40 Alluring Kitchen Designs to Daydream Over (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Are you thinking about renovating your old kitchen and looking for design inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. This article sets out 40 colorful kitchen design images that will inspire you. They have a great deal of detail and are sure to give you a plethora of ideas.

Each image has many elements that you can incorporate into your kitchen individually.  If you’re really adventurous, maybe you’ll even decide to go the whole hog and completely re-do your culinary space. It’s up to you!

Have you ever thought that a Victorian country house design might be up your alley? You’re in luck — there’s one included here! Charming color combinations, space for family fun, gorgeous wooden surfaces, and sleek storage solutions also await.

Alluring Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Dare to be different

While gorgeous, this kitchen seems quite traditional until you notice its unique black island with contrasting white marble counter top.

2. Victorian country house

This unique kitchen is reminiscent of the kitchen of a Victorian mansion.  There’s space to spare as well as many appealing design touches.

3. Amber and teal

Bright hardwood floors with an amber tint is the perfect accompaniment to the softened teal of the island drawers.

4. Time for reflection

Sit for a while in this stylish, brightly lit kitchen with cushioned cherry-wood chairs.

5. A kitchen the entire family will love

There’s room for the entire family at this stylish center island with contemporary chairs.  Brisk white cabinetry makes this kitchen cheerful and fun.

6. An oasis of carved walnut and colorful accents

This kitchen is a dream come true for anyone who appreciates the classic beauty of traditional wooden finishes.

7. Sloped ceilings and dark-wood window frames

Unique sloped ceilings and traditional wood window frames give this kitchen traditional appeal.

8. Fresh white painted cabinet with cubicles and drawers

A gleaming walnut floor finishes the look of this white cabinet with numerous storage options.

9. Intriguing pairings

Unique metallic touches are intriguing when paired with Tudor inspired lighting-fixtures and other design touches.

10. Stunning molding and elegant display

This elegant cabinet not only displays your crystal stemware but also provides a handy white board for family memos and reminders.  This is all topped off by stunning molding.

11. Classic meets eclectic

An exquisite hint of mid-century style combines with the best of modern eclecticism.

12. Stainless steel and chrome with traditional cabinetry

Traditional white cabinetry with plenty of storage space combines well with stainless steel appliances and chrome design features.

13. Color brightens the mood

A colorful runner carpet helps set off fresh white counter tops in this stylish space.  This kitchen has a unique layout and hospitable stools for family and guests.

14. Candelabra chandelier

This candelabra chandelier will give your kitchen a unique look, and is especially striking when a bit unexpected.

15. An ironing nook

Your kitchen should be practical as well as stylish.  This up-to-date space even includes a nook for ironing.

16. A useful and beautiful double-basin

This unique kitchen sink provides plenty of space and style.

17. Shelving for family mementos

Little shelves beside a storage cabinet gives you space for the family mementos that help make a house a home.

18. Feeding the soul

A glass door to a pleasant back garden makes this already beautiful kitchen as perfect as can be.

19. Yellow sunshine will always brighten your day

You won’t stay sleepy for long after enjoying a coffee in this remarkably cheerful and stylish kitchen space.

20. A large kitchen table is always an expert choice

How can you go wrong with a large kitchen table at which your family can enjoy meals and make memories?  This kitchen’s large sink and champagne-colored cabinetry makes the room’s old-fashioned appeal something to consider.

21. Breathtaking elegance with immense storage space

This room does a remarkably good job of combining the most elegant of features with the utilitarian one of extensive storage space.

22. Walls adorned with buttercup yellow

Buttercup yellow wall accents make this little writing nook a wonderful kitchen addition.

23. A separate writing table

A writing desk in close proximity to a dark-wood kitchen table tops off the traditional appeal already created by creamy hued cabinets.

24. It’s teatime

Enjoy a tranquil cup of tea in the lovely daylight flooding through nearby windows.

25. Country beige

Never fall into the trap of thinking that beige is boring!  The beige shade of these cabinets does a lovely job of complementing the white ceramic of the traditional country-style sink.

26. Rustic charisma

The design features of this kitchen combine rusticity and modern convenience.

27. Crisp blue with chrome

The blue-painted and beautifully carved furniture comes together well with a glossy floor and chrome accents.

28. Lively orange

Orange light fixtures have a mid-century appeal and their color sets off the cool green-painted wood of the island.

29. Vintage-style refrigerator

Why fall in line with the stainless steel crowd when you can have a beautiful white retro-style refrigerator that pairs nicely with soft taupe cabinets?

30. Convenient connection to a well-appointed living room

This unique sliding door opens for a view to a beautifully decorated living room.

31. Innovative cupboards

This unusual cupboard has a sleek utilitarian design that makes storage easy.

32. Custom-built cupboards

This custom-built cabinetry provides a surprising amount of convenient storage space.

33. Wrought iron chandeliers

Wrought iron hanging chandeliers and traditional curtains are charming additions to this cheerful space.

34. Cherry and oak

The juxtaposition of cherry and oak wood is complemented by bright white cabinets and counter tops.

35. Soft lighting and blue accents

A wood block workstation is made stylish with the accompaniment of soft lighting and country blue cabinets and drawers.

36. Pristine creamy white

The extraordinary amount of white in this beautiful kitchen makes it refreshing to the eye.

37. Antiqued pale green

The antiqued pale green of this kitchen’s cabinetry gives the room an appealingly lived-in atmosphere.  Vibrant pink flowers in a vase on the island sets off the look.

38. Orderly functionality and well-lit style

Utilitarianism and style have equal influence in this spacious kitchen.  Metallic chairs ensure a unique look.

39. Skillful use of color

The glossy amber tones of the hardwood floor is beautifully complemented by subtle but colorful accents like the lime green kettle, light green flowers, and bright yellow lemons.

40. Tall cabinets and cream brick

Cream-colored brick and taupe counter tops are as impressive as the tall ivory cupboards.
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