57 of the Best Kitchen Designs You’ll See (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Figuring out what you design you want for your kitchen is no easy thing. Whether you are cooking for your family or entertaining guests, you know the kitchen is going to be the focal point. There are so many options for kitchen designs that it can seem overwhelming at times.

Let us help. Below, we’ve gathered 57 kitchen design ideas for you to browse through. They show you how to use different colors and materials and they range from contemporary to traditional. One thing is certain – you don’t have to feel boxed in when it comes to designing your kitchen. You have options.

Best Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Elegant Traditional

With plenty of space to move around in this large kitchen, you can enjoy the traditional elegance from this design.

2. Gray Highlights

With the exposed beams colored gray, the rest of the kitchen can use a wonderful color scheme to blend with them.

3. Country Classic

This kitchen takes on a classic and comfortable country design. The hardwood floor works well with the marble designs around the space.

4. Weathered Beams

The highlights of this kitchen are the exposed hardwood beams in the ceiling. They open up so many design possibilities and blend perfectly with the hardwood floor and counter top.

5. Wonderful Hardwood Floor

The dark hardood floor in this kitchen creates the perfect space to build around. The island has plenty of space to eat and has a unique counter top.

6. Contemporary Storage

Opening up these doors reveals an incredible amount of storage space. You will always be organized with an area like this in your kitchen.

7. Modern Stainless

The first thing to draw the eye in this kitchen is the use of stainless steel for highlights around the room. Blended with the colors of the room, this space comes out perfectly.

8. Wonderful Shelving

The dark olive green used for this kitchen brings a calm to the space. The shelving is perfect for all of your needs and keeps everything nearby and ready to use.

9. Hardwood Character

Nothing says classy like a beautiful use of hardwood designs. From the floor to the island and cabinets, this kitchen makes a great use of the material.

10. Bold Luxury

With wonderful natural light pouring into this elegant kitchen, you can really enjoy the hardwood designs. This space has a warm welcome. You can eat at the island or in the dining area.

11. Perfect Displays

This kitchen makes use of a flat design style, keeping everything neatly inside of the cabinet space. With great glass display cabinets, you can show off your decor.

12. Great Natural Light

When you create a space that allows in natural light, designing around it it fun. This light kitchen simply shines and shows off its elegance.

13. Space Savers

Having drawers like this built into your center island is a great way to save space and stay organized. Everything is always right where you need it.

14. Color Contrast

You may not notice it right away, but having the lower part if this kitchen darker and the upper part lighter really makes for a wonderful contrast.

15. Contemporary Blends

There are multiple design choices bringing this kitchen some style and texture. The chevron tile designs behind the stove really brings life to this space.

16. Upscale Country Kitchen

The raised ceiling gives this kitchen an amazing open feeling. You can really enjoy the hardwood blends used here while you sit at the island for your meal.

17. Bright and Inclusive

This dual island kitchen features extra cooking space as well as an area to eat your meal at. With light designs and a great hardwood floor, this is a comfortable kitchen.

18. Rustic Luxury

Rustic and warm, this kitchen uses bold designs. The rugged hardwood and brick work well together to create a space that will last.

19. Large Center Island

This large center island really draws your attention. The stylish stools that go with it are contemporary and a great design choice.

20. Completely Organized

With a pantry space like this you will always have plenty of storage space. Every item will be organized and easy to find.

21. Extended Cooking Space

The center island in this kitchen has the stove build in and is extended space for an extra cooking or dining area.

22. Marble Counter

The marbled counter top is the perfect blend for this kitchen. The whole space is bright and the tile used behind the stove really stands out.

23. Cool Modern Blend

This comfortable kitchen has all your needs taken care of. With contemporary appliances and a wonderfully designed space, you will love cooking and dining here.

24. Multi-Purpose Island

This center island handles it all. From the cooking to the wine storage, you are covered. Pull up and enjoy your meal.

25. Handsome Design Choices

The first thing you will think when you walk into this kitchen is – elegance. The hardwood used mixed with the stone counters blend together perfectly.

26. Minimal Design

Modern and minimal is the style taken with this kitchen and it looks great. The colors and the decor are simple and to the point, leaving you plenty of room for creativity.

27. Light Elegance

With a darker floor, this kitchen takes on light design styles blended with stainless appliances. The whole space works and is ready to welcome you.

