54 Absolutely Amazing Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Having a well-designed kitchen is a dream for so many people. Of course, everyone has a different idea about what makes a kitchen great. What works for one person may not be what the next person likes. The good news is that you don’t have to have a kitchen like everyone else. That also makes it a bit difficult when trying to decide what you do want.

You know how much space you are working with and you want the kitchen to blend with the rest of the house. You also want it to match your personality and meet all of your cooking, and possibly, your dining needs. We have gathered together 54 kitchen design styles for you to browse through and get some ideas. Take your time and pick out things that work for you.

Amazing Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Open and Functional

This kitchen has an abundance of natural light to show off its open spaces and great designs. With marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances, you will always enjoy your time here.

2. Added Space

Right past these beautiful display shelves you will find a wonderful space that looks elegant and works as storage for your kitchen items and small appliances..

3. Centered on the Range

4. Super Refrigerator

This large and beautiful stainless steel style refrigerator will be sure to meet all of your needs. With plenty of space, you will always be ready for the big occasions.

5. Marble Island

The marble that surrounds this wooden island really has a great effect for this kitchen. With great tile use and stainless steel appliances, this room really has style.

6. Easy Island

You don’t always have the space for a large kitchen island, but you can still have something simple that looks great and is functional.

7. Traditional and Bright

With this hardwood floor and white styling throughout, this kitchen is classic. Everything has its place and the whole room looks great.

8. Earth Tones

The shade of gray used for these cabinets blends well with the hardwood floor and the white counter tops.

9. Blue Island

A great way to add some color to the kitchen is through the center island. This blue really blends well with the hardwood floor.

10. Eat-In Kitchen

There is nothing wrong with taking you meals in the kitchen. This center island will allow you and others to sit comfortably and have a great time.

11. Double Island

This space is functional and large. With two islands and plenty of space to move around, you will never have to worry about having enough cooking space.

12. Charging Station

We know how busy you stay and how important it is to not miss a call. Stay charged up even in the kitchen with a drawer like this.

13. Breakfast Corner

Sit comfortably in this corner space and have your meal or get some work done. It is in a central area with easy access to the house.

14. Durable Hardwood Floor

This durable hardwood floor is perfect for your kitchen. You can design a wonderfully traditional kitchen around it.

15. Completely Hardwood

Don’t rush to cover beautiful hardwood like this. Design a kitchen around it that looks great like this one. With the right color scheme, it can really work.

16. Elegant Highlights

To balance with this great floor and traditional white space, the handles and fixtures are all classic and elegant. They add character to this kitchen.

17. Small Appliance Space

Just lift up this door and you have access to all your small kitchen appliances. When you are finished, they will be out of sight.

18. By the Window

These wonderful bay windows let in an abundance of natural light and are great to sit by and have a meal.

19. Recessed Ceiling Squares

This kitchen has great marble counter tops, but what really draws your eye is the beautiful ceiling. It works well with the design of this room.

20. Contemporary Styles

The floor is durable hardwood and the designs, from the counter tops to the walls, are contemporary and beautiful.

21. Classic Contrasts

The center island and the stove hood are darker and that work well with the lighter colors in this kitchen.

22. Open and Connected

This whole kitchen has an open floor plan that is easy to move around in. The large center island is multi-purpose. Take a seat and enjoy a meal.

23. Classic Elegance

You have so many options in this elegantly designed space. Sit by the window and enjoy the view from the large window area.

24. Utensil Storage

Keep all of your utensils in one space and properly organized with a setup like this. It is convenient and easy.

25. Classic Exposure

The exposed beams and the exposed brick look behind the stove really sets the tone for this kitchen area. With bold stylings and designs, this space is comfortable and grand.

26. Eating Options

No matter when you want to take you meal, in the dining room or right in this eat-in kitchen, you have options. There is plenty of space for everyone.

27. Eat-In Black Island

This kitchen area uses contrasting colors perfectly. Neither the light or dark is overwhelming and they balance well.

28. Elegant White

The little things are what make an area stand out. The darker light fixtures used here completely change the tone of the room.

29. Luxury Cabinet Pantry

Open up this cabinet pantry for access to everything you need in the kitchen. This is such an organizing and space saving idea.

30. Capable Center Island

This large center island will serve as a food prep area and a great space to have a meal. The wooden design looks great and matches the rest of the room.

31. Black Counter Top

To match this dark hardwood floor, this wonderful counter top on the island really works well. It is classy and elegant.

32. Open Kitchen With Elegant Style

This open design is traditional and looks fantastic. The white is balances with simple decor that accents the whole space.

33. Functional Center Island

This center island has space for you to store all of your books, cook books or otherwise, and a space to eat. Eat in and enjoy your day.

34. Great Wall Designs

This kitchen has a wonderful contemporary stove hood and great stools to sit on. With a little bit of colorful decor, the whole place is lively.

35. Hardwood Elements

The floor, the island, and the cabinets are all beautiful hardwood and blend well together. The island bends around for extra functionality.

36. Extra Cooking Space

You center island doesn’t have to be huge to be effective. This one looks fantastic and gives you all the extra cooking space you need.

37. Hardwood Match

What better way to match this wonderful floor than with a great hardwood counter top. It brings great character to the entire room.

38. Sliding Into the Pantry

Slide this door over to get into the walk-in pantry. Sliding doors are a great way to ensure the door never gets into anyone’s way when open.

39. L-Shaped With Island

This kitchen is white and contemporary. Blending perfectly with the hardwood floor, the design of this room has style thanks to the tiled wall.

40. Double Hardwood Island

Two islands means you have room to get everything done in the kitchen. You will never run out of prep space and will have extra storage areas.

41. Wonderful Plant Decor

These simple wooden shelves look great and are an inexpensive way to display your decor and keep your kitchen items.

42. Contemporary Style Choices

The black and white floor in this kitchen sets the design tone of the room. With great darker colors mixed with the whites, this space is brought to life with wonderful decor.

43. Wine Refrigerator

If you are a wine connoisseur, you really do need a wine refrigerator. Keep it chilled and close by for when your guests stop by.

44. Country Style

With great brick design as a backdrop in the kitchen area, this space comes to life with a wonderful farm style.

45. The Space Comes to Life

Look at how well plants can make a kitchen area come to life. When properly placed, they can match the decor and the overall design.

46. L-Shaped With Hardwood Floor

This large kitchen will give you plenty of room to move around. With a center island to enhance your counter space, you will accomplish anything you want here.

47. Beautiful With Natural Light

When you have great windows like this that let in a ton of natural light, take advantage of it. The design choices here, from the hardwood floor to the white style, shine in the light.

48. Easy Decor Style

It is colorful and eclectic. A black and a white counter top, brick styles around the room, and a farm style sink. This space has great character.

49. Eat-In Comfortably

This simple and fantastic hardwood table will let you take your meals right next to the kitchen. Everything in this space matches.

50. Disposal is Easy

You don’t have to have the trash can out in the open. With a slide out drawer like this, just roll it out when you need it and keep it out of sight when you don’t.

51. All Included

This walk-in pantry has all the storage you need to keep your food and other kitchen items neatly stored away and ready to use.

52. Exposed Beams and Skylight

The skylight built into this ceiling shines down onto an elegant setting. With a dine-in area that will see you host many meals, you have it all here.

53. Ready for Cooking

If you are a creative cook and want to try things out, this kitchen is for you. Have everything you need ready in this beautiful space. Hardwood cabinets and a dark counter top work well together.

54. Sleek Contrasts

The whites and darker colors used here really are a sleek design and show off a contemporary elegance.

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