47 Beach Style Kitchen Designs and Ideas

Designing your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult, even though it may seem that way. Sure, there are many different directions you can take, but once you narrow it down to a certain style, your options become much clearer. Do you want traditional? Modern? Figuring that out is the hardest part.


Have you ever dreamed of having a beach style kitchen? If you have, then you’re in luck. We’ve gathered 47 beach style kitchen designs for you to browse through. Take a look and you will see just how many different directions you can take. You are one step away from choosing a wonderful design.

1. Great Texture

The eyes is drawn to the symmetry of this kitchen, perfectly designed for functionality. The tile designs near the window and the stone floor give the whole room texture.

2. Fun Elegance

This room has a fun feeling to it thanks to the light colors to balance with the hardwood floor. The stools have great character and are perfect for this functional island.

3. Open Symmetry

The kitchen is balances, with the stove as the center piece. With plenty of cooking space thanks to the center island, this room gives you plenty of options. Pull up a stool and have your meal.

4. All Natural Light

This kitchen has an abundance of natural light thanks to the many windows surrounding it. The marble counter tops blend perfectly with the cabinets and hardwood floor.

5. Built-In Dining

The blue used on the center island is the perfect fit for this hardwood floor and light walls. It goes well with the blue decor used around the kitchen.

6. Connected and Open

This whole space is bright and opened, with a great floor plan helping out. The light decor is carried from room to room. You can have your meal in the dining space and head to the living room afterwards.

7. Dark Hardwood Floor

Creating a perfect contrast with the dark hardwood floor, this kitchen has white for the walls and cabinets. The black counter tops finish off a wonderful design.

8. Country Beach

The brick styled walls creat a wonderful texture when combined with the design behind the stove. The center island features full chairs so you can take your meals in comfort.

9. Blue Tones

You don’t have to rely on all white for your kitchen. Don’t be afraid of some color. This kitchen uses a classic blue to bring it to life and the decor works with it brilliantly.

10. Simple Decor

This wonderful space has a simple design with minimal decor, proving that there is absolutely no need to go overboard with your designs.

11. Upscale Country Beach

The mix of designs in this kitchen work together perfectly. From the elegant stove hood vent to the wonderfully designed chairs at the center island, the mix in this space works.

12. Brilliant Elegance

This comfortable kitchen gives you plenty of room to cook and spaces to eat. When you are finished preparing your meal, pull up a chair at the center island or eat at the dining area.

13. Casual Dining

The whole design of this kitchen is relaxing. The hardwood style is calming and the seating near the window will allow for a casual meal.

14. Retro Blues

Flashing back to the mid-century, this kitchen has a wonderful vibe. Its bright ambiance comes with style thanks to the classic hood vent and farm style sink.

15. Crafted Designs

This kitchen runs right into the dining room, and is well lit with natural light from above.  With plenty of room to move around and prepare your meal, you will enjoy the functionality and luxury of this space.

16. Light Comfort

Comfortably designed, this kitchen has the right decor for the color scheme. With easy access to everything you need to make a meal, you can pull up at the center island and enjoy your dinner.

17. Easy and Light

The natural light really lets this kitchen shine brings. The light colors and the great wooden framed chairs give this space a beach style that looks fantastic.

18. Perfect Balance

The blue used for the drawers and cabinets in this kitchen makes a perfect contrast against the white ceiling and hardwood floor. The are is spacious and open.

19. Sliding Blue

Save some space and have a sliding door leading into your pantry. This blue door has a great look against the white wall.

20. Hardwood Design Perfection

The hardwood that encompasses the ceiling and the floor create a great character in this kitchen. The thick wooden dining table is the perfect complement to the rest of the space.

21. Dreaming Blue Bricks

This brings the style of the ocean inside with this blue brick style behind the stove area. The whole kitchen comes to life and is filled with wonderful decor.

22. Complete Convenience

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and this one fits in perfectly. The hardwood floor connects it to the rest of the house and the bue and white combinations look great.

