30 Lovely Craftsman Style Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

We know that every room in your house matters, but we also know just how much time you will spend in your living room. You and your family will most likely end up there every day, and when you have guests over, the living room will be the main place for hosting entertainment.

When you are designing your living room, you have many options. Below, we have gathered 30 craftsman style living rooms for you to browse through. A blend of styles featuring beautiful architecture, a craftsman design can meet all of your design dreams. Take your time and see if there is something you like.

Craftsman Style Living Room Design Ideas

1. Elegant Styles

With a touch of elegance in the colors and patterns, this bright space is filled with natural light. With shelving for books and decor and a place to relax by the window, you will be comfortable here.

2. Bold Natural Look

The stacked stone columns work with the hardwood in this room to give it a natural sense of style. Stay warm from the fireplace and watch television with your guests.

3. Hardwood Wonders

With a great style of wallpaper that blends seamlessly into the hardwood around the fireplace, this living room has a warm sense of style. The great carpet matches the furniture well.

4. Comfortably Lit

With light furniture that goes with the lighter hardwood floor, this living space works well in the natural light shining in from outside. The blues are just the right color for this room.

5. Stacked Stone and Hardwood

With a beautiful blend of stacked stone for the fireplace and hardwood shelving, this who room comes together around a beautiful floor. The furniture is light and uncomplicated, making this an easy space.

6. Subdued Color Perfection

When you have a beautiful stone style floor like this and a red brick fireplace leading the character, you don’t need overwhelming colors. This subdued look is perfect for a calm and elegant design.

7. Beautiful Culture

This living room has a blend of cultural decor to go with the darker hardwoods used. The tile design around the fireplace stands out well and you have plenty of shelf space for your books.

8. Silver Highlights

Going for a luxurious and contemporary style, this room blends silver highlights with color around the room. A calm space, like an artist’s loft, the decor has personality.

9. Handsome Choices

A calm and sophisticated style rules the day here. The beautiful hardwood is matched by black on the furniture and the fireplace area is perfectly designed.

10. Cream Color Blend

To go with the weathered style hardwood floor, this living room uses a beautiful cream color throughout the space. Stylish and vibrant, this room is connected easily to the dining area.

11. Warm Stone Fireplace

This living room is connected to a beautifully natural outdoor area and the theme is continued indoors. The great fireplace here connects the two places with its style.

12. Light Elegance

With a wonderful look for the fireplace, this room uses a gray color scheme to give an elegant sense of style. Beautiful patterns adorn the furniture and the decor has wonderful shelving.

13. Shining Luxury

With a glossy hardwood floor to shine in the natural light, this warm living room features an open floor plan that has easy access to the other areas of the house.

14. Beautiful Pattern

The carpet in this living room matches the hardwood nicely and has a pattern that really fits this room. From the ceiling to the walls, the hardwood designs here are well crafted.

15. Simple and Complete

Without complication, this room uses simple furniture and shelving to go around this brick style fireplace. A television is here so you can sit back and relax after a long day.

16. Creative Style

The stacked stone fireplace is so well designed that it is hard to take your eyes away to realize how well the hardwood blends right into it. The furniture here is an absolute match for the room.

17. Green Wonder

Taking a classic style, this fireplace uses green ceramic tile to create some character for this room. The rug has a wonderful pattern that is perfect for the hardwood around the room.

18. Stylish Ceiling

With a beautifully designed ceiling, this living room crafts a wonderful pattern with the bricks around the fireplace. With calm furniture and great natural light, you will find this a peaceful space.

19. Rough Brick

The natural light pours in from the many windows in this room to show off a beautifully geometric floor pattern. The brick walls look amazing in this room and really create a wonderful space.

20. Seamlessly Connected

With simplicity, this living room is connected perfectly with the other areas of this house. The subdued colors for the walls match the hardwood floor and ensure the calm styles carry from room to room.

21. Built-In Book Space

The wooden beams overhead lead right to this amazing book shelf, the centerpiece of this living room. The bold and dark hardwood floor is wonderfully matched with contemporary artwork and furniture colors.

22. Contemporary Styles

Sit back and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and your favorite television shows in this living room. The eclectic mix of styles, from the dark hardwood floor to the decor, work together to make a great space.

23. A Retro Feel

With a slightly retro style at work, this living room uses a light fireplace color to match the walls. Both are contrasted by the floor and colorful furniture. This is an easy space to come relax for a bit.

24. Comfortable and Light

With handsome dueling couches giving you plenty of room to relax in this living room, you can sense the warmth from the fireplace. The natural light pours in to show off the light designs.

25. Patterns and Hardwood

The bold geometric patterns used for the ceiling are beautiful and shine down on a quietly sophisticated room. With a great book shelf and comfortable spaces to relax at, this is a room you will find yourself in often.

26. Sitting Room

The light wallpaper features a great pattern and is contrasted wonderfully by the darker gray trim and book shelf. The furniture is a complement to both, giving this a peaceful feeling.

27. Tile Design Perfection

The durable ceramic tile used here is a wonderful and warm choice for this space. Come here with a book or simply to sit by the fire after a long day.

28. Beautiful High Ceiling

The high pitched ceiling in this room features wonderful wooden beams and is matched by an equally wonderful stacked stone fireplace. The natural light shines in to show off this beautiful space.

29. Rustic Sensibilities

Open to the other area of the house, this living room has a great hardwood floor to design off of. With plenty of natural light shining in to show off the natural style, this is a magnificent space.

30. A Comfortable Spot

Cushioned for your comfort, you can curl up right next to the fire with a good book in this space. With a beautiful design around the fireplace and hardwood trim to match, you will love it here.
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