49 Great Bedroom Styles You’ll Want to Copy (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Bedrooms are an essential part of the house. Perhaps the most essential. After all, that is where we end our days. There are so many ways to design and blend styles to make a space that you will be happy to get to after a long day. No matter what you have to work with, you can make any bedroom a welcoming place. Whether you have a space with an abundance of natural light or an older area that needs to make use of re-purposed styles, you can accomplish your goals.

The following 49 bedroom styles will show you just how many possibilities you have. They range from elegant styles to minimal designs that will show you so many possibilities. You will see the use of different color blends such as cool and calming colors to earth tones.

You will see bedrooms that blend hardwood walls and exposed beams in a contemporary way and bedrooms that have great outdoor porches attached. No matter what style you are looking for in a bedroom, you will find something that interests you with these bedrooms.

Great Bedroom Style Ideas

1. A Country Touch

This bedroom uses quiet country charm for decor. With a brilliant use of light colors grounded by a hardwood floor, natural light shines into this room.

2. Fireplace Elegance

You will always be warm and cozy in this master bedroom. Light a fire in the fireplace and relax on this comfortable bed for a feeling of luxury.

3. Sports Lover

This bedroom design is perfect for any child that loves sports. These white and blue walls match perfectly with the light hardwood floor for a great effect.

4. Country Life

This bedroom is graced with an elegant country style. From the hardwood floor to the wooden furniture, it is all filled with natural light.

5. Shelf Space

This bedroom makes use of cool and calming colors. The shelving and drawer space on either side of the bed will ensure all your needs are met.

6. Bright Contemporary

With an homage to a hunter, this bright space blends bright colors with a contemporary style for a space full of life.

7. Bright New England

This bedroom brightens up a classic New England style. With white wooden boards and light blue walls, everything blends perfectly with the hardwood floor.

8. Modern Elegance

Natural light spills into this bedroom. With an elegant chandelier above, this room blends calming colors for a space you can relax in.

9. Steeple Design

This high hardwood ceiling leads the way to the bay windows. Kick back and relax in this bedroom that features a great view.

10. Graceful Bed

This bedroom makes use of lighter colors and has a comfortable bed space. With simple and bright decor, you will be able to relax here.

11. Exposed Beams

This bedroom is centered around the exposed wooden beams that run through it. With a classic design from an earlier time, the space is timeless.

12. Modern Colors

Earth tones are used here to bring a modern sense to a beautiful space. The warm hardwood floor brings a sense of relaxation to this brilliantly lit space.

13. Warm and Bright

This master bedroom blends bright colors with this hardwood floor for a great balance. Light a fire to keep you warm and relax for the night.

14. Timeless Elegance

From the wooden armoire to the mirrored bedside tables, this bedroom uses elegant furniture to bring it style.

15. Reflective and New

The reflective bedside nightstands bring a new sense of style and purpose. It will remind you of a slight bohemian style, just more modern.

16. Modern Designs

This master bedroom shines with new style. The wall design and decor are contemporary, and the hardwood floor keeps the room grounded.

17. Contemporary Space

This modern bedroom is built around a great design. Surrounded by windows for natural light, you can light the fireplace for warmth day or night.

18. European Blend

There is a sense of old world style in this master bedroom. With some color and hardwood furniture, it resembles an early century French style.

19. Plenty of Shelf Space

This master bedroom will give you plenty of space for your decor. With amble shelving on either side of the bed, you can bring this room to life.

20. Open Up

This modern country style bedroom opens up to the spacious porch. Enjoy relaxing inside or outside in this bedroom.

21. Great Table

This bedroom features an abundance of natural light and blends contemporary designs well. Notice how a tree trunk has been turned into a great bedside reading table.

22. Bold Style

The black bed frame and bedside drawers make a statement in a room already brimming with character. The hardwood floor and ceiling beams blend well with the room.

23. Simply Beachy

This bedroom brings a beach house style. The use of light colors give an airy design that is anchored by the dark wood furniture.

24. Simply Regal

With furniture that blends well with the hardwood floor, this bedroom makes use of simplicity for a regal design.

25. Bay Windows

Relax by the bay windows as you read a book or watch television. This space blends a bookshelf and TV space seamlessly.

26. Light Grace

With simple flower decor on the wall and great reflective night stands, this bedroom maximizes its use of lighter colors for a graceful style.

27. Dressing Area

Swing open these doors to go into the dressing area. Both spaces are bright and decorated to bring out a graceful feeling.

28. Multi-Purpose Space

This bedroom will allow you to accomplish it all. Relax on your couch or get some personal things accomplished at your desk. When you are finished, find your way to the bed.

29. Great Light

With a large circular chandelier design shining down on this bedroom, this bedroom brings a modern sense of style to the table.

30. Steeple Beams

These wooden beams rise up to complete the openness of this bedroom. Open the doors of this space to let in the fresh air.

31. Windows to the World

This grand contemporary space will allow you to have full view of the outside world as you relax and watch television for the night.

32. Textured Delight

This simply elegant bedroom gains an added texture thanks to the great pattern on this carpet. Relax in style in this master bedroom.

33. Modern Art

This bedroom blends modern art and decor. The styles blended together in this space bring it to life.

34. Great Lighting

This modern bedroom features large windows and great lighting. With contemporary designs and a great fireplace space, you can relax here in style.

35. Fresh Air

This bedroom is completed by having open access to the outdoors. Open up the doors and relax on the outside porch or kick back in these Adirondack style chairs.

36. Contemporary Zen Space

From this unique bed style to the abstract artwork, this bedroom space is for the modern Zen artist.

37. High Ceiling

The ceiling rises up to let in the natural light. This bedroom uses bright colors and comfortable decor to tie everything together.

38. Exposed Brick

This bedroom takes advantage of the exposed brick wall to build a rustic room centered around modern art.

39. Incompletely Complete

Sometimes not finishing a design means you actually finish it. This bedroom is simple and complete. This minimal approach works well.

40. Comfortably Country

This bedroom makes use of its available space well. Surrounded by windows that let the natural light spill in, the country design works perfectly.

41. Wooden Wall

This great wooden wall brings character to this bedroom. Slide open the door to enter this space that blends the old and new.

42. Modern Bright

The windows let the natural light shine into this bedroom that uses great wallpaper designs to blend with the hardwood floor.

43. Blue and White

The blue and white patterns used in this bedroom bring a simple but balanced character to this space.

44. Light Blue

This elegant bedroom is bathed in light blues. From the chandelier to the bedside tables, this room is graceful in every aspect.

45. Old World is New

With silver styled lamps and decor that blends with the wooden desk, this bedroom brings an old-world sense of decor to the modern times.

46. New Romance

This bedroom is a modern romantic blend melted into an old style room. The weathered hardwood floors bring character to modern decor.

47. All Needs Met

This grand master bedroom gives you all the space you need. If you aren’t ready for bed, enjoy a glass of wine or go relax by the window.

48. Slide Open Closet

Slide open this door to get into your walk-in closet. This space makes use of minimal decor to make it stand out brilliantly.

49. Floating Style

Centered by a bed that seems to float in its space, this bedroom takes advantage of contemporary designs for a great effect.
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