41 Contemporary Luxury Master Bedroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

How do you define luxury? Maybe you have some ideas in your head of overwhelming decor or grand design ideas, but luxury means different things to different people. Everyone has their own tastes and ideas. To create a luxurious master bedroom, all you need to do is have a great imagination and a sense of what you want. You don’t have to copy the same old styles you think of when you picture luxury style.

What do you want? That is the most important question. In the 41 images we feature below you will see all kinds of luxury. Some of the designs may give you new ideas of what luxury is. We will show you some classic designs turned contemporary as well as some older areas re-purposed and re-designed. You will also see some brand new design ideas that will take your breath away. From furniture usage to natural light wonders, we know you will see something here to inspire you.

Luxurious Contemporary Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Geographic Style

A map of the world brings this space to life. With an easy design and great use of color, explore your possibilities.

2. Complete Contemporary Entertainment

This bedroom features an area to watch your television at while relaxing on the couch or you can choose to watch from your bed.

3. Light to the Outside

Open your bedroom up to the outside world and let the natural light spill in. This contemporary room will give you the view of a lifetime.

4. Classic Patterns

With classy wallpaper to blend with the elegant furniture choices, this bedroom comes to life in the light.

5. Minimal and Stylish

With a great desk by the window to get some work done at, this minimal bedroom brings out a calm sense of style.

6. Graceful White Designs

You can never go wrong when you blend whites together with beautiful decor. With great natural light to brighten the space, this bedroom positively glows.

7. Calming Colors

This calm space features soothing light and a space to enjoy a morning breakfast at.

8. Contemporary Finish

This minimal bedroom is meant to feature a rough unfinished look that gives it a great character.

9. Beach House Blue

This beach house style bedroom uses positively great decor and an abundance of blues to give it a lively style. You will always be on vacation in this room.

10. Wooden Balance

With a great hardwood balance from the furniture and ceiling, this bedroom brings a spa-like quality to the space.

11. Gray and White Balance

Perfectly balanced and well lit room features a balance of grays and whites to give it a sense of modern style.

12. Shelf Space

This bedroom makes great use of plentiful shelf space. You will always have a place to keep your books and show off your decor.

13. Open and Bright

Swing open these doors to open up to the ocean breeze outside. This bedroom features a high ceiling giving it a spacious and open feeling.

14. Minimal Decor

Simple decor goes a long way to make this bedroom seem bright and modern. The natural light spills into this space that blends hardwood and whites brilliantly.

15. Contemporary Comfort

With a great fireplace effect right under the television, this bedroom will let you relax in a cozy atmosphere while you watch your entertainment.

16. Contemporary Color

In this contemporary bedroom, the space comes to life with the great blending of red and blacks.

17. Romantic Relaxation

A four-post bed made with dark stained hardwood is the perfect bold balance to this elegant room. Using great reflective bedside table and a large mirror, this space is ready for you.

18. Zen-Like Style

With a wooden wrap around space for your bed and a minimal approach to decor, this brings an Asian design style home.

19. Words on the Wall

Simple and to the point. This bedroom puts a reminder on the wall so you can relax in peace every night.

20. Upholstered Wall Panels

The upholstered wall panels that make up the wall behind the bed bring texture and bold style to this bedroom.

21. Regally Romantic

Taking the pages out of both an older elegant time and a tropical paradise, this blend of styles brings out the romantic quality you may want.

22. Ancient Patterns

This contemporary style borrows design ideas from ancient  Egypt. With great patterns and reflective qualities, it is an exotic elegance.

23. Spa-Like Relaxation

Right from the master bathroom and into the bedroom, this entire space will leave you relaxed and feeling pampered. Let in the natural light from the large window to complete the effect.

24. Gray Perfection

The layers of gray used in this room all match perfectly with the brick wall for a bold and handsome room that anyone would be proud of.

25. Natural Light Corridor

The light colored hardwood balances perfectly with the natural light that spills in from one side of the room and travels to the other side.

26. White and Beige

A dark beige color is used to cement the layered colors in this bedroom. A traditional room with great natural light, this bedroom is comfortable and neat.

27. Stylish Early Century

From the design on the ceiling to the antique style bedside tables, this bedroom will bring nostalgic feelings of another time when you walk in.

28. Reflect the Light

Reflective bedside tables can bring a room to life. They also serve to reflect light around the room, as this one does. Romantic and stylish, this room is in a great class.

29. Decor and Design

This bedroom features simple modern decor and artwork to blend with the designed chairs. Relax while reading a book at this space by the window.

30. Bay Window Delight

Bay windows should always have an area for you to enjoy them. These windows will let you relax with a book by the natural light of the world.

31. Modern Entertainment

Earth tones are used in this handsome room. They bring out the best of the shining furniture and balance it perfectly. Relax and watch television after a long day.

32. Spacious Design

This room features a high ceiling and is a great update to an older space. The old radiators and chevron patterned hardwood floor bring character to this space.

33. Clear Walk-In

A contemporary bedroom and a magnificent walk-in closet nearby are brilliantly designed. Slide open the closet door and access all your clothing needs.

34. Futuristic Design

You don’t have to follow the traditional route. This bedroom uses modern, almost futuristic, design ideas for every aspect of its space.

35. Mid-Century Charm

The hardwood floor sets the groundwork for this updated mid-century room. Swing open these beautiful doors to let in the fresh air.

36. Open Up to Elegance

Let the fresh air and natural light shine in on this elegantly designed room. From the grand bed to the classic chandelier, this room is grounded by the hardwood floor.

37. Modern Cabin Design

This master bedroom give you a great view and will warm you up. Enjoy the natural scenery while you relax by a fire in this wood and stone designed room.

38. Spacious and Entertaining

Making the most of an elegant cream color to match the hardwood highlights, this room will give you peace and entertainment.

39. Golden Romantic

With highlights of gold and elegant styles, this master bedroom will bring the romance in a classic way.

40. Chocolate Colors

With a bold use of colors, this bedroom is both stylish and up-to-date. With plenty of drawer space to keep all your items and a great space to get ready, you will enjoy this handsome room.

41. Old-Style Reborn

This bedroom uses the old brick and radiator and designs a contemporary space around it. Converted spaces like this make great master bedrooms.
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