21 Picture-Perfect Bedrooms with a Sitting Area (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 1, 2022

Your bedroom is probably where you spend the most time, so why not ensure it has everything you need for complete relaxation. If you want some peace and quiet in a space of your own, somewhere you can kick back and read a book or enjoy a TV show, you should consider a sitting area for your bedroom.

Why have a sitting area for the bedroom? Because the living room or den area isn’t as private. Sometimes you just want a space where nobody else can bother you. Bedroom sitting areas can range from living room style spaces to simple areas with one or two chairs. It really is up to your preference and how much space you have to work with.

Take a look at these bedroom ideas we’ve gathered below. Once you’re through, you will have a good idea of what will work for your bedroom.

Bedrooms With a Sitting Area Design Ideas

1. Comfortable Contemporary Space

Comfortable Contemporary Space

This room has a wonderful modern style and we love the seating area by the fireplace. You can relax here, kick back and read a nice book or have a chat.

2. Beautiful Furniture Combinations

Beautiful Furniture Combinations

This room has a wonderfully luxurious furniture style and it extends to the seating area. With a couch and two comfortable chairs, you have so many relaxing options in this room.

3. Great Area to Relax

Great Area to Relax

Kick back, put your feet up, and read a good book. Or enjoy chatting with your partner. This room is set up so you can relax any way you want.

4. At the Foot of the Bed

At the Foot of the Bed

With two comfortable chairs at the foot of the bed, you can enjoy some peace here. The furniture and decor style of this room all comes together perfectly.

5. Sit By the Window

Sit By the Window

There is nothing complicated about this bedroom. You have a great space to sit by the window and enjoy the natural light shining in.

6. Luxurious Designs

Luxurious Designs

With a great Victorian design and furniture style to this room, we love this seating area. With a love seat and comfortable chair, you can relax here by the fire.

7. Comfortable and Elegant

Comfortable and Elegant

Where do you want to relax here? You have so many options, from the couch by the window to the chairs all around.

8. Like a Living Room

Like a Living Room

This bedroom goes for it, giving a whole living room space for you to relax in. We live the sophisticated look of this whole room.

9. Modern Window Space

Modern Window Space

We love this separate seating area and how luxurious the style is. With a great patterned rug and wonderful decor, this space is calm and peaceful.

10. European Designs

European Designs

The colors, exposed beams, and wonderful archway all give this space a great style. The separate seating area gives you a space to read or catch up on some TV.

11. Warm and Modern Space

Warm and Modern Space

Calm and elegant furniture all blend with the architecture here to create a handsome and luxurious space.

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12. Light and Bright Seating

Light and Bright Seating

Open up the curtains and let the natural light shine into this room. The seating area is simple and calm, blending perfectly with the overall look of the room.

13. Simply Comfortable Match

Simply Comfortable Match

With a furniture style that is a perfect match for this hardwood floor, we love this convenient seating area. Right at the foot of the bed, you can read a great book before bed.

14. Warm By the Fire

Warm By the Fire

Wherever you want to relax in this room, whether by the window on the cushioned bench or by the fireplace seating area, you have options here.

15. Bay Window Comfort

Bay Window Comfort

Tall windows and natural light, beautiful furniture and a good book. It is all a perfect combination for a relaxation area.

16. Under the Archway

Under the Archway

Walk under the archway to this beautiful seating area. The natural light shines into this seating area to give you peace and relaxation any time of day.

17. A Brilliant Alcove

A Brilliant Alcove

A separated bay windows space is perfect for a seating area, giving you natural light to relax in.

18. Luxury Cabin Space

Luxury Cabin Space

This large bedroom gives you room for a whole sitting space, letting you chat with friends or curl up with a book. The rustic cabin style is perfect here.

19. Separate and Peaceful

Separate and Peaceful

This separate space is filled with shelves and we love shelves. Fill them with books and your favorite decor and enjoy your private reading area.

20. Elegant and Calm Reading

Elegant and Calm Reading

We love how this seating area is separated from the main part of the room. It will give you a sense of peace as you sit by the window with a good book.

21. Bright and Modern Match

Bright and Modern Match

From the four post bed to the beautiful hardwood styles, this room works well. This sitting are lets you and your partner relax and chat or read a book before bed.

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