31 Outstanding Master Bedroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Be happy with your master bedroom! Okay, that may be easier said than done, but that is the final goal. No matter how you decide to design it, the master bedroom is your space. It should reflect your personality so that you love it every time you walk in.

Whether you’ve designed a master bedroom before or not, the process can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider – the furniture, the colors, the decor. Don’t get lost in the choices, relish them.

We’ve gathered 31 master bedroom design ideas for you to look through. See if you find anything that sparks an idea.

Outstanding Master Bedroom Designs

1. Open and Tropical

With the light hardwood styles and the openness brought by the windows, this room feels like a tropical getaway.

2. Lively Decor

The wallpaper is a fantastic design and the decor is lively. What a unique lamp to match the style of this room.

3. Modern Floral

This light floral pattern works well in this simple space. The master bedroom is brilliantly connected to the bathroom with minimal intererence.

4. Stately Elegance

With a calm color scheme taking over in this room, the simplicity of the furniture make this space seem spacious and luxurious.

5. Royal Tropical

With dark hardwood carved furniture and a broad range of patterns, everything in this room screams royalty in the tropics.

6. Window Relaxation

This retro-styled room gives you an excellent space to relax by the window and read a book by the natural light.

7. Contemporary Designs

This room takes on a contemporary design style. With fantastic shelving used on the far wall, you can sense the quiet luxury of the space.

8. Great Hardwood Blends

Sometimes design ideas go unnoticed because they work so well. The hardwood blends, from the bed frame to the furniture and window frames, this room ties everything together.

9. Bright and Warm

Thanks to the many windows letting in the natural light and the warm fireplace, this is an open and warm master bedroom.

10. Bold Dark Decor

This is a great contemporary decor style that masters the use of black and white. With a splash of plant life, the space comes alive.

11. Perfect Storage

With a space like this, all of your clothing and room needs will stay completely organized.

12. Open and Bold

With a solid brick wall anchoring this room down, the space is open and spacious. The bland of red and black is handsome and warm.

13. All In One

Once you get a good look at this space, you can see how brilliantly everything is connected. The living space, the outdoor area, and the master bedroom all connect seamlessly.

14. Reflected Beauty

The mirrors that blanket the closet area reflect the true beauty of this room. The headboard of this bed brings a great style to the room.

15. Rustic Setting

Ancient. Classic. No matter how you describe this master bedroom, it doesn’t change the fact that it is warm and luxurious.

16. Low Bed Beauty

The low bed and the shelf that lines the wall bring a sleek, contemporary style to this master bedroom.

17. Curtained Brilliance

Having curtains all around this room brings the space a certain elegance. It is calm and beautiful, welcoming you every time.

18. Matched Patterns

When you look around this room, you can see how well the patterns are matched. The carpet and the curtains complement each other and the space is filled with colors to blend.

19. Modern and Spacious

With a unique and stylish bed to center the room, this space has a design and decor that bring it into the modern realm.

20. Traditional and Luxurious

Elegance is on display in this bedroom. With colors to provide a cooling effect and traditional furniture, this design will never go out of style.

21. Friendly and Shining

With large windows gracing one side of this bedroom, you can have all the natural light you want. The colors and decor balance perfectly off the hardwood floor.

22. Sophisticated Modernity

The multi-toned hardwood used for the floor and the wall of this room are a perfect blend with the openness provided by the windows.

23. Darker Patterns

This room makes use of darker color choices, which work perfectly with the abundance of natural light provided.

24. Layer the Colors

This room wouldn’t have the same character without its great use of lively colors. The simple decor choices bring an understated elegance to the room.

25. Private Relaxation

For a little nap or private space to read a book, you can curl up by the window and draw the curtains.

26. Blue and Tan

The blend of blue and tan with the great decor and patterns used gives this master bedroom a lively character.

27. Archway Welcome

Walk under the archway into a pure dream room. The four post bed works perfectly in this room with brilliant designs and a baby blue that fills it with life.

28. L-Shaped Window

This L-shaped designed window really makes this room feel open. With plenty of room to move around and great hardwood blends, this space is welcoming.

29. Great Lighting

Whether from the outside or from the inside fixtures, this room is well lit. It shows off a fantastic carpet choice that blends with the light hardwood of the room.

30. Perfect Mirror

In this room, you won’t have to worry about ever having a mirror to look in. This large mirror reflects the calm elegance of the designs and color choices.

31. Double Door Freshness

With a wonderful hardwood style behind the bed to match the floor, you can always enjoy fresh air in this room. Open up the double doors and enjoy the outside.
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