29 Imaginative Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Your living room is a haven in a world that is crazy and harsh. When you sink into the cushions of your favorite armchair or sofa, you know that things are going to be just fine… at least for the next few hours. It’s a spot where you can watch your favorite television show in peace and where you can snack, or not, while chilling with your spouse or loved ones.

Living rooms really do make a big impact on a home and they are also the first thing that most people see when they walk into one. You need to make sure your living room is not only comfortable for you, but also for guests. Give it a modern twist, keep it retro or add some art to bring it up to a whole new level of fun, but make it yours! The following living room images will inspire you to do just that.

Living Room Ideas to Spur Your Imagination

1. Classic Gilt

Take your living room back in time with gilded edges on the coffee table and picture frames.

2. School Lockers

Need somewhere to store your goodies? These old lockers make an interesting, yet practical conversation piece.

3. Old Brick Chimney

Repurpose an older brick chimney and fireplace by placing a small wood stove in it and leaving the bricks untouched.

4. Marine Accents

All-in-one spaces can be tough to tie together, but the marine blue accents throughout this space make it all work together.

5. Folding Leather Stools

These are folding seats like you’ve never seen before, made of luxurious leather that adds character to this space.

6. Garage Style Windows

Narrow windows along the top of this room let in extra light and air through their screened openings, for a fresher space.

7. Snow White Walls

White walls may be more work to clean, but they look stunning.

8. Beam Art

There’s no denying that these beautiful beams are a work of art all by themselves.

9. Bright Blue Sofa

Change the entire dynamic of your space by adding a brightly colored piece of furniture like this couch.

10. Glass Centerpiece Table

This living room features a huge glass table in the middle of the room, which works more as a feature than a coffee table.

11. Quaint and Cozy

This room feels quaint and cozy, thanks to all the little details and subtle color tones throughout.

12. Modern Furniture

Add modern designs to your living room to create a space that feels like it is straight out of the future.

13. Tree Stump Trays

These dual trays are designed to look like tree stumps, with a slight lip so nothing will fall off unexpectedly.

14. Dark Carpet

Dark gray carpet, paired with charcoal curtains and seating cubes make this room feel mysterious and elegant.

15. Stone Features

While the stone fireplace is the main feature here, the river rock coffee table takes the stone theme and runs with it.

16. Arched Window Mirror

Mirrors can help expand a space and this mirror looks like an arched window guarding the room.

17. Cube Shelves

Add floor to ceiling cube shelving to ensure you have plenty of space to store and display your things.

18. Houndstooth Fireplace

In this pale room, the houndstooth fireplace stands out, made of stone in a unique pattern.

19. Comfy Sofas

These extra wide sofas make excellent beds if you have an impromptu sleepover.

20. Sheer Valences

Add some interest to your windows with sheer valences that look great and finish off the room.

21. Dual Level Coffee Tables

This coffee table, with two different levels to it fits in perfectly with the blue and yellow decor.

22. Elegant Staircase

Everything in this living room is elegant, but the sweeping staircase is certainly the most impressive.

23. Heavy Blue Curtains

Thick fabric curtains add texture and color to the space, while also providing darkness when drawn.

24. Stained Wood Floors

The gorgeous wood flooring in this living room match the incredible beams above the space.

25. Display Table

Keep your faborite books and art inside this glass coffee table to put it on display without cluttering the table top.

26. Living Room Bar

Who doesn’t dream of a bar in their living room? This one makes it happen, with a full wine rack.

27. Bamboo Blinds

Beneath the “just-for-show” curtains and valences, these windows sport bamboo blinds that keep out the light.

28. Coffee Table Hassock

This padded hassock can be used for a coffee table or slide it out from under the wood and use it for seating.

29. Window Walls

Full size windows do away with walls, leaving you with nothing but an amazing view.
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