24 Ingenious Bedrooms With a Desk (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. We go to them anytime we need some solitude, so it makes sense that we might want a desk in there as well.

Desks run the range of sizes and can serve different functions. Some people prefer a small, old fashioned writing desk. Maybe they’ll use it for writing, but it may also be decorative. Some people turn their bedrooms into their home offices. Their desk will have room for a computer, space to work, and maybe a printer as well.

No matter what your need is for a desk, you will find one to match your style. Below, we’ve gathered over 20 examples of bedrooms with desks for you to browse through.

Bedrooms With a Desk Design Ideas

1. A Simple Working Space

A Simple Working Space

We love this contemporary room, especially how it incorporates this wonderfully simple desk that can handle a small working area.

2. Bohemian Charm

Bohemian Charm

This reflective desk is a perfect complement to this bohemian decor style, giving a wonderful space to get ready each day.

3. Light Beach Design

Light Beach Design

The light beach design of this room is continued with the great desk area. With light furniture and plenty of natural light, this space is lively.

4. Great Hardwood Style

Great Hardwood Style

We really like how this desk is a darker hardwood. It contrasts well with the light blue wall and fantastic beach decor.

5. Office Corner

Office Corner

This little built-in space has great shelving that. The whole corner area is a comfortable place for you to get work done.

6. Open and Functional

Open and Functional

The bay window area lets the natural light pour in while you work at this charming little writing desk. The desk perfectly matches the color of the room.

7. Traditional Desk Space

Traditional Desk Space

This antique style writing desk perfectly complements the hardwood floor in this room. We love how well it works to contrast the light walls and trim.

8. Contemporary Glass Desk

Contemporary Glass Desk

We love non-traditional desk ideas. This glass desk perfectly matches the overall contemporary style of this room.

9. Bay Window Space

Bay Window Space

When you have a beautiful open bay window area like this, why not put a desk in it? This is a wonderful space by the natural light to get some work done.

10. A Certain Elegance

A Certain Elegance

This room has a great color scheme with darker gray contrasted with white. We love how this reflective desk brings an elegance to this room.

11. Light and Modern

Light and Modern

We love the L-shape provided by this desk area and how it gives a great amount of space to work. We also love that it is right by the window, letting you work in natural light.

12. Classic Writing Desk

Classic Writing Desk

This room has a wonderful furniture style that consists of beautiful hardwood and a calm design. The traditional writing desk sits right by the window to you can work in natural light.

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13. A Great Office Space

A Great Office Space

This desk is built into the bay area space, giving you a wonderfully calm area to work in. We love the look and functionality of this area.

14. Modern Design Brilliance

Modern Design Brilliance

Nothing beats this contemporary look. This desk is built with light hardwood and matches the great shelving space and bed area.

15. Comfortable and Luxurious

Comfortable and Luxurious

This whole room is calm and elegant and the desk space is no exception. We love its traditional appearance, using a black and white contrast construction.

16. Small and Complete

Small and Complete

There is nothing complicated about this working area. With a wonderful built-in wooden desk and matching chair, you can get your work done here.

17. Work By the Window

Work By the Window

This simple white desk sits by the window and matches this modern style room well. We love that it is minimal.

18. L-Shaped Functionality

L-Shaped Functionality

This desk wraps around with an L-shape and gives you plenty of room to work with. The skylight and window let you work in plenty of natural light.

19. Modern and Easy

Modern and Easy

This minimal desk can boast a computer as well as give you a great and easy area to get some work done.

20. Built-In With Shelves

Built-In With Shelves

This desk is surrounded by plenty of shelf space for books and decor. Sitting right in front of the windows, you can work in peace.

21. Light and Classy

Light and Classy

This desk is classy and traditional. With a wonderful matching chair, we love how the whole area comes together to match the bedroom style.

22. Minimal Hardwood Design

Minimal Hardwood Design

The hardwood styles around this room really work well, especially with this desk area. You have an alcove to work in here.

23. Classic and Relaxing

Classic and Relaxing

When you have large windows like this, there is no reason not to put a desk in front of them. Work in peace in the abundance of natural light.

24. A New Style

A New Style

We love how this contemporary desk matches the modern bohemian style of this room. It goes so well with the eclectic patterns.

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