37 Remarkable Asian Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Do you have a specific theme in mind for your kitchen? As you begin the process of designing or remodeling your kitchen, the hardest part can be deciding on an overall theme.

Asian themes are popular. Known for their beauty, they make great use of the minimal approach that can bring a sense of peace and calm. You know an Asian style kitchen when you see it – the architecture has its own unique signature. That doesn’t mean that they all look the same.

Below, we have gathered 37 Asian kitchen design ideas for you to browse through. They range from traditional to contemporary, all of them giving you great ideas for your home.

Asian Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Flat Hardwood

You can sense a minimal style at work here. The plat designs really bring out a clean feeling. Nothing in this kitchen takes up much room, and that is an asset.

2. Easily Organized

This drawer space is designed to keep all of your utensils completely organized. On top of that, it looks great, too.

3. Stainless Sink

The small tiles used behind the grill area really complement this room. The light hardwood is a theme used not only in the kitchen, but throughout the house.

4. Creative Designs

The wavy dark designs used to complement the flat white cabinets is a great way to add texture and character to this kitchen.

5. Minimal and Connected

This space gives you just what you need from a kitchen – a place to cook a meal and an area to dine. The whole are is connected and easily accessible.

6. Open Dining

The open floor plan of this kitchen really gives you room to move around. Having the dining space attached to the center island gives you a place close by to enjoy your meal.

7. Sleek Contemporary

With wonderful lighting around this kitchen to highlight the contemporary designs, you will enjoy this space. The decor is great and the color scheme amazing. The dining area is lit blue and ready for your friends and family.

8. Bar Style

This creative space has a relaxing feeling. The center island is like something out of a restaurant, giving you the ability to host many guests.

9. Elegant and Modern

The yellow brings this contemporary space to life, giving wonderful character to this design. The glass table is a nice touch and looks great in the natural light.

10. Contemporary Industrial

This kitchen area is completely connected to every room of the house. With a large center island that features plenty of storage and display areas, you will never run out of options here.

11. Wonderful Hardwood

This kitchen shows you how well an all hardwood design can work. Everything blends together perfectly, from the floor to the cabinets and center island.

12. Stand-Up Organization

Stop throwing your cooking items into a drawer, making them hard to find later. Stand them up with great racks like this.

13. Convenient and Minimal

For quick cooking needs, an area like this can handle it. It stores everything you need and when you are finished, close it all up.

14. Bold Hardwood

The real eye-catcher here is the dark hardwood style used on the lower part of this kitchen. It contrasts the light upper areas perfectly.

15. Light and Bright

The light hardwood on the floor and the cabinets blends so well with the rest of this space. The decor works perfectly and the whole area is connected to other parts of the house.

16. Open Floor Plan

The architecture used for this kitchen and dining are gives you a blank check when it comes to decor. The light hardwood is easy to work with, especially with the natural light that is allowed in.

17. Comfortable and Bold

This classic space uses a perfect hardwood design for the whole room. The dining area is comfortably fit into the area by the window, so you can relax with your meal.

18. Contemporary and Open

The raised ceiling in this kitchen gives is a spacious feeling. The center island is functional and the white counter tops work perfectly with the multi-colored tile used as a backdrop.

19. Bar Style

The brick style used on the wall of this kitchen brings a slight industrial sense. This space is easy to move around and you can enjoy your meal at the bar style seating.

20. Connected Space

The darker hardwood and the dark stone style floor work together perfectly to create a bold style for this kitchen. The comfortable dining area is one step away, so you can enjoy your meal quickly.

21. All Around Cooking

With a calm atmosphere created by this wonderful design, you will feel like you are at a restaurant. You can cook your mean and serve it right to your guests as they sit at this bar style seating.

22. Classic Tradition

With this Asian style furniture, this kitchen takes a step back in time. Blended with the contemporary appliances and culturalrug, this room is a masterpiece.

23. Light Contemporary

This kitchen has a unique design that looks fantastic. The light hardwood creates a bright atmosphere and is matched perfectly with teh stainless steel counter top.

24. Exposed Beams

The exposed beams that run across the ceiling of this kitchen look great, especially when combined with the lighter design styles used. THe drawers and cabinets blend well with the hardwood floor.

25. Wonderful Space

Convenient and capable, this space will handle all of your minor cooking needs. Simply open up the space when you need to cook, close it up nicely when you are finished.

26. Perfect Designs

The real winner of this kitchen, this thing that brings it great character, is this beautifully designed floor. It gives the whole room the perfect place to design from. The room is clean and bright, ready for your cooking needs.

27. Cozy Area

You don’t need a large space to have a great kitchen. This space uses wonderful hardwood designs that are matched beautifully by the great tile design.

28. Darker Highlights

The dark hardwood is complemented by the black counter tops and fixtures used throughout the space. The cultural decor brings a wonderful sense of style.

29. Open to the Outside

This beautiful space gives you plenty of cooking space on both sides. Open up the door to the outside to let in some fresh air as you go about your business in the kitchen.

30. Modern Hardwood Style

This is a contemporary space that makes use of a few color tones. You have plenty of room to prepare your meals here and you can enjoy eating at the dining area by the window.

31. Fantastic Storage

This ingredient storage area simply looks amazing. Keep everything neat and organized. Open up these cabinets and grab what you need.

32. Handsome Design

The design used for this kitchen is a handsome Asian classic, bringing a sense of peace and calm. The hardwood is beautiful and topped with marble.

33. Open Shelves

The open shelf space looks great and is functional. Display all of your beautiful china until you are ready to use it. The white-topped counters look great with the hardwood designs.

34. Great Color Combos

The natural light that pours into this kitchen really highlights the wonderful designs. The hardwood is contrasted perfectly with the multiple counter top styles and the cultural decor looks great.

35. Green Balance

The hardwood and black counter tops create a wonderful contrast for this kitchen, especially when combined with the black floor. The green brings everything to life.

36. Cooking and Dining

This space is beautiful in the natural light that shines in. You have a great connection with the dining area and the kitchen space that ties together well.

37. Comfortable and Functional

This industrial style space has everything you need in a kitchen. With plenty of room to prepare your meals, this kitchen is connected to the rest of the house wonderfully.
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