16 Enthralling Living Room Designs to Dream About (Photo Gallery)

If you’re looking for inspiration for your living room, it’s a good idea to check out as many living rooms as possible. This list of stunning living rooms will give you plenty of ideas for your spaces. It’s a good idea to look at the little details that make a room special, like the pillows or moldings, as well as paint colors and carpets.

There’s no shortage of great ideas for beautiful spaces if you just take a look. This list of living spaces with all their beautiful designs is exactly what you need to inspire your own living room decor.

Enthralling Living Room Design Ideas

1. Fluffy Footstools

Amazingly fluffy, furry footstools make this living room instantly inviting and friendly.

2. Stately Fireplace

This stone fireplace creates a warm feel to the room, both literally and figuratively.

3. Glass Wall

Settle into this innovative living room and feel like you’re sitting on a porch with this massive glass wall.

4. Pink and Purple

Pulling colors from the artwork over the sofa, this room uses plenty of pink and purple to give the space a feminine touch.

5. Candlestick Lights

Throughout this living room, you’ll find candles, real and faux, including a stunning candlestick in the far corner.

6. Orange Accents

Brown and orange are the colors that stand out in this colorful, inviting living room and keep it interesting.

7. Dark Blue Walls

Rich blue paint on these living room walls helps set the room apart and contrasts nicely with the white furniture.

8. Black Slate Fireplace

Not much is more stunning than this beautiful black slate fireplace and chimney, neatly highlighted by the bright pink ottoman.

9. Weathered Desk

This living room is also an office, with a weathered wooden desk that overlooks the sofa and conversation area.

10. Intricate Beams

This house uses no ordinary beams and the living room is where you can look up and enjoy the intricacy of it all.

11. Shag Rug

An elegant shag rug with a criss cross pattern in it is the perfect way to lighten up this room with its dark wood floors.

12. Extra Wide Window Seat

This window seat doubles as a bed if you need one and has storage underneath the comfy cushions.

13. Overhead Nooks

Display your favorite items in the spaces built into the wall above the living room doorway for easy access.

14. Bright Bullseye Lights

This living room is kept well illuminated by the use of recessed lights throughout the space.

15. Fruit Baskets

The use of strategically placed baskets of bright fruit and flowers makes this room feel tropical and lush.

16. Embroidered Pillows

Beautifully embroidered pillows decorate this cute little window seat with plenty of natural light and a tray of books.

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