22 Eye-Catching Traditional Kitchen Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

If you truly, madly, and deeply love a beautiful color scheme, why limit it to only one area? Just like a pattern or fabric that covers walls or furniture that you are so crazy about, the same style in your living area can flawlessly mingle with your kitchen island and cozy breakfast nook.

This can be achieved by artfully and carefully choosing a color and style that will help balance the entire home. Not only it will allow your style flows from one area to another, it is also a good way to add a decorative and functional piece to liven up your stale kitchen.

An equally stylish barstool or chair surrounding an accent kitchen island can either be the lead actress or the best supporting actress of your Oscar-worthy show kitchen.

To give you some ideas, here are a few of our favorite eye-catching kitchen concepts that help elevate the beauty of the cooking area.

Traditional Kitchen Concept Ideas

1. Nook And Danny

A well used of a space marries function with beauty. Here, the cushioned benches provide a soft spot for the wooden top table that goes well together with the hardwood flooring.

2. Lavender Scent

Pale lavender color accentuated this calm and collected kitchen, with glass cabinet doors decorated with mullions.

3. Blues Clues

A hint of baby blue paint and subway tiles in the backsplash spruced up an all-white kitchen.

4. Mini Island

A floating small table serves as a functional kitchen island is matched with a bar stool. The barstool in return linked itself and the rest of the kitchen to the stained wooden dining table set.

5. Sprakling Gem

Who wouldn’t want a kitchen like this? Glossy green tiles in a brick layout decked the walls of this kitchen which effectively enhances the style factor to the maximum level.

6. All Washed Up

Pale hardwood floors, a pair of worn out barstools, and blue colored kitchen island created a dapper beach themed kitchen interior.

7. Counter Strike

Family time is all the time in this traditional kitchen. Ample lighting from clerestory windows augments the natural appeal of the speckled brown countertop and hardwood floors.

8. Peace Talk

If cooking is a relaxing way for you to de-stress, this kitchen design is for you. Furnished with a black stone top as opposed to the marble top kitchen island, the all-white kitchen cabinets make a serene backdrop even for the most chaotic chefs.

9. Blurred Lines

Fancy a traditional kitchen? The linear wood top of the island draws the eye to the well-lit stove. Matching the color of the hardwood floors helps bolster the intense beauty of an all-white kitchen.

10. Snake And Leather

Probably the next best thing in having a leather cabinet, a richly stained wooden cupboard is your best alternative. Sporting stainless steel kitchen fixture and a decorative yet functional glass door display, cooking has never been this sensual.

11. I Am Number Floor

Sand colored floor tiles in alternating layout cast as the star of this kitchen. It helped magnify the tranquility of the gray colored cabinets and matte white walls.

12. Black Dahlia

For that dramatic black and white look, coordinate matching cabinets and kitchen island in the same panel detailing including hardware and dress them up in an off-white and charcoal paints. See the result for yourself.

13. 50 Shades of Gray

Utilizing different shades of gray helped made an impact to a contemporary kitchen. The kitchen island with a marble countertop received the darkest hue which signifies its importance.

14. Arch Nemesis

Frame your beautiful traditional kitchen with an arched doorway and never fail to be mesmerized every time. Repeating diagonal patterns blend flawlessly with the theme.

15. All In One

Cleverly maximize your space and make the most out of it by fashioning a storage cabinet with lots of shelves display and drawers. Especially great for a studio apartment with tight spaces.

16. Red Ranger

For a unified look, coordinate your kitchen hardware and furniture with the color of your kitchen equipment. Seen here, this kitchen is like it has been dipped in gold and splat with red lipstick.

17. Time To Pantry

The obsessive-compulsive in you will sure love this well-organized kitchen. Color coded books and various cereals, nuts, and spices definitely are calling your attention as well as your appetite.

18. Zac’s Apron

Live in the golden days of yore when you washed your dirty dishes in a hammered copper apron sink. Matching stone countertop, hardwood floors, stained glass window, and Victorian faucet completes the look.

19. Marble Avenger

Marble countertop fortifies the modern features of a gleaming kitchen with white floor tile and chocolate kitchen island that doubles as a breakfast nook.

20. Boy Hood

Sexy kitchen hood lined with minimal trimming echoes the sentiment of the kitchen cabinets. Blue kitchen island with wooden top injects charisma to the simulated reclaimed wood flooring.

21. Wood Stage

An all wood kitchen sets the stage for your next cooking adventure. Armed with modern kitchen fixture and vintage glass lighting, the battle is on.

22. Trim And Proper

Decorative trim and moldings fuse traditional with minimal. Gray paneled cabinetry with a light pewter color fuses the style together.

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