25 Jaw-Dropping Bedrooms with Dark Furniture (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Designing a bedroom is one of the more intimate parts of building a home. It is your space, and you want to make sure it matches your personality. There are so many choices to make when it comes to furniture that it can seem overwhelming at times. We want to help.

Below, we have gathered over 25 living rooms that use darker furniture. Ranging from traditional and classic to modern and stylish, you will see the endless possibilities you have with darker furniture.

Take a look and see if anything below matches what you are looking for.

Bedrooms With Dark Furniture Ideas

1. Bold Pattern Match

Calm and Elegant

You will love how well you can create a wonderful and bold design around a dark hardwood floor. With this darker furniture and great pattern, this space has character.

2. Contrast With the Carpet

Bold Pattern Match

With  lighter walls and carpet, this room uses bold darker furniture to make a contrast that is strikingly beautiful.

 3. Traditional Designs

Contrast With the Carpet

When you have darker furniture like this, you can use lighter patterns around the room to give the space great character.

 4. Beautiful Color Blends

Traditional Designs

The light shines in from the skylights overhead to reveal a comfortable and traditionally designed room with great darker furniture.

 5. Classic Bed Style

Beautiful Color Blends

From the lighter walls to the wonderful fabric choices, this room balances everything well against the darker furniture style.

 6. Earth Toned Delight

Classic Bed Style

When you have a beautiful bed like this to center your room around, the furniture choices matter. Here, the bed is flanked by wonderful darker bedside tables.

 7. Contemporary Perfection

Earth Toned Delight

This room goes for an overall darker color scheme and a contemporary design and it works well. The hardwood floor is wonderfully balanced by the dark furniture.

 8. Hardwood Floor Match

Contemporary Perfection

When you have a darker floor and wooden beams overhead, you can really match it well with darker furniture like you see here.

 9. Modern and Romantic

Hardwood Floor Match

The hardwood furniture here is a great match for the floor. With the lighter carpet and fabrics, this space is a truly beautiful.

 10. Complete Comfort

Modern and Romantic

This room is open and spacious and has a great design style. The darker furniture blends really well with this bold hardwood floor.

 11. Open and Beautiful

Complete Comfort

How beautiful is this floor and the hardwood trim around this room. It is matched well by the furniture and the brick style around the bed.

 12. Pattern Match

Open and Beautiful

With a bold wall pattern to work with, this room uses a darker gray style for the furniture and it is a perfect match.

 13. Great Hardwood Style

Pattern Match

Grand and elegant, this room uses multiple hardwood styles and patters to create a wonderful space. The use of light walls is a great idea.

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 14. Perfect Contrasts

Great Hardwood Style

This is a classic space, with a wonderful look. The darker furniture is a great match for the light carpet and walls.

 15. Royal Style

Perfect Contrasts

This room makes use of grand and luxurious design styles, starting with the royal furniture and colors. This is a classic and romantic space.

16. Minimal and Stylish

Royal Style

Enjoy this minimal approach to this room. With a darker hardwood floor and dark furniture to match, it is simple and comfortable.

17. Early Century Style

Minimal and Stylish

You can create wonderful contrasts when you have darker furniture matching the hardwood floor. The light styles used all around match this room perfectly.

18. Contemporary Designs

Early Century Style

An eclectic match of dark style and patterns works so well in this room. From the darker floor to the great patterns, this is a lively space.

19. Bold Darker Patterns

Contemporary Designs

Darker patterns and furniture work together here to match this hardwood floor well. This space take a great contemporary design approach.

20. Cabin Loft

Bold Darker Patterns

This room uses traditional decor and balances the room well. From the hardwood design built around this room to the darker furniture, this is a unique space.

21. Calm Transitions

Cabin Loft

From the weathered style hardwood floor to the great decor and color, this room is wonderfully balanced.

22. Decor Perfection

Calm Transitions

Look at how well this room creates beautiful contrasts. The darker furniture is matched so well by the light fabrics and patterns.

23. Great Hardwood Blends

Decor Perfection

The hardwood floor is matched by the furniture and the natural light shines in to show off a uniquely designed room.

24. Light and Dark Hardwood

Great Hardwood Blends

The lighter hardwood floor here is matched by the darker furniture. The whole space is balanced by great lighting and wonderful patterns on the wall.

25. Eclectic Perfection

Light and Dark Hardwood

These bold patterns work so well to match the beautiful darker hardwood floor and furniture.

26. Luxury Cabin

Eclectic Perfection

Taking a cue from a cabin style, this bedroom takes advantage of the hardwood ceiling and matches it with beautiful darker furniture.

27. Calm and Elegant

Luxury Cabin

Relying on an elegant blend, this room matches lighters fabric styles all around with the darker hardwood floor and furniture.

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