40 Rustic Bedroom Designs You’ll Want to Copy (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

When you are designing a bedroom, we know how important it is for you to get it right. After all, you will be spending a good bit of time there. When coming up with ideas, you are faced with so many design options that it can seem overwhelming.

If you love a rustic look, you are in luck. Below, we have gathered 40 rustic bedroom design ideas for you to look through. You will see styles that range in size and style, and will be sure to find something that suites your needs. Take your time and see if anything catches your eye.

Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Great Hardwood Styles

This bedroom has a beautiful hardwood style that runs from the floor to the walls and ceiling. With great natural light shining in and earth tones all around the room, this is a wonderful space.

2. Handsome Colors

The light and dark color balance of this room works really well. With the light walls and fabrics balanced by the darker furniture and curtains, everything here ties together.

3. Wonderful Headboard

You don’t have to settle for a regular headboard for your bed. This beautiful headboard is a great match for this room. The natural wood look extends to the tables and furniture.

4. Open Style

Thanks to these large windows, this stylish bedroom shines in natural light. With a good mix of light and dark colors, you will always be comfortable here. Relax with a great view anytime.

5. Stone and Wood

For a great rustic look, nothing beats a stone and hardwood combination. This fireplace will keep the whole room warm. With a stylish wooden ceiling to create a great effect, this is the room for you.

6. Wonderful Windows

This room is surrounded by windows, giving the whole space an open sense of style. The hardwood is balanced by light fabrics and calm artwork, and the carpet is a wonderful finishing touch.

7. Hardwood Mix

The wall, ceiling, and beams are all different shades of wood and they work perfectly. This space has a warm sense of style, and thanks to the fireplace, you will stay warm.

8. All Aboard

When you know you will have to host many guests, this type of setup is something you will need. It is stylish, with hardwood all around, and it is functional, sleeping many at once.

9. High and Open

This wonderfully ash-toned hardwood wall rises up with the high ceiling. The decor is simple and not overwhelming, and the patterns used for the fabrics bring character.

10. Cabin Style

No matter what the size of your party is, this room will sleep them all. Relax and be comfortable before bed, and carry on the comfort once you lay do

11. Hardwood Update

This room has an open sense of beauty, with a high ceiling. It almost feels like a studio. With fantastic decor and a great light color scheme, this room comes to life.

12. Light Blends

With a gorgeous hardwood floor to work with, this room takes a lighter approach to the walls and fabric. The contrast that it creates is striking.

13. Great Wooden Bed

The bed is the centerpiece of this room, with great storage areas for your books and other decor items. The artwork and furniture around the room blends in and it all looks great in the natural light.

14. Easy Decor

With creative artwork and easy decor for this room, the whole space takes on a comfortable feeling. With great hardwood and matching furniture, you will love this room.

15. Beautiful Patterns

This room takes the spotlight with the hardwood all around and it brings in some great patterns to match it. It is a scene from a calm cabin, leaving you relaxed all day.

16. Metal Bed Frame

Giving this room a more rustic sense, the bed frame is metal. When combined with the unique ceiling fan and the wooden beams, this space really looks great.

17. Stacked Stone Fireplace

Stay warm by the fire and enjoy the beautiful stacked stone design around the fireplace. The patterned rug leads the way in matching this room together, and the view is amazing.

18. Almost Industrial

With the exposed air ducts on the ceiling, this room takes on an industrial style. It is large and open, connecting to the other areas of the house with this sliding door.

19. Fantastic Styles

To match the hardwood floor and furniture, this room has a beautiful hardwood carving to bring it to life. This space is well lit and elegant, giving you a relaxing space.

20. Great Stone Wall

This absolutely beautiful stacked stone wall makes this whole room wonderful. It is great to balance the surrounding decor around and the patterns used around this room are fantastic.

21. Rustic Hardwood

Like a wonderful cabin in the woods, this room is cozy and comfortable. With hardwood furniture to blend with teh cabin style, this space sets a rustic tone you will love.

22. Great Lighting

Like a blend of contemporary and rustic classic, this room blends great art and decor with a warm style. The lighting brings the room to life and gives you a great place to relax every day.

23. Brick Wall

This room is open and connected to he large bathroom and it works well. With a great weathered and worn brick wall, the style of this room is industrial warmth.

24. Comfortably Light

You can really see the elegance of this room thanks to the natural light that shines in through the skylights. With wonderful furniture that stands out and simple decor, this is a space for you.

25. Easy Decor

The great thing about this room is the great use of color that is not overwhelming, but just right. The blues used match the light rug and walls. The hardwood floor balances everything perfectly.

26. Sleek Designs

This room looks great, and can create a sleek design thanks to the ash-toned hardwood. The stacked stone fireplace is grand and beautiful, and the bed is stylish.

27. Double Bed Style

This is a great way to give your kids enough space to sleep. The beds are durable and large, making sure everyone has comfort.

28. Plenty of Beds

The light hardwood frames to these beds looks great when combined with the darker fabric and trim around the room. This kind of space will ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to sleep.

29. Fresh Air

Open up this room to the outside and get some fresh air while you relax. The blend of multiple hardwood tones works so well here, especially when you use the light fabrics.

30. Contemporary Architecture

This room has a traditional cabin sense with modern architecture. The fireplace will keep you warm in this spacious room and you have plenty of light thanks to the windows.

31. Sliding Door

When you are pressed for space, you can always use sliding doors. They don’t swing out and they look amazing. Functionality and beauty are always a win.

32. Modern Decor

With a durable hardwood frame bed to work from, this room takes a great color scheme and wonderful decor to make it a contemporary space.

33. Pitched Ceiling

This room feels open and spacious thanks to the high pitched ceiling. The hardwood floor and ceiling are matched by the furniture and the natural light shows it all off so well.

34. Warm and Entertaining

One side of this room opens up the this room to plenty of natural light. You can relax on the comfortable be and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and the entertainment of the television.

35. Lower Bed Style

This bed is low and modern, featuring a wonderful wooden frame. The furniture in this room is great, matching this hardwood wall really well.

36. Weathered Hardwood

The weathered style of hardwood used around this room gives the whole space a durable look that brings great character. The furniture is classic and crafted and the large windows are perfect.

37. Classic Furniture

The hardwood of this room is matched well with the dark olive green used  for the wall and book shelf. The furniture takes a calm, traditional approach and looks great.

38. Traditionally Rustic

This rustic space has a warm glow to match the relaxing feeling. With great hardwood styles used all around and a classically rustic light fixture, this room has great character.

39. Open Room

For those times when you know you will have to sleep a bunch of people comfortable, this room will do it. Everyone can be relaxed and not feel cramped.

40. Stacked Stone Wall

The stacked stone walls here are met with beautiful hardwood. The two together bring a classic cabin style and the modern furniture brings the room to life.
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