28. Easy Shelving Idea

Not only does this kitchen handle all of your needs, but it gets creative as well. The simple hardwood shelving is perfect for decor and looks great.

29. Great Sliding Door

Sliding doors not only look great, but they save room as well. No longer do you have to worry about planning around a door that swings out.

30. Light Farm Style

This space is light and takes a simple farm style design. With minimal decor that blends with the light gray color, this space is ready for use.

31. Hardwood Counter Top

The hardwood counter top used for this island blends perfectly with the floor, but it isn’t the only stylish thing here. The tiles used behind the oven bring character to this kitchen.

32. Cleaning Storage

The worst thing about kitchens is figuring out where to store all the cleaning supplies. With a space like this, worry no more.

33. Plenty of Space

When closed, this space blends perfectly with the cabinets. Open up and you have all the storage space you need for your ingredients and other kitchen items.

34. Wonderful Windows

This kitchen is surrounded by windows that let the natural light pour in. With a large center island to prep and cook at and a dining area nearby, all your needs are met here.

35. Time for Light

This beautiful farm-style sink is backed by windows that allow the natural light to pour in. The beauty shines, from the hardwood floor to the wonderful decor.

36. Cozy and Complete

Never worry if you don’t have a large space to work with. Every single kitchen need can be met, just like you see here. Beautifully designed and filled with great decor, this space is brilliant.

37. Weathered Style Counter

The large center island here brings all the character to this room. With a perfect weathered hardwood counter top, this whole space has style.

38. Beautiful Decor

This kitchen will remind you of a classic country kitchen. From the hardwood floor to the display cabinet, this room is great. THe decor is eclectic and colorful, giving the kitchen life.

39. Organize Your Kitchen

Never worry about where to keep all of your ingredients and spices. Open up these cabinets to a space that is always organized for you.

40. Double Island

This open kitchen has two islands that are classy thanks to their hardwood design. The while kitchen has a brilliant style, from the stone tiles to the stainless appliances.

41. Upscale Country Style

Welcome to an upscale country kitchen. This space has a large center island that gives you all the room you need for cooking. The exposed hardwood beams bring the whole room a great character.

42. Modern View

This kitchen has a modern and spacious style. With an open floor plan, you can move around freely. Enjoy your finished meal with a view at the dining space by the window.

43. Contemporary Farm

The tile used for the walls around this kitchen are stylish and perfectly blend with the overall design. The dark hardwood floor works well with the stainless appliances.

44. Modern Wonder

The flat hardwood cabinets bring a modern sense of style and work well with the lighter walls and stone backdrop.

45. Gray Design Blends

The multi-styled stone tiles used for this floor blend perfectly with the the gray used in the kitchen. You have plenty of room to move around here, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

46. Eat-In Island

Why bother going to the dining room when you have an island this great? This kitchen is large and ready for you to cook and eat.

47. Hardwood Comfort

The stylish hardwood used around this kitchen brings it to life. The natural light pours in to highlight the wonderful decor and designs used throughout this space.

48. Light and Stylish

The light hardwood floor sets the perfect canvass for creativity. The lighter cabinets and the darker gray wall work perfectly with each other.

49. Green Splash

Bring some life to your kitchen with a splash of color. Blended with the great hardwood floor, this green makes the whole place stand out.

50. Always Ready

Keep all your planners organized, the keys in a spot you will remember, and your devices charged. Having a space like this can save you some time.

51. Blue and White

The blue and white colors used in this kitchen blend so well with the dark hardwood floor. The center island has extra space for you to store your items.

52. Classy and Comfortable

The center island gives you all the space you need for extra cooking. The plant life decor used in this kitchen help bring it to life.

53. Roll Out Drawers

Stop hurting your back having to clang around in the kitchen searching for the right pot or pan. Having these roll out drawers will keep your organized.

54. Easily Organized

Slide these glass doors open to give you all the organization you need. All of your glass wear and small appliances can be kept here and ready for use.

55. Retro Comfort

The baby blue appliances lend this kitchen a retro look. Everything you need is right here and well lit thanks to the large window.

56. Eclectic Design Blends

There are three shades of hardwood used in this kitchen and they all blend perfectly. This area is spacious and brings a slightly rustic style and makes it contemporary.

57. Bold Contemporary

The hardwood blended with the stone style island top looks great. The marbled backdrop behind the stove and the darker cabinets bring character to this kitchen.