33 Incredible Deck Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Everyone would love to have a great outdoor space that they can go to and relax after a long day. Having a deck to cookout on and entertain guest is a dream that so many people have, but they just aren’t sure how to go about designing one. Yes, there are many options when it comes to creating a space that will meet all of your needs and wants, but we want to help.

No matter what kind of space you have to work with, you can find something that works. Decks and patios aren’t just for homes with big backyards or suburban neighborhoods. Even if you are in the city, there are ideas that will work for you. Have a country home with land? Great, now what do you dream of building outside?

Below you will find 33 design ideas that showcase all kinds of budgets and space requirements. They show outdoor areas in the city, in suburbia, and in the country. Your options are limitless. Take a look and see what you like.

Incredible Deck Designs

1. Rooftop Hangout

This is an oasis on the rooftops. With an abundance of plant life build into the design, this outdoor area will have you wanting to keep coming back.

2. Cook and Dine

With this beautiful area ready to meet all your cooking and dining needs, you can entertain friends and family. Brighten up the area with a splash of color like this red.

3. Prep and Serve

With this food prep area at your disposal, you can wine and dine all your guests in a luxury setting outside.

4. Lay Back and Relax

You can create a relaxing space by adding comfortable furniture. Add some great flower to liven up the area and you are complete.

5. Great Gazebo

Don’t wonder if you need a deck or a gazebo. Have both just like this. With brilliant designing and great decor, this area will please you for a long time.

6. Warm Nights

With this outdoor area integrated into the plant life, you can relax by the fireplace and have a great time.

7. Swing Time

Get a swing seat and hop in with a book. You can relax for hours while you swing in peace.

8. Contemporary Styles

Poolside luxury and an elegant fire pit work together to bring this outdoor area serious class.

9. Poolside Time

Relax underneath a shaded area after a long swim in the pool. Everything you need is outdoors here.

10. Privacy Guaranteed

Just because you live near other people doesn’t mean you can’t carve out your own private outdoor space. This area creates a calming atmosphere with its decor and furniture choices.

11. Completely Open

Open up your house and extend its life to the outdoors. On those days when it is just so nice outside, you can make this outdoor space your place to be.

12. City Life

In a city setting, you can create an outdoor space of your own. This area has a great hardwood deck and a fire pit for you to sit around. Grill a meal, have a drink, and relax.

13. Calm and Simple

At the end of a long day, you can always have a simple place to relax. Not extravagant, but completely serene.

14. Smooth and Light

With a smooth hardwood design and calm lighting leading the way, a deck like this can certainly work for you.

15. Stone Table

This brilliant stone table will last. It is a great contemporary idea that matches the area it’s in. Take a swim and enjoy the atmosphere here.

16. Covered and Fun

A large deck like this will be sure to give you the room you need to host all of your events. Covered and sheltered from the elements, relax here in any weather.

17. Shade if Needed

Simple retractable awnings like this will ensure that your deck can be enjoyed any time of day.

18. Stone Style

This hardwood style blends perfectly with the stone design on this house. Add some simple decor and sit back and enjoy.

19. Part of Nature

Surround your deck with an abundance of plant life and lay back and relax. With rustic furniture ideas that bring character, this deck is for you.

20. Rustic and Romantic

The large stones used for the floor match the rustic furniture choices of this outdoor area. Relax by the fire pit and enjoy your evenings.

21. Double Time

This grand space offers you a choice – upstairs or down? Both give you plenty of room for entertainment.

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22. Great Overlook

No longer do you have to settle for a regular balcony. You can use plenty of plants and great furniture to make a space your own.

23. All Inclusive

Once you are finished cooking you meals outside and eating, take your guests and relax with a drink by the fire.

24. Country Style

Swing open the doors here to open up the house to this beautiful outside area. With great use of white and blue, this deck has a country charm.

25. Under the Tree

Make your deck blend with the natural environment. Use what you have. This deck sits under the beautiful tree and will see you spending hours relaxing underneath.

26. Middle Design

Built into the middle of the house, this outdoor area can offer solace to you whenever you need some fresh air. Beautifully integrated and blended with the hardwood design, this deck is perfect for the style

27. Simply Styled

Sometimes all you need is a hardwood deck to relax on at the end of a long day. This outdoor area will give you what you are looking for.

28. Island Relaxation

With a hint of being on an island, this deck gives you options. Relax in the hammock or in the hot tub. Beautifully integrated into the environment, this space is a dream come true.

29. Bold Grilling

The hardwood blended with the black makes a bold statement and is a great design idea. Grill out and serve your guests in this outdoor area.

30. Colorful Plant Life

Make any area come to life by adding colorful plant life in the design. This wooden deck is patterned brilliantly to give it character.

31. Stylish Entertainment

With beautiful hardwood gracing all areas of this deck, you can entertain your friends and family anytime. Watch television, have a meal, or lay back and have some great conversation.

32. Elegant Choices

With great and elegant furniture choices, you can turn your outdoor area into a luxury space. Grill out here and serve your guests whenever you want.

33. Cooking Dream

With multiple grilling options available, this outdoor space is an area you will be spending a ton of time in. With great stone work extending the space, you have all the room you need.
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