck.

10. Colorful Deck

This deck sports great furniture and features an open area, a covered space, and even a place higher up. Everyone will find their spot here.

11. Backyard Brilliance

This deck and patio beautifully integrate themselves into this backyard. String up some lighting for a relaxing scene.

12. Double Decker

Upstairs or downstairs, you will find a place to relax. Have a meal at the table then walk upstairs for the view.

13. In the Middle

This outdoor space is perfectly built to incorporate the middle area of this house. With access to it from multiple areas, you will be spending a lot of time out here.

14. Glowing with Fun

Enhance the mood of a deck space by placing great lighting under the benches. You will find this a calm and relaxing area.

15. Twilight Glamour

When you finish your meal at on this beautiful deck, you and your guests can crowd around the fire for a long chat.

16. Rooftop Relaxation

Who says you can’t use your roof for a deck? Look at how this deck is integrated into this rooftop. Everyone can relax out here.

17. Wrap-Around Deck

This deck is built with beautiful hardwood and wraps around the house. This extends the possibilities for your future gatherings.

18. Bowl Fire Pit

These colorful cushions bring fun to this space. Gather your family around this great fire pit and tell some stories.

19. Lattice Decor

Using lattice around a deck is a great way to let plants thrive. They will bring life to any outdoor space.

20. Contemporary Fountain

This contemporary fountain spills into a stone bottomed pool and sets up a relaxing mood for this deck.

21. Complete Cooking

You don’t need to keep going inside to the kitchen. Every cooking need you may have will be met in a setting like this. Let your master chef go wild.

22. City Oasis

Introduce colorful plants to your deck and blend it with great furniture to create a great outdoor space anywhere.

23. Spa Style

You don’t have to go to a spa to get a relaxing space. Borrow from Asian designs and Zen to create a space like this.

24. Dine Outside

Eat outside in the fresh air with a setup like this. The hardwood table blends well with the deck and will be perfect for your get together.

25. In Between

Don’t worry if you have an odd space to fill. Just design around it. This deck uses the space it is given to full effect.

26. Hot Tub Time

Relax under the awnings in this hot tub at the end of a long day. This deck blends right into the backyard and will have you wanting to stay.

27. Warm Space

Come right out back and enjoy this brilliantly designed space. The patterns for the benches are beautiful and so is this glowing fire pit.

28. Nap Time

Lay back and relax, maybe catch a peaceful nap. This space is sure to have you spending time outdoors regularly.

29. Designed Grill Space

Beautifully designed wood work makes this space visually appealing. Fire up the grill and be ready for a good time in the sun.

30. Plenty of Space

There is often so much unused space on a rooftop, but not if you plan wisely. Whether you want to have a meal or relax on a cushioned bench, you will find space here.

31. Indoor Outdoor Convergence

Sometimes the inside and outside blend seamlessly. We see a deautiful deck right out the sliding doors here. Relax on the outdoor couches for a while.

32. Lay Back and Relax

This modern space is brilliantly lit and give you plenty of space to kick your feet up and have a good tie. With great stone work for the floor, you will be spending some time here.

33. Charming Country

With an ode to a country style, this calming space features a great fireplace and classic brickwork.

34. Swing and Relax

Swing benches never go out of style. This one adds an old-style feeling to a contemporary spot. You can swing in peace while your friends relax here too.

35. Extension of Luxury

This outdoor deck features plenty of seating and a great fire pit to relax by. Fire up this luxury grill and set your party off right.
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