25 Cheerful Spanish Style Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 30, 2024

The kitchen is a special place, an area that can bring people together so memories can be made. We know how important it is to create just the right space.

A Spanish style kitchen can be a beautiful thing. Spanish architecture and designs can be used to bring life to your kitchen. From those classic vibrant colors, to intricate wood carvings, the range of possibilities is endless. A signature of Spanish design is its welcoming effect.

Below, you will find more than 25 Spanish style kitchens to choose from. You will see how they incorporate the best of the European style, whether it is a traditional design or a more contemporary one. Take your time and see if you find some ideas for your next kitchen design.

Spanish Kitchen Design Ideas

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1. Beautiful Spanish Backsplash

Beautiful Spanish Backsplash

JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors and Construction

Walking into this kitchen, you can immediately sense the Spanish influence in the tile backsplash. It works with the hardwood all around the kitchen to make a lively space.

2. Modern Spanish Style
Modern Spanish Style

Savvy Interiors

Having classic Spanish styles in a modern space works really well. The backsplash is blended with the hardwood stove vent to give you a little European splash in this sleek space.

3. Classic MediterraneanClassic Mediterranean

DD Ford Construction

The rounded entryway and the overhead wooden beams scream Mediterranean style, especially when blended with this beautiful floor. This is a traditional European look.

4. Contemporary MediterraneanContemporary Mediterranean

Christine Markatos Design

The glossy backsplash and the hood vent design bring a modern tough to a Mediterranean style. This is a traditional space upgraded with modern appliances and a fantastic design.

5. Brilliant European Range Area

RRM Design Group

From the beautiful beige floor to the Spanish architecture all around this kitchen, you will truly feel like you are in a Spanish home. The bold hardwood is a great blend for this room.

6. Grand Spanish Style

Rustico Tile and Stone

Welcome to a luxurious Spanish room, with intricate carvings in the wood and beautiful chandeliers. This room takes hardwood and designs a timeless space.

7. Hacienda Style Kitchen

Melanie Giolitti Interior Design

With a beautiful hood vent and a great Spanish style backsplash, you can sense the European influence here. It has a slight European colonial style to it.

8. Wonderful Spanish Color StyleWonderful Spanish Color Style

Rustico Tile and Stone

An amazing part of the Spanish culture is their use of colors blended with hardwood. You can see how well that works here, creating an authentic Southwestern style.

9. Beautiful Southwestern Style

Herscoe Hajjar Architects, LLC

You will truly enjoy this eclectic mix of Spanish influence, from the beautiful designs, to the fantastic colors.

10. Beautiful Spanish StyleBeautiful Spanish Style

Rustico Tile and Stone

This fired stone floor style sets the stage for a beautiful Spanish layout. The blue and yellow tiles are staples of European and Mediterranean designs.

11. Classic Spanish Curves

White Webb

The high ceilings and the intricate tile designs are all signature Spanish styles. Blended with the darker hardwood, this is a beautiful space.

12. Great Color and Hardwood Combination

Bannister Custom Homes

With fantastic tile usage, from the well designed backsplash combined with the light cabinets, this is a wonderful space. The hardwood floor brings a durable style to this room.

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13. Classic Spanish RusticClassic Spanish Rustic

Nunley Custom Homes

This is a colorful and rustic style, complete with a large center island to work from. The blues, yellows, and reds are all Spanish influenced, bringing a comfortable warm space.

14. Wonderful Mediterranean Floor

Palmer Todd

The large and durable darker floor style is the perfect base for this room. When blended with the hardwood and the beautiful tiles on the backsplash, this is a truly European look.

15. Timeless Hardwood DesignsTimeless Hardwood Designs

Godden Sudik Architects, Inc.

By combining beautiful tiles designs, classic brick, and wonderful hardwood, this is a true blend of Spanish architecture and design.

16. Rustic Spanish Farmouse

Newhaven Builders, Inc.

Just look at how wonderfully this modern space works with some Spanish influenced tile. With a slight Spanish accent in the cabinet and stove vent, this area is completely sleek and new.

17. Spanish Antique StyleSpanish Antique Style

H O M E + atelier Michael Ranson

Look at how well the natural light shines in from the skylight to show off the intricate designs all around. From the antique style refrigerator doors to the beautiful tiled floor, this is a wonderful room.

18. Light European DesignsLight European Designs

Maraya Interior Design

If you want a Spanish look, but something more subtle, this is how you can do it. The light hardwood blended with the slight curves around the breakfast nook are nods to Spanish influence.

19. Cozy Spanish Colors and TilesCozy Spanish Colors and Tiles

Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc

You don’t have to make a complete redesign of a kitchen to get a Spanish style. This space shows you how it can be done with some great colors, tiles, and a new floor.

20. Light Mediterranean StyleLight Mediterranean Style

Mal Corboy Design

The contrasts created by the kitchen are amazing. The light Mediterranean designs around the room are blended with an amazing darker hardwood floor and bold counter top.

21. Vibrant European Style KitchenVibrant European Style Kitchen

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

Light hardwood, an intricate hood vent design, and a beautifully designed backsplash all bring a vibrant Spanish sense of style to this kitchen.

22. Bold and Classic European KitchenBold and Classic European Kitchen

John Malick & Associates

Classic curves work together with durable hardwood and stone to give this room a bold European design. The brick backsplash and carved wooden designs complete the look.

23. Spanish Tropics

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

There has always been a Spanish influence on islands around the world, and this kitchen shows you how that looks. With a beautiful floor blended with wonderful hardwood, this room is ready for tropical decor.

24. Intricate Spanish Carving Style

James Glover Residential & Interior Design

When you have hardwood beams in the ceiling, use them to balance the room off of. This wonderfully carved wooden hood vent does so perfectly and is a great complement to the tile backsplash.

25. Historical Spanish Island Style

Maraya Interior Design

When you have your eye on simplicity, you can create a wonderful kitchen like this one. With easy and light designs and a great decor, you can make a place that will take you back in time to a tropical Spanish era.

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