43 Eye Catching Home Exterior Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

The exterior of your home matters. It is the first thing you and your guests will see when they pull up and you will likely spend a good bit of time outside when the weather is good. Without a doubt, you want the exterior to look great. You also want it to have a design you will love for years to come.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, coming up with the right exterior style is a daunting task. There are so many options available, but don’t get overwhelmed. This is a task you can manage, as long as you plan everything out.

We’ve gathered 43 home exterior designs for you to look through. See if anything catches your eye.

Home Exterior Design Ideas

1. Traditional Landscaping

 The exterior of this stands out well thanks to the black shutters against the white house. With great traditional landscaping, you will feel welcome every time you come home.

2. Fantastic Color Choice

The dark gray used for the exterior of this house really makes it stand out against the landscape. With a well maintained lawn, this house looks great.

3. Great Windows

With the stone exterior, this house is warm and inviting thanks to the life that shines out from the many windows.

4. Updated Country

This house takes on a modern country look. With the metal roof and siding, the maintenance costs will be kept low.

5. Great Contrasting Designs

Notice the great layers of this house. The stone bottom, the blue siding, and the wooden upper layer all contrast well.

6. Manor Life

Style and luxury on on full display here. The grand house is complemented by the multi-car garages and the beautifully designed driveway.

7. Indoor/Outdoor Connection

This house will keep everyone entertained all year long. It opens up seamlessly to connect the outside and inside.

8. Beachy Exterior

Calm and cool, seemingly straight off of a coastal postcard, this house has that beach feeling that everyone loves. From the light color to the plant life, it’s time for the surf.

9. Multi-Purpose Area

All of your needs will be met out here. From the grilling area, to the dining and relaxing spaces, you can have family and friends over any time.

10. Cooling Gray

With beautiful landscaping and a great stone walkway, this gray exterior blends well with the surroundings. The entire space is welcoming.

11. Manicured and Organized

This long curving driveway leads right up to this grand home. It has a great front porch that can keep everyone entertained for hours.

12. Smooth Walls

The walls surrounding the outside of this house create a sense of privacy. With wonderful plant life inside and outside the wall, this home is contemporary and beautiful.

13. Contemporary Architecture

The modern geometric architecture used here makes use of darker colors and hardwood siding. The blend works, especially when combined with this organized landscaping.

14. Lawn For All Seasons

The landscaping of this house lends itself to decorating for every time of the year. No matter the season, this house lends itself to your creativity.

15. Blue and White Blend

This modern craftsman house has a great use of color. The blue really stands out with the white trim, and you have an upstairs and downstairs deck.

16. Luxury Ready

With calm lighting for the evening time, this house shows off its luxurious style. Having a garage that displays your vehicles is a nice touch.

17. All Windows

The exterior of this home has many windows, letting the whole area seem open and like one complete space. Take a dip in the pool when the weather is nice.

18. Surrounding Walls

Having walls around the lawn like this is a nice touch. If adds a sense of more privacy while still giving you the ability to see around.

19. Calm Lighting

The layered lawn steps up to this brilliantly designed house. The hardwood and stone are lit up with calm lighting that looks great.

20. Hillside Style

This grand home sits on the hillside and is in a league of its own. The exterior uses hardwood designs for a full effect of elegance.

21. Charming and Perfect

This quaint little house provides you with everything you need. The lawn is personal and private, and the front porch is always ready.

22. Red Works

Sometimes, a little color goes a long way. This house uses red to blend with the stone design and the gray siding. It is a contrast that works brilliantly.

23. Modern and Stylish

The modern architecture used here makes use of stone and glass to make it stylish. The landscaping complements the whole area.

24. Geometric Design

With a perfect combination of hardwood and gray, this home design is brilliant against the evening sky. Modern designs can really look great.

25. Stacked Stone Outside

This exterior wouldn’t look nearly as great without the stacked stone blended with the hardwood. It give the house a natural feeling.

26. Plant Life Patio

To really make an exterior stand out, you can plan out great plant life. The mix of green and floral arrangements here really make the space pop with life.

27. Garden Beauty

The exterior of this house thrives with a natural look thanks to the brilliant use of plant life. This is a garden space that works with the house.

28. Stone Layer

Having the stone layer on the bottom, them transitioning to siding, gives this space a character that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

29. Grand Country Home

This space is large and grand, featuring a well maintained lawn and exterior. The stone exterior brings a natural style to this luxurious home.

30. Two Toned

Nobody ever said the whole exterior had to be the same design. This home has a natural wood look on one side and paints it white on the other. It blends perfectly.

31. Calm and Classic

This classic exterior has a large yard. The long driveway leads to the beautiful white home surrounded with great landscaping.

32. Charming Entrance

Instead of keeping just the trimming white, this exterior extends it out to the entrance area. It contrasts well with the gray siding of the home.

33. Stone Pitch

The tan stacked stone used around the outside of this house brings a natural look that blends perfectly with the well organized yard.

34. Welcoming Driveway

The gravel driveway leading to this house is the perfect lead up to the well-designed space. With white siding matched perfectly with the hardwood trim and doors, you can sense calm here.

35. Colonial Times

This colonial style house has a wonderfully open yard. The landscaping is traditional and it is all topped off with a swing from the tree.

36. Green Landscape

This is the kind of house that blends well with the natural style of landscaping used here. With plenty of green and a beautiful house, you will sense the peace here.

37. Green Space

With raised garden beds on the lawn and solar power on the room, this is a “green” house, showing you how you can apply good principles.

38. Earth-Toned Home

The darker earth tones used for this house, blended with the hardwood and stone, look great against the natural environment.

39. Multi-Layered

Drive down and park your vehicles on the lower layer and enjoy the transition upward to the top. This modern home makes great use of space in a beautiful way.

40. Exposed Supports

Leaving the area above the front porch open, with beautiful hardwood beams exposed, is a great look for this house. With wonderful landscaping to enjoy, sit here and relax.

41. Dutch Designs

This Dutch style home sits on a hill and has beautiful landscaping flowing upwards towards the house.

42. Entertainment Areas

This home is spread out and features many areas to entertain family and friends. You will love spending time inside and outside of this home.

43. Luxury Cabin

When you have a home in a natural landscape like this one, you can design it brilliantly like this one. It is perfect for the environment and looks great.
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