How To Replace the Hose on the Bissell SpotClean Pro

Updated on October 1, 2022

Are you wondering how to replace the hose on the Bissell SpotClean Pro? Is your Bissell SpotClean Pro not working like it used to? Have you noticed leaking or maybe a decrease in cleaning power, and it’s no longer suctioning as it should?

I bet you’re thinking it’s time to throw it away and buy a new carpet cleaner. Before you make a drastic decision, there are many reasons your machine could be acting up and most of them can be resolved without spending a ton of money.

If you simply take apart your spot cleaner machine, clean it, and replace the hose, there’s a good chance that will solve any issues you’re having. If you have pets or live in a home with people who have long hair, it may have become clogged, and cleaning it out hasn’t solved the issue. Maybe the hose has cracked from time or temperature or has become dislodged from the internal connectors.

Whatever the root cause of the malfunction, replacing the hose is a great step to troubleshoot the issue at hand. If nothing else, it’s a cheaper route than jumping right to buying a new machine, and who doesn’t like saving money?

Buying A Replacement Hose

The first step to replacing the hose on your Bissell SpotClean Pro is buying a new hose. Sounds pretty simple, right?

There’s just one problem… Bissell doesn’t actually sell a replacement hose for this model on their site.

So how exactly do you go about getting a new hose for your favorite carpet cleaner? Fortunately, there’s a simple solution…

While you can’t get a replacement hose for this machine in particular, there is a Bissell replacement hose available online that will fit your SpotClean Pro like a glove. It’s affordable and extremely easy to replace.

Although the replacement hose is just a couple inches shorter than the original equipment provided by the manufacturer on your Bissell SpotClean Pro, it’s plenty long enough to get the job done!

You’ll only need to spend about 10% of the price that you would have paid if you replaced the whole unit rather than just swapping out the hose!

Now that’s a big saving!

What’s better than how cheap it is to replace the hose versus replacing the machine is how easy it is to take the hose off and put a new one in its place. Before you know it, your Bissell SpotClean Pro will be good as new.

What Else Do You Need?

In addition to the hose, you’ll just need a couple of things that you probably already own.


  • 4” Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • Needle Nose Pliers

That’s it!

You don’t need any specialized tools or skills for this project.

We do recommend using a screwdriver that’s at least four inches long because some of the screws are recessed into the housing and can be difficult to access with a screwdriver that is less than four inches long.

Hose Replacement

So, now that you have your new hose and your tools laid out, it’s time to get started with your repair project.

Before you start taking your Bissell SpotClean Pro apart, keep in mind that you will be taking the machine apart almost completely, so be sure to keep track of all of the screws and pieces so that you’re able to reassemble your carpet cleaner with ease.

  1. Carefully remove the water collection tanks and set them aside.
  2. Take off the grey sticker that covers the hose wrap. You’ll want to do this carefully so as not to damage it.
  3. Remove the hose wrap from the side casing.
  4. Take out the two screws on the arm that holds the power cord and the one underneath where the tank solution sits.
  5. Remove the outer shell.
  6. Remove the screws on the motor housing assembly and take off the cover, exposing the motor.
  7. Carefully pull the old hose off of your machine.
  8. Next, you’ll want to carefully move the black clamp that attaches the sprayer hose connector.
  9. Attach your new hose and replace the clamp.
  10. Put your Bissell SpotClean Pro back together!


In just 10 easy steps, your hose has been replaced and your machine is as good as new! Whether the hose has cracked due to extreme temperatures or just from normal wear and tear over time, being able to replace it will save you money on buying a whole new machine.

I hope this guide has been helpful in assisting you in navigating through the hose replacement process. Enjoy your machine and the extra money you saved with this home repair project.

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