45 Truly Fantastic Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Making sure you design the kitchen of your dreams is a priority of ours. We want to help you as you move towards having the kitchen area that you’ve always wanted.

We know that designing any part of your home can be overwhelming. When it comes to the kitchen, we know how much time you spend there, so you want to get it right. What you ultimately decide on has to work with the size you are dealing with and the overall design of your house.

Below, we’ve gathered 45 kitchen design ideas for you to look at. The good news is that the final design and style decisions are completely up to you. We just want to help. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

Fantastic Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Black Counter Tops

Take a look at how well these black counter tops contrast with the hardwood used throughout this kitchen. This is a design that truly works well.

2. Spacious and Open

Thanks to the many windows present, the natural light can spill into this kitchen and highlight all the open space you have to prep and eat your meals in.

3. Bright with Natural Light

The natural light shines into this kitchen. With a functional center island that can be used for food prep or to eat at, this space will meet all of your needs.

4. Great Display Cabinets

The cabinets in this kitchen are made to display your china beautifully. Thanks to built-in lights, you will always have a calm environment.

5. Exposed Beams

The darker hardwood beams in the ceiling complement the floor well. This dual island kitchen is functional for any occasion.

6. Creative Container Storage

Stop digging around in a drawer that you’ve thrown all your containers and get organized. This drawer space shows you how easy it will be to stay organized.

7. Unique Ceiling Designs

The design in the ceiling perfectly complements to hardwood floor style present. Both work well in this traditional kitchen area.

8. Contemporary L-Shape

With a great hardwood center island, this kitchen has a contemporary design with modern appliances.

9. Wonderful Utensil Storage

All of your utensils, the ones you used to throw into a drawer, can be neatly organized with a setup like this one.

10. Traditional Style Pantry

On the outside, this will look like any other traditional cabinet design, but inside you will find space to organize all of your kitchen needs.

11. Rustic Wonder

The brick style features a rougher look that works really well with the cabinet designs. With a separate area for your finer glasses, you will love being in this kitchen space.

12. Stainless Hood Vent

This contemporary hood vert works really well in this kitchen space. With a great chevron tile design on the wall, this kitchen is ready for use.

13. Double Island Functionality

Sometimes you really need some extra space for food prep and eating your meals. This kitchen handles those needs with its dual island design.

14. Cozy and Complete

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have large kitchen space. This area shows you how you can still have everything you need. With this great hardwood floor, you can enjoy the beauty of the kitchen.

15. Wonderful Wooden Table

Not all tables are created equal, and not all have to have a geometric shape. This unique table shows how a little creativity can bring character to a kitchen.

16. Colorful Art Splash

This comfortable kitchen will meet all of your needs and it has great decor. With colorful artwork to bring the space to life, you can ensure a warm and welcoming environment.

17. Elegant Exposure

When you have dark hardwood beams crossing along the ceiling, don’t cover them up. Use them and design around them. This kitchen uses a great brick design to complement the rustic style.

18. Large Center Island

This kitchen is open enough to accommodate this larger center island. With enough space to accomplish any meal need, you will enjoy your time in this kitchen.

19. Red Brick Wall

This kitchen wouldn’t be the same without the brick wall. This shows you how one design idea can completely change the character of a room.

20. Sleek and Contemporary

The center island in this kitchen is sleek and modern. Featuring a gray color that matches the rest of the room, this kitchen is a contemporary dream.

21. Great Cabinet Design

The style of these cabinets is truly great. It complements the hardwood floor and blends well with the stainless steel appliances.

22. Large and Open

This kitchen features a large open area with a high ceiling. It works with the great natural light that is allowed to spill in. The white walls work great against the hardwood designs.

23. Classic and Cream Colored

This kitchen has a vibrant style thanks to the hardwood floor and the cream colored cabinets. Though the design is traditional, the life is modern.

24. No Mess Under the Sink

We know you are going to keep the cleaning supplies under the sink, so why not make them easy to access. No more breaking your back with a drawer like this.

25. All Connected

The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all connected in this open floor plan. With a great white design that is highlighted by the skylights, this is an area you will love to be in.

26. Comfortable Dining

This comfortable dining area features bench seating right by the window. You can enjoy your meal right in the natural light.

27. Open to the Outdoors

With a setup like this, you will feel connected to the outdoors whether or not the door is actually open. Enjoy a meal at the fantastic dining area.

28. Reflective Brilliance

The reflective style used around this room works well to make the space seem larger. With a great contemporary design to show off, the reflection is a good thing.

29. Organize Your Kitchen

Don’t ever worry about keeping the kitchen organized when you have a storage area like this. With multiple drawers and shelving to fit any need, this will relieve your stress.

30. Blue Touches

Nothing brings a room to life like a little color. This blue style used for the island and the light fixtures is beautiful.

31. White and Baby Blue

Blending baby blue and white together in this kitchen was a really good idea. It took a traditional farm style space and brought it to life.

32. Dark and Light Blend

You don’t have to always rely on white for your kitchen. The darker brown used here, when blended with the lighter color, shows how earth tones can work well.

33. Traditional Elegance

With an elegant ceiling design to set the tone for the room, this kitchen takes a traditional style and makes it come to life.

34. Center Stove

Moving the stove to the center island can work well depending on your cooking needs. The use of darker colors the the island contrasts well with the white cabinets.

35. Open Floor Plan

This space features an open floor plan that allows you to move easily from the kitchen area to other places in the house. The hardwood floor is perfectly complemented by the exposed ceiling beam.

36. Wine Cooler

This kitchen has a slightly retro vibe and a great color scheme. With the wine refrigerator in the center island, you will be ready for any occasion.

37. Open Farm Style

This kitchen area takes on a grand farm style design and brings it to life. With brighter color use and an open space, this is the place for events.

38. Pitched Ceiling

The pitched ceiling allows for a more symmetrically designed kitchen. This space is well balanced and elegant. From the hardwood floor to the dark counter tops, this space works well.

39. Hardwood Pantry

Stop breaking your back and digging around your pantry to find what you need. With roll out drawers like this, everything will be easily accessible.

40. Darker Contemporary

Darker colors can work well, especially with smaller kitchens. This is a bold design that brings character. The natural light is allowed to spill in and bring the space to life.

41. Darker Toned Brilliance

This bold center island matches the hardwood floor well. They blend with this traditionally design kitchen for a warm and elegant environment.

42. Great Weathered Look

You can enjoy your meals with a view and great natural light thanks to this table by the windows. This space has a great weathered look that matches the setting.

43. Comfortable and Home Style

With great hardwood cabinets that create a home feeling, you can really enjoy the simple and colorful decor around the room. It doesn’t take much to bring a space to life, just some creativity.

44. Elegant Dining Space

The dining space on the backside of this island has an elegance to match the whole room. With both chairs and bench seating, you will always find comfort here.

45. Simple Decor

When you’ve created a space like this, bright and colorful, use simple decor to finish it off. This charming country kitchen will meet all of your needs.
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