40 Truly Great Pool Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you have made the decision to get a pool for your yard or you want to update the area you already have, you will find yourself facing many choices. You have to find something that blends with your house that fits all of your preferences. Will you have a pool deck? What will it be made of? We know you have some decisions to make.

Below, you will find 40 design ideas for your pool and hot tub areas. Ranging from grand and luxurious to comfortable and affordable, you will find some styles for everyone here. Take some time and pick out ideas that may work for you. Meet and exceed your expectations.

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Great Pool Design Ideas

1. Part of the Yard

Pools that use the yard for their immediate surround create a great look for the whole area. You don’t have to worry about overusing concrete.

2. Country Blue

This pool is designed to blend in with the country look of the surrounding houses. With a great tiled bottom and stones around it, this pool has character.

3. Nice Villa

This stylish pool has a grand set of stairs that let you walk in and out all day long. Surrounded by a villa type home, this pool space is a step above the rest.

4. Indoor Sea Style

This indoor area is complete with everything you need. A bathroom, places to relax, and a pool for a great relaxing swim.

5. Contemporary Splash

This pool features a space for your complete entertainment. Swim in this blue water or relax in the hot tub while this great fountain streams down.

6. Surrounded Relaxation

With a great hardwood deck around it, this hot tub is surrounded by great decor and plant life. You can spend time here and unwind from the day.

7. Surrounding Palms

Like something out of a resort, this great pool is large enough to entertain a crowd. Surrounded by fantastic palm trees and plenty of places to relax, you can invite anyone over.

8. Simple and Cool

This pool has a smaller concrete deck surrounding it and blends right in with the well-landscaped lawn.

9. Fall into Paradise

This infinity pool is surrounded by a beach design and it looks out over the water. Infinity pool work so well for a dramatic scene.

10. Naturally Curvy

With this curvy design and lighter colored stone surrounding the pool, this space works so well for a natural look.

11. Slim Peace

This crystal clear pool is surrounded by by a great light gravel that really contrasts well with the landscape.

12. Tiled Dark

Sometimes having a darker bottom for a pool makes a great change. This pool uses great dark tiles.

13. Darker Decor

A great darker bottom to this pool makes it contrast well with the lighter stone pool deck. With dark contemporary furniture, this area will keep you relaxed.

14. Complete Warmth

This warm and relaxing space will see you relaxing here night after night. THe built in fire place is a perfect finishing touch.

15. Falling View

This infinity pool spills over into a great view. With great fire pits on either side, this is a fantastic place to relax.

16. Great Storage

This hardwood storage area blends really well wit the surrounding landscaping and plant decor.

17. Extended House

With a charming covered area that extends from the house, you can jump right into the pool for a cooling down.

18. Manor Style

With great hardwood outdoor furniture that is finished with blue cusions, this pool area shines with fun luxury.

19. Hardwood Style

Bamboo always helps to make any outdoor area come to life. Theh hardwood pool deck blends well with the fire pit. Get warm and relax all night long.

20. Sit or Swim

Great landscaping and plant life surrounds the fences in this backyard. With a mix of stone and wood making up the pool deck, you can enjoy the night with friends.

21. Indoor Zen

With a calm glow and great Asian decor, this indoor pool will give you a place to relax any time you need to.

22. Jump In

Climb the ladder and jump on in. Then do it again and again. This pool build right up to a great tree backdrop to blend with its surroundings.

23. Exposed Indoor

Exposed wooden beams and skylights running down the middle of this room really brings the natural light into this area.

24. Fountain by the Rocks

The pool house is a mini log cabin. With a stylish pool deck, this area will relax you with the fountains that stream into it.

25. Surrounded by Nature

This infinity pool looks like it drops right into the woods behind the house. With plenty of space to relax in, you will want to invite all your friends over to a party night.

26. Outside Glow

The pool glows blue in the evening and features a large space surrounding it for you and all of your friends to relax on.

27. Stone Surroundings

With a great pattern in the stones on the pool deck, this pool will let you choose between the hot tub or the pool.

28. Surrounded by Charm

This pool deck takes on a natural stone look that really give this space character. With a house that has quiet charm, the pool finishes the effect.

29. Areas to Relax

A hot tub or a pool? The choice is your when you create a space like this one. Jump into the calm water to enjoy a good night.

30. Separated Space

With glass separating the pool area from the rest of the yard, this area will meet all of your needs. Relax in this space when you get some time to yourself.

31. Private Quarters

 Walled off from any prying eyes, this pool space will let you have your own private relaxation area.

32. Glowing with Perfection

With great lighting to give this luxurious space a fantastic glowing, you can relax or do laps whenever you want.

33. Step up to Luxury

When you have a small space you can go to for peace at the end of the day, all is well. This pool will always let you relax.

34. One to the Next

With a cracked stone design for the pool deck, this space takes on a natural feel that blends well with any setting.

35. Bright Blues

Bright and blue, this pool has a great pool deck for you to lay out on. Jump in and enjoy this modern surrounding.

36. Inside Shine

This indoor pool makes great use of natural light and good plant decor. No matter what time of year or weather, this area will let you have some fun.

37. Modern Blend

With a modern styled house for a backdrop, this pool doesn’t need a big pool deck to complete it. The green yard works just fine.

38. Backyard Party

A calm fire pit lights up the background as you enjoy your time in the hot tub or a dip in the pool.

39. Great Designs

The long fountain pours into this pool that is surrounded by green. Relax on the couch before you take a dip in the water.

40. Comfortable Fit

With a great bamboo backdrop, this pool and hot tub area fits in any space and lets you relax or exercise.
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