23. All Connected

Since the kitchen is likely going to be the focal point of many gatherings, have one that is easily connected to the rest of the house. This space has a classic look and is open.

24. Exposed Beams

The exposed beams in the ceiling are the perfect items to design around. Going light to contrast them perfectly, this kitchen has an elegance that is unmatched.

25. Gray Tones

The windows that run the top of this kitchen give you a great source of natural light . This kitchen has it all and uses grays and stainless steel to create a wonderful look.

26. Breakfast Nook

With a grand design to work with, this kitchen balances whites with the hardwood floor. Featuring a wonderful dining space next to the windows, you will love being here.

27. Bold Bar Space

If you have ever wondered how to fit a space in that will allow you to serve your drinks easily, look no further. This area uses great contrasting darker colors to stand out.

28. Functional Center Island

This kitchen shows you that your center island doesn’t always have to be a square or rectangle. Design what works for you. This space is functional and looks great.

29. Traditional Beach Style

This kitchen shows you a true classic beach style. The hardwood floor is balanced perfectly with the light blue and white and is filled with natural light.

30. Hardwood Accents

The center island has a dining area attached, making this whole kitchen fully functional and ready for you to cook and dine.

31. Perfect Balance

As you look around this kitchen, you are struck with a sense of balance. The center island is the perfect size, giving great functionality, and the design styles are wonderful.

32. Colorful Choices

This kitchen is lively, featuring an abundance of life with the colors and designs. This shows off a classic country home style kitchen, light and fun.

33. Ultimate Elegance

This is a kitchen that shows how to create elegance with some simple design ideas. The counter tops, when combined with the cooling colors and light fixtures, pull of a design victory.

34. Centered on Tradition

Never underestimate how well you can design around a hardwood floor. This space uses lighter styles around the room and has a great space for shelves that show off your decor.

35. Wonderful Center Island

This kitchen is tied into the rest of the house and features a floor that really stands out. With a center island that give your functionality and a great space to eat, this kitchen is a place to gather.

36. Light Farm Style

A contemporary version of a farm-style kitchen, you can sense the beachy influence in the light colros and the light hardwood floor. The breakfast nook by the windows is a perfect place to relax with your meal.

37. Contemporary Beach Kitchen

The highlight of this kitchen is the larger center island that brings character to the room. The dark hardwood used is perfect for this space, and the lighters styles around it look great.

38. Mid-Century Style

This classic and open design looks fantastic. The hardwood floor starts the elegance. The floor plan allows for easy movement around the room and the dining space is right by the windows.

39. Balanced with Beams

The exposed beams running the length of the ceiling are balanced perfectly with the hardwood floor. The kitchen has a functional center island and the dining area is right nearby.

40. Tones of Blue

The wonderful brick designed tiled really makes this space come to life. It allows for wonderful decor and balances perfectly with the hardwood floor and the stainless appliances.

41. Classic Elegance

The high ceiling and large space allow for elegant designs to work together. The light floods in on the light hardwood floor that works hand-in-hand with the dark hardwood center island.

42. Outside Connections

This kitchen and living area are perfectly connected to the tropical outdoors. The dark hardwood floor is contrasted perfectly with the white used around the space to make a wonderful beach style.

43. Rustic Realities

The cracked stone style used behind the stove and the exposed beams bring a great unfinished rustic look to this kitchen that is met witht eh elegance of contemporary decor.

44. Great Dining Area

You will always enjoy dining here at this table. You have wonderful natural light pouring in on the bench style seating where you can relax.

45. Comfortable Beach Style

The light designs win the day in this kitchen, bringing a sense of life. The light hardwood floor is met with with white wood walls and cabinets.

46. Bright and Connected

The reason this kitchen stands out so well is because the center island counter top perfectly matches the hardwood floor. With light styles around the room, you are connected to a bright dining area.

47. Classic Walk-In

This pantry area has a wonderful country charm, featuring wonderful wooden shelves balanced against the cream color of the room.