33 Truly Impressive Home Gym Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 7, 2022

Have you ever paid for a gym membership then never used it? It’s not that you don’t want to stay in shape, it is just so inconvenient to have to get in the car and go to the gym after a long day of work. Well, solve that problem by having a home gym. You may have always wanted one, but just had no idea how to go about designing one. Let us help.

There are many different ways to design a home gym. Just like the rest of your house, a home gym should match your personality. Put the equipment you need inside of it and decorate it the way you want. Below you will find 33 great home gym design ideas we have picked out for you. Check them out and see if there is something you like.

Home Gym Design Ideas

1. Open and Padded Floor

This home gym give you plenty of room to get your weight training done and has a padded floor. That helps keep the floor undamaged and with noise control.

2. Gym and Dance

 If you need to have a space to workout and want a dance studio, combine the two together. We see here how well that can work.

3. Catch a Game

This is the perfect place to catch a quick basketball game. With a great hardwood floor and fantastic lighting, this room will be used often.

4. Warm Decor

This home gym is had a bold character. From the hardwood used to the warm decor all around, this is handsome and functional.

5. Open Up

This home gym is actually outside the home. You can open it up and get some fresh air when the weather is nice.

6. Dance Studio

For the dancers in your family, nothing will be better than having a dance studio in the house so they can practice anytime.

7. Glassed In

This glass wall idea is the perfect design idea. It is stylish and shows off this array of workout equipment.

8. Inspiration Space

This space will be sure to keep you inspired to push harder. With a television in the corner, you can get some serious work done.

9. Two Levels

Do you have a family dedicated to fitness (or you’re a celebrity or professional athlete)? This two-level gym has everything you could need for exercise. It is stylish and has entertainment so you can keep up with your shows.

10. Serious Training

Keep your home gym organized and neat with great equipment for the room. This space is personal and ready for use.

11. Sauna and Gym

Once you get finished working out in this great space, you can walk right over to the sauna and relax for a bit.

12. Natural Light

Give your home gym some great natural light with plenty of windows all around. You can enjoy the view while you sweat.

13. Simple and Complete

With calm lighting and a great green color for the walls, this gym will be sure to keep you in shape.

14. Let the Light In

This can be your workout and yoga area. With plenty of natural light and a great view, you will always be relaxed here.

15. Work and Entertainment

With great gray tones used for this room, you can workout while not missing a thing on the television.

16. Country Charm

This detached home gym gives you plenty of room to workout. With a great country charm, you can throw open the doors for some fresh air.

17. Great Design

The hardwood wall really adds great character to this home gym. You can workout and watch television here.

18. Ready for Business

This home gym has a great color scheme and added toughness with the stainless steel around the bottom. Enjoy your workouts in this great room.

19. Relaxing Styles

The hardwood styles used here really make for a peaceful environment. With a wall of windows letting in the outside light, this home gym is nice and relaxing.

20. Double Entertainment

Two of you working out? Not a problem if you put two televisions in so everyone can be happy with what is on.

21. Open area for Work

You will have all the space you need to move around for your workout and yoga here. With a punching bag included, you’ll be sure to stay in shape.

22. Hardwood Ceiling

The color choices for this room match the hardwood ceiling perfectly. With great light shining in, you will always be pumped up and ready to work in this space.

23. Cardio Workout

With mirrors on one side and great windows letting light in on the other, this open space will handle all of your workout needs.

24. By the Pool

With this full court, you can play basketball or volleyball to get your cardio workout in. When you are finished, the pool is right outside. It’s a rough life.

25. Great Decor

Just because it is a home gym doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it. This gym has great photos on the wall to match the great color choices.

26. Colorful Studio

Make your home gym and dance studio colorful to show the full force of your personality. This space is ready for hours of practice.

27. Multi Use

Racquetball? Basketball? No matter what games your family plays, you will be able to get a workout in this great space.

28. Complete and Stylish

With all the equipment you will need to get a complete workout, this home gym is stylish and has great lighting.

29. Great Designs

Design a home gym that reflects your personality. This space has fans to keep you cool and plenty of space for all of your needs.

30. Rough Finish

This rugged room creates an atmosphere that is sure to have you working hard day after day. With the unfinished walls and a great stone floor, this design works well for a gym.

31. Open Access

With plenty of doors to let in the fresh air, this room will work for multiple sports. Get a full workout here and have some fun.

32. Sports Style

This room is stylish and functional at the same time. Spectators can watch as a game is played below.

33. Exposed Ceiling

You can put it all in a home gym like this. From the cardio to the weight training, you can have a full workout.
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