35 Amazing Kids Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

So, you have kids and they need a great space for their room. You want to make a space that will match their character and where they will feel comfortable. The problem is, there are so many different ways you can go when designing a kids room. You’ve probably got plenty of ideas but just haven’t been able to put them together.

No matter what kind of space you have or what your budget may be, you can create a great design for your kids. It doesn’t take much to make a room that shines through and lets their personality flourish. Below, you will see 35 design ideas we have collected just for you to see. Take a look and see what ideas may work for you.

Amazing Children’s Room Ideas

1. Creativity Room

Having the ability to create whatever they want on the wall will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours.

2. For the Student

This room makes use of great light hardwood to create an area for the studying child in your family.

3. New Bunk Beds

This room soaks in the natural light. With a unique setup for various bunk beds, you can move the bottom one when you need to.

4. Sleeps Many

With plenty of places for the kids to sleep, the oldest will get to sleep in the bigger bottom bed.

5. Double Fun

With great patterns and colors used, this room is ready for the kids to come home. With creative artwork hanging, this space is lively.

6. Stairway Up

This kids room has plenty of space for everyone. This great hardwood wall for the backdrop works to give this space character.

7. Exercise Time

Don’t worry about rainy days. This room will let your kids get their energy out no matter what the weather is outside.

8. Arts and Crafts

No matter how many kids you have over, you can keep them busy here. With great storage for all your supplies and table space, it is time for creativity.

9. Going Up

Take the stairway to the top bunks here. This room has great natural light and will sleep many comfortably.

10. Play Room

This fun room has plenty of space for your kids to have some fun. They can create designs on the wall or build a train set to their liking.

11. Design Style

Don’t rely on just simple white walls for a kids room. Use creative ideas like this for design and lighting. Throw in some fun.

12. Open Up

Throw open the window for some fresh air. This room is brilliantly designed with great hardwood and perfect color to match.

13. Relax and Unwind

This room is packed with life, from the great woodlands wallpaper to the creative storage space. Relax here after a long day and climb up to sleep at night.

14. Geography Lesson

Make an entire wall a learning experience. This map sets the tone for a learning room that your child can have fun in.

15. Calm and Relaxing

Re-purpose an attic space for a fantastic kids room. There is plenty of space and great lighting options available.

16. Lavender Style

This room is filled with hints of lavender which bring it to life. It has a calming effect and has plenty of space for any kid.

17. Classic and Colorful

This large bedroom gives your kid plenty of space. Classically designed and featuring colors that brighten it up, this is a fun room.

18. Paint the Town

This colorful city design encompasses this whole area and blends well with the hardwood style of the room. With a great rolling chair to sit at when doing homework, any kid will love this lively space.

19. Let Her Shine

Do you have two girls? Give them a room to love. This room is beautifully colored and has great reflective furniture for elegance.

20. Plenty of Space

This room has plenty of space for a kid to move around in. With areas for creativity and work, this bedroom is fit for your kid.

21. Going Up

This room blends colors perfectly with the hardwood. With a ladder going up, there is plenty of space for all of your kids.

22. Easy Colors

If you like bold coloring ideas, then make a color theme for each room. This kids room makes use of a great baby blue for a great look.

23. Nice Seat

If your kid needs a break, let them take a swing in this seat. They can relax in the natural light that shines into this room.

24. Proper Wallpaper

This great floral wallpaper brightens up a room that already shines in the light. With two great beds for your kids, this is a lively space.

25. Great Shelving

Designing a kids room should give them the ability to show their character. Here, your child can make use of the shelf space to show their personality.

26. Classic Patterns

This room bases its design off of this great hardwood floor. From the wallpaper to the furniture, this room speaks of great character.

27. Little Fun

Your little one will have plenty of things to do here. Keep everything organized and add some fun designs in.

28. Light Pink

With great tree designs on the wall for some life, this room uses a calming pink to bring the room forward.

29. Calm Canopy

Your child will feel like a real princess if you give them a canopy bed like this one. It blends so well with the design of the room.

30. Dot Style

Use some great patterns to give character to your room. This room uses dots on the wall and a great rug that’s full of life.

31. All Around Entertainment

This room will allow your kids and their friends to gather around the television and relax during the day.

32. Great Patterns

With some classic designs at use here on the shelves and cabinets, this room comes to life with its subtle color use and a great design on the rug.

33. Handsome Choices

With a great hardwood bed that fits between fantastic shelving, this handsome room will be perfect for your child.

34. The Whole World

If you have a young scholar in the house, make their room part of the learning experience. This map covers the whole wall and blends well with the room.

35. Color it Completely

With each section a different color, this room sports a brilliant design. Multiple personalities can shine through here.
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