30 Stylish Designs For Your Dream Living Room (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 7, 2021

Your living room is central to the activity in your house. Whether it comes to relaxing with a good book, watching television, or hosting a family game night, your living room will be a central location. Make sure it reflects your personality.

Whether you are designing a whole new house or remodeling an existing one, you will have many options with the living room. Is it connected to other areas of the house or is it a stand-alone room? How much space are you working with? Is natural light available? While you are answering all these questions, let us help inspire you with some ideas.

Below, we’ve gathered 30 living room design ideas for you to browse through. Take your time.

Stylish Living Room Design Ideas

1. Wonderful Decor

The rough brick fireplace, surrounded by the hardwood shelves, really works to bring this space a warm character. The decor and artwork complement the overall design.

2. Warm and Contemporary

With a contemporary look for the whole living room, you can relax here right in front of the great fireplace. Turn on the television and catch up on your favorite shows or news.

3. Stacked Stone and Hardwood

This whole living room space is surrounded by beautiful hardwood and complementing stacked stone that brings a bold style. With plenty of windows for natural light, this space is welcoming.

4. Brilliant Book Space

Make sure your living room matches your personality. This space has plenty of room for books, so you will always have your favorite volumes nearby.

5. Comfort All Around

With natural light pouring in from the skylight and the windows, this living room has plenty of comfortable spaces for people to relax. With room for great decor, this space is well designed.

6. Classy Grandeur

This large living room seems even large thanks to the mirror over the fireplace. With great decor and plenty of shelving for books, this living room brings everything you need.

7. Comfortably Connected

No matter what size area you are dealing with, you can have everything you need. This living room matches and blends right with the dining area, offering a wonderful space to dine and relax.

8. Timeless Sensibilities

Like a flash to early European grandeur, this living room has elegance and style. From the artwork to the classy decor, this spacious room is ready to host any event.

9. Abstract Style

Give your living room a splash of color through the artwork. This living room does just that and the pillows and decor match the artwork.

10. Spacious Living

A contemporary design with a view to die for. The large windows offer a great way to make the space feel open. Connected to the dining area, this living room is kept warm by a great fireplace.

11. Elegant Warmth

This living room has a wonderful contrast of light and dark colors. The walls really set the tone of light elegance in this room, and they are matched by the furniture.

12. Stylish Furniture

The wonderful dark teal couch is the center of attention in this living room. The decor, from this golden-based table to the surrounding furniture, really works well against the hardwood floor.

13. Handsome Materials

Bold and elegant materials, from the stacked stone around the fireplace to the dark hardwood, really make this a handsome living room. The furniture does a good job of contrasting light and dark colors.

14. Light and Fun

This wonderful living room table is on larger wheels, making is easy to move around. The surrounding decor is light and fun, matching the overall ambiance of the room.

15. Gather Around the Fireplace

The central part of this living room is this grand fireplace. You have plenty of comfortable areas to sit and gather around. Hosting family and friends here will be a breeze.

16. Right Outside

This traditionally designed living room is easily connected to the outside. When you are thinking of hosting events for family and friends, this will be the focal point.

17. Always Warm

This living room features a great way to store firewood. Organized and going straight up, you will never run out of heat in this room.

18. Cream Colored Delight

When you combine a cream color like this with hardwood, you end up with a beautiful space. This large living room has plenty of room for everyone, and the open space is connected to the kitchen.

19. Great Decor Blends

The decor in this living room is minimal, but what is there really makes a statement. From the artwork to the plant life, everything in this modern space works together.

20. Modern and Minimal

With light hardwood making this space beautiful, the minimal decor really helps this space make a statement. The plant life is just perfect for this room.

21. Make it Home

Colorful and warm, that is the ambiance this living room gives off. This space, filled with photographs and warmed by a fire, will always feel like home.

22. Cool and Warm

The cooling colors here are combined with the warm fireplace to make a stylish living room. The contemporary design and furniture really work well with the natural light shining in.

23. Classic Hardwood Floor

When you have a beautiful hardwood floor like this to work with, all you have to do is match it with great furniture and brilliant decor, just like this living room.

24. Light Decor Style

Plenty of natural light is allowed to pour into this room. With the brick floor to base everything of off, this living room uses hardwood based furniture and light decor.

25. Brick All The Way

Don’t forget to take your eyes away from this grand brick fireplace and look around. You will see a beautiful hardwood floor that has wonderful light furniture all around.

26. A Space to Relax

The high white ceiling is complemented by the wonderful walls. The decor around this room has a great style and the furniture gives plenty of room for everyone to relax.

27. A Contemporary Mix

Starting with the bay windows, this living room has a great hardwood floor and a fantastic shelf area to show off the decor.

28. Timeless Hardwood Furniture

To go with the hardwood floor, this living room uses timeless hardwood furniture. The styles used in this room will never go out of style and it is easy to make great with the right decor.

29. Upscale Cabin

Everyone loves a cabin home, and there is plenty of reason to love this one. With a fireplace that serves different areas of the house, you can sit in the warmth while the natural light pours in.

30. Fireplace Center

The stacked stone fireplace will provide the warmth, all you have to do is sit and relax with some family or friends. This living room is connected to the rest of the house for easy access anywhere.

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