42 Elegant Design Ideas for a Dining Room (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

There are so many different things that you can do with your dining room. You can choose from a myriad of design styles and approaches, and mix elements that best suit your taste and personality. Perhaps you want to completely re-do your dining room, or maybe you just hope to add a few new elements to refresh your space. Either way, you are sure to find inspiration here.

If you appreciate the unique, perhaps you’d like a blue velvet banquette, a plethora of book shelves, unusual mirror frames, or an arboreal-inspired chandelier. Or if you prefer the luxurious, rose-tinted taupe, champagne curtains, stone fireplaces, and elaborate chandeliers might be more up your street.  Enjoy!

Elegant Dining Room Designs

1. Winged captain’s chairs

This dining room’s captain’s chairs are distinguished from the others by a slightly winged design.  The pale jade color on the walls also contributes to the room’s refined atmosphere.

2. Contemporary open concept

This contemporary open-concept design creates a sense of space and freedom.

3. Palest pine

These pale pine hardwood floors look beautiful with the light allowed in by generous windows.

4. Cushioned window seating

Cushioned window seating and a glass table serve as a splendid breakfast nook in this lovely room.

5. Chairs with a geometric design

These chairs adorned with a geometric design will add an extra modern touch to any dining room.

6. Industrial touches

This dining room’s unique steel chandelier and loft-like atmosphere create an industrial feel.  Velour chairs in a bright shade of blue create an interesting counterpoint.

7. Rattan and wood chairs

These charming rattan and wood chairs have a decidedly period look, as does the rose and white pottery on the sideboard.

8. Champagne curtains

These champagne-colored curtains with a subtle print add elegance to the dining room.

9. Rose-tinted taupe and ivory arches

This impressive dining room makes excellent use of shades of rose-tinted taupe on its walls and furniture.  Ivory arches over display cabinets and windows sets off the beauty of the room’s other design features.

10. Straight down the middle

This open-concept space features a generous dining room table positioned down the middle of the room, creating a sense of symmetry.

11. Spiked mirror frame

This room’s round mirror has an intriguing spiked frame that adds an industrial element.

12. Best of both worlds

This stylish dining room’s view and ready access to the outdoors means that you can enjoy the beauty of green scenery while partaking in indoor comforts.

13. Beige patterned chairs with curved legs

These beige patterned chairs with curved legs are both stylish and comfortable.

14. Let the light in

A light-filled room always cheers the mind.

15. For the reading enthusiast

Who says that the dining room is just for eating?  This space offers numerous shelves for your book collection.

16. Blue velvet

This blue velvet banquette beautifully complements the periwinkle walls and chairs.

17. Fresh and breezy

Create a fresh and breezy atmosphere with turquoise blue textured walls and airy white curtains.

18. Uptown look

This combined dining and living room has a distinctly uptown feel, mainly because of its sophisticated furniture and design accents.

19. White and blue banquette with ivory-framed windows

This lovely white and blue banquette works well with the white-trimmed windows of this space.

20. Taupe textured wallpaper and peach chairs

This dining room’s taupe textured wallpaper and peach chairs are a lovely combination.

21. Mixed seating

Don’t be afraid to be eclectic in your choice of seating for the dining room.  Let your excellent taste be your guide.

22. Arboreal-inspired chandelier

This dining room’s chandelier in the shape of a tree branch or group of twigs is a fun choice.

23. Stained glass window

A stained glass window will add a splash of color and interest to any dining room.

24. Rustic wood and plain white walls

This room’s highly rustic table and plain white walls work well with more sophisticated elements, such as the art prints adorning the wall.

25. Think pink

This dining room is a dream come true for any pink enthusiast.  Soft rose permeates this room, and a splash of yellow adds extra interest.

26. Round dark-wood table

This beautiful round dark-wood table looks especially stylish centered on a plush rug.

27. Pristine blue and white

This blue and white dining room echoes the look of classic porcelain.

28. Elaborate chandelier and recessed lights

Elaborate chandelier and recessed lights add to the daylight already pouring through this fashionable dining room’s windows.

29. Decorative wreaths

Decorative wreaths aren’t just for the holidays!  You can use them as a design accent in a rustic dining room.

30. Wooden plank ceiling

This dining room’s wooden plank ceiling and cabinetry add a rustic look to this otherwise sleek and modern atmosphere.

31. Dining bench

This simple dining bench is reminiscent of a picnic bench.  It is cushioned, however, for much greater comfort and style.

32. Pastel painting

The pastel painting on this dining room wall beautifully complements the plush ivory banquette beneath.

33. Bright green panels

This dining room’s bright green wall panels are a unique yet undeniably stylish choice.

34. Stone fireplace

This elegant stone fireplace is an impressive design element.

35. Matching cabinets and floors

This combined kitchen and dining room has beautifully coordinated cabinetry and floors.

36. Black floors

Black floors with matching glass door frames are a stylish design choice.

37. Gilded accents

This dining room’s gilded accents and furniture are a design touch of unquestionable luxury.

38. Linen chair covers

This chic yet casual dining room features coverings of sturdy linen on the captain’s chairs.

39. Faded wood and gleaming chrome

This dining room’s faded wood and gleaming chrome chandelier create a pleasing contrast.

40. Varied wallpaper

Simple textured champagne-colored wallpaper is featured in this room, as is wallpaper of blue and gleaming gold over the antique sideboard.

41. Extensive sideboard

This dining room’s ivory sideboard is both decorative and utilitarian, providing an abundance of storage space.

42. Latticed windows

This room’s latticed windows add an element of fancy to this highly modern space.
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