42 Spectacular Living Room Spaces

Living rooms are the place where families gather to play games, talk or just hang out together, doing their own thing. When you decorate your living space, it’s important to keep in mind the types of activities that will be enjoyed there. If you like to read, a cozy window seat is a great idea, while those who play games with family members will neeed a table big enough for that Risk gameboard.

Your living room becomes the heart of your home and is frequently the first thing anyone sees when they visit, apart from the entry or foyer. Make sure it’s an inviting space where you can enjoy time spent with friends and family, or even alone. Overall, your living space should be comfortable adn enjoyable to spend time in.

1. Fur Throws

Cozy living rooms have a special place in your home and this cuddly fur throw makes it a soft spot to curl up with a good book.

2. Blocky Throw Rug

This rug, with its blocks of various tones of brown, pulls the entire room together and creates a unified feeling for the space.

3. Funky Art

This space is made playful and fun by the addition of interesting art, like the life size deer sculpture and wall art.

4. Ship’s Wheel

Hang a ship’s wheel on the chimney in your living room and give it a slightly nautical flair.

5. Large Wood Coffee Table

This dark stained coffee table makes the space feel a little more balanced, with space beneath to store items.

6. Glass Cabinets

Elegantly designed cabinets with glass doors and curved frames flank this marble fireplace.

7. Curved Table

Create a unique look in your living room with a curved table like this one, cut from a tree trunk.

8. Television Nook

The fireplace is the main attraction in this little living room, with the television tucked away beside it.

9. Southwestern Rug

This carpet adds softness and color to this living room, with similar colors in the sofa and art around the room.

10. Lots of Light

Create a spacious, airy space with plenty of daylight from the windows and recessed ceiling lights for the evenings.

11. Gold Accents

Gilded furniture and picture frames make this room a fun, glitzy place to hang out with your friends and family.

12. Elegant Fireplace Guard

Keep the fire in plce with this beautifully wrought metal guard that stands in front of the fireplace in this light room.

13. Sunny Yellows

This living room features plenty of yellow, keeping it bright and friendly, like a sunbeam has come to rest in your room.

14. Bright Colors

Brilliant colors make this space come alive and no one will be able to resist smiling when they enter this beautiful living room.

15. Comfy Chairs

Settle in beside the crackling fireplace and enjoy talking with a close friend as you hang out in these comfortable armchairs.

16. Book and Art Shelves

Art set up atop the bookshelves in this cozy living room makes the space brighter and more interesting.

17. Art Wall Focal Point

Several abstract paintings with the same color scheme as this living room create a focal point that guests will love to check out.

18. Block of Lights

Hanging above this blue and white living room is a simple wooden frame with multiple lights mounted on it to illuminate the room.

19. Shell Art

Show off your love of the beach by mounting shells on a backing and framing them as art to hang above your fireplace.

20. Propeller Fan

This unique looking propeller shaped fan made of wood makes a lovely and practical addition to this living room.

21. Wireframe Ceiling Lights

Overhead lights set inside wireframe shades add a touch of playfulness to a serious living room.

22. Cowhide Carpet

Any room can benefit from a lovely cowhide rug, laid out on this gleaming gray floor.

23. White Curtains

While these windows have blinds on them, a set of simple white curtains helps soften the space and adds brightness.

24. Red Chair

While most of this living room is done in white and yellow, with gray accents, the sole red chair adds a spark of color.

25. Orange Wall

A burst of bright orange gives this living room its warm, inviting feel, thanks to the accent wall and carpet.

26. Seats for Everyone

This living room features an L-shaped sofa, armchairs and cute hassocks for extra seats, if need be, so everyone can sit.

27. Country Colors

Red, blue and gray make this living room feel patriotic and countryish, too.

28. Reclaimed Wood Table

The trick to making reclaimed wood elegant is to use it in unexpected ways, like this unique coffee table.

29. Textured Wall

Unlike other walls that use wallpaper to create texture, this wall has actual crystals stuck onto it, creating an interesting ambiance.

30. Round Patio Door

When it comes to inviting the outdoors in, this rounded patio door is a whimsical way to do it.

31. Basic Concrete Flooring

Left unpolished, this concrete flooring is cool to the touch and adds a classic look to the room.

32. Rich Blue Walls

This room could end up being very dark if not for the light wood floors and white trim on the dark blue walls.

33. Wood Shelf Nooks

These displays on either side of the fireplace are made with wood shelves, neatly set into the nooks for display purposes.

34. Leather Armchairs

On one side of the arch, there is a family room, while the leather armchair sits in the living room, just right for chatting with friends.

35. Tower Room

The rounded window section of this living room gives it the feel of a tower room, with castle-style windows.

36. Spiral Staircase

Mount the spiral staircase in this rustic living room to reach the loft, a perfect spot to hang out or sleep.

37. Cozy Seating

Comfortable sofas and chairs go a long way toward making people want to join you in your living room and these are soft and inviting.

38. Overdyed Carpet

This pinkish purple carpet has actually been redyed several times, creating a more unique look each time.

39. Black Metal Fireplace

Enjoy the bold look of this black metal fireplace and chimney that will take the place of honor in the living room.

40. Black and White Chairs

With all the colors in this living room, these black and white patterned chairs offer a pleasant contrast.

41. A Living Room Tree

Air plants and orchids grow nicely on tree branches like the one set into a pot on this pale living room.

42. Brightly Lit Bookshelves

These bookshelves make books look amazing when set on the shelves in the path of light.