38 Contemporary Family Room Designs Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

A family room is a space that you will want to use everyday to have a place to relax. When you are designing a new one, or remodeling an existing one, you want to make sure you create a space that matches your personality that you will love coming to for years to come.

Below, we have gathered 38 contemporary family room ideas for you to browse through. We know how important this room is for you, so we want to help you get it right. You will find a wide range of modern styles that work for a range of sizes. Take your time and find something you like.

Contemporary Family Room Design Ideas

1. Modern Architecture

With the hardwood floor balanced with the ceiling, this room is a great contemporary space. With an open floor plan surrounding this fireplace and television, you can enjoy the view out of the windows.

2. Vibrant Patterns

This space shows you just how you can have a whole room designed to match your personality. With great patterns and colors and a whole wall of shelves for decor, this is a great room.

3. A Retro Modern

With designs and colors that give it a slight retro look, the architecture is modern and you have plenty of space for gaming and entertaining. The open floor plan gives you plenty of room.

4. Sleek Comfort

With sleek designs and matching furniture, this room uses great furniture and colors to bring out a modern luxury feel. You are connected easily with the other areas of the house from this family room.

5. Studio Style

The great artwork in this room is a great match with the dark and light furniture in this room. The floor is open and gives you a wonderful place to entertain your guests.

6. Open Southwest

One whole side of this room is windows, letting the natural light spill into this amazing space. With great hardwood designs and beautiful shelving, you will love this sophisticated space.

7. Classic Decor

This family room takes a modern handsome style and gives you a wonderful place to relax by the fire and catch up on some television shows. The natural light shines in to show off this amazing floor.

8. Modern and Light

With contemporary ideas for the furniture, that is surely comfortable, you can enjoy the ease of this room. You have plenty of shelving for your decor and books. Sit back and enjoy the television in this light space.

9. Awesome Shelving

The shelving is the first thing that catches your eye in this room. With a modern layout and contemporary furniture, center yourself around this warm fireplace.

10. Wonderful Windows

The natural light will pour in these windows as you gather around the gas lit fire. The great hardwood floor and wonderful matching furniture is sophisticated and handsome.

11. Modern Industrial

With an old fashioned fire place to give you warmth, this room uses amazing decor with great color and patterns. With a slightly retro feel, you will love the ambiance of this room.

12. Theater Style

Like a comfortable theater, this room is perfect to host you and guests to watch some movies. The fireplace is beautiful, creating a warm atmosphere for you to hang out in.

13. Asian Decor

Uncluttered and arranged beautifully, this room has an Asian sense of decor and the natural light shines in to show it off. The hardwood styles really make this room great.

14. Unfinished Wonder

The concrete ceiling give this room a wonderful unfinished look that give you plenty of design options. The comfortable and modern decor looks great and the natural light shines in to reveal a beautiful space.

15. Work Area

This room is uncomplicated and serves many purposes. With a desk area to the side to get some work done at and a space to relax at to watch television, you will love this complete space.

16. Colorful Delight

The light styles in this room work really well together. With a white base to work from, the wonderful artwork and colorful decor combine to make a fun atmosphere.

17. Sleek Curves

Sleek and elegant, with decor that stands out, this room is ready for you. With a warm gas fireplace and a television for you to watch, you can host friends and family in this luxurious space.

18. Material Combinations

The sleek stone style around the fireplace combines wonderfully with the dark hardwood floor and the lighter hardwood shelves. The combinations contrast perfectly.

19. Creative Decor

The furniture in this room takes on a slightly retro style, but updated for now. The decor matches the wonderful colors of the room, and this rug is the center of attention.

20. Easy Patterns

The patterns in this family room, from the area behind the television to the beautiful curtains, work well with the eclectic mix of decor. This room has a fun sense of style that is welcoming.

21. Modern Art

Taking a modern twist on style, this room uses wonderful color and cool artwork that matches. Make a room that matches your personality that you will love.

22. Bohemian Styles

With a calm bohemian style, this room uses a great contrast of light dark colors to give a wonderful balance. The warm fireplace will keep you relaxed as you host your get togethers.

23. Creative Shelving

Nobody says you have to have a regular shelving style. You can get creative, just like this room. The shelves are warmly lit, letting you show off your decor.

24. Modern and Open

This room is open and spacious. Easily connected to the outside, you can enjoy extending your get togethers outside for extra space. The modern decor and fixtures complete the wonderful style.

25. Gray and Black

With a wonderful blend of grey and black, this family room is stylish and comfortable. The shelving houses great decor and you can relax and catch up on television shows after a long day.

26. Open and Warm

This beautiful room makes use of great materials, with a wooden ceiling and a smooth floor. The fireplace is sleekly designed and the furniture matches for a great look.

27. Outside Connection

The dark wall that houses the television and fireplace creates a wonderful sleek style in this room. The whole space opens to the outside, giving you plenty of room to entertain guests.

28. Comfortably Styled

No matter what size area you are dealing with, you can create a great atmosphere. The shelving gives you plenty of room for books and decor and the white furniture contrasts well with the darker floor.

29. Hardwood Bar

This wonderful hardwood bar is a great addition to this room. With wooden shelving to hold the decor and plenty of natural light shining in, this room is perfect for any occasion.

30. Unique and Open

This elegant room is open and well designed. With a great tile pattern for the floor and wonderful swing seat, you will enjoy this spacious room.

31. Contemporary Styles

With the whole wall taking on a stacked stone design, you can see how well a little color works. Kept warm by the fireplace and entertained by the television, you can gather friend and family together for a fun time.

32. A Fun Space

With plenty of natural light coming in the window, you can take in the modern design of this living room. You can watch television or play a game of pool with friends. Pull up at the bar for a drink after a long day.

33. Fresh Air

Open this family room up to the fresh air and relax on the comfortable couch. The slate style walls host beautiful artwork and the minimal decor is brilliantly placed.

34. Complete Comfort and Entertainment

This family room also has a little bar area to keep your drinks ready and chilled. Keep warm from the fire and enjoy the light and dark contrasts built into this room.

35. A Hidden Space

Hidden behind these book shelves is a great bedroom. Brilliantly designed, this space will keep all of your books at the ready.

36. Dark Brick Warmth

This dark brick fireplace is beautiful and surrounded by plenty of windows to let the natural light in. The rug and furniture match perfectly, giving a shabby chic kind of style.

37. Beautiful Hardwood Floor

This fantastic hardwood floor is balanced perfectly by the white walls and white brick fireplace. The furniture doesn’t overwhelm the space, keeping everything at a minimum.

38. New Waves

With a slight retro style and a wonderful color scheme, this room has plenty for you to do. Play some games or sit back and watch some television.
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