54 Stylish Dining Room Design Elements (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

We know that you’re stylish but even the most fashionable among us can get into a bit of a rut with their dining room. Like the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, the dining room is a room that we can sometimes end up taking for granted. Time to start thinking differently!

Below, you will feast your eyes on 54 colorful images of stunningly stylish design ideas for the dining room. Whether you are interested in re-doing your whole dining room or just adding some design accents, you’re sure to find a lot of inspiration here.

Just a few examples of the kinds of ideas you will find here include: midnight blue walls and cream country cabinets, artistic elegance and garden rattan chairs, raspberry tints and pink chocolate combinations, gilded charm, and refreshing combinations of emerald and mint. Enjoy, and good luck with your designing adventure!

Stylish Dining Room Design Elements

1. Eclectic patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, letting your taste be your guide.  This dining room does this successfully, with mild pinstripes, geometric zigzags, and even a leopard print.

2. Glossy oak window frames

These glossy oak window frames complement the decor of the dining room as a whole.

3. Banquette with drawers

This banquette features useful yet decorative drawers for convenient storage.

4. Garden rattan

This sunny and pleasant room successfully mixes rattan chairs with a classic mahogany table.

5. Ceiling pattern

This ceiling boasts not only molding but also a decorative pattern that creates an artistic look.

6. Artistic elegance

This classically beautiful dining room features wonderfully colorful art on the walls, elegant chairs, and a gleaming mahogany table.

7. Cream country cabinet

This dining room’s cream-colored display and storage cabinetry gains a distinctly countrified look from the presence of gingham curtains and simple crockery.

8. Midnight blue

One wall in midnight blue is a standout feature in this combined kitchen and dining room.

9. Decorative splashes

Two of this dining room’s most attractive features are its decorative splashes, including a colorful art print and a sunburst motif wall decoration.

10. Conversation pieces

This dining room’s artwork are not only decorative but will always serve as great conversation pieces for dinner parties.

11. Rose room

This room in a pale and pretty shade of rose features textured wall panels and chairs in a beautiful classic design.

12. Minimalist haven

This minimalistic dining room is a hidden hideaway where family and friends can enjoy themselves.

13. Modern mode

This combined dining room and kitchen has entirely modern design elements, such as a spacious, uncluttered kitchen area and a dining room table that is stylish yet as simple as can be.

14. Wall art

This abstract design painted directly on the wall creates a daringly unique look, as does the funnel-shaped chandelier.

15. Gilded charm

This dining room features a gilded circular ceiling panel from which hangs a grand gold-toned chandelier.  The wallpapers have a lovely gold and blue floral design, and there are also complementary tones of gold in the rug.

16. Pink chocolate

This space’s stunning mahogany paneled ceiling is beautifully complemented by pink-toned wallpaper.

17. White and ivory

Who says that white and warm ivory don’t play well together?  They certainly do in this dining room.  The bright white table looks beautiful surrounded by chairs of warm ivory.

18. Vanilla cream

This charming little banquette is in a lovely shade of vanilla cream.

19. Image of the outdoors in an elegant space

This dining room features a large framed image of an outdoor scene that brings a hint of natural beauty to this pleasantly stylized space.

20. Wall montage

A sort of montage of framed art prints creates an excellent point of interest in this dining room.

21. Classic hardwood

This floor of classic hardwood looks especially gorgeous in the sunlight pouring through multiple windows.

22. Raspberry meringue

This lovely shade of light raspberry will brighten up your dining room.

23. Emerald and mint

These chair seats boast a charming green print that complements the mint decorations on the table surprisingly well.

24. Hanging lampshade light fixture

This dining room’s hanging lampshade light fixture adds an element of fun.

25. Elizabethan atmosphere

The combination of traditional chairs with Queen Anne chairs and rustic exposed beams conjures up images of the Elizabethan area.

26. Covered chairs

Using fabric chair coverings in a colorful shade can add new life to your dining room.

27. Cheerful decorations

Bright and cheerful decorations such as this dining room’s wall art will make your dining room a more inviting space.

28. Fire and ice

This dining room’s chandelier has a spectacularly icy appearance that is sure to get everyone’s attention, while its fireplace creates a hospitable atmosphere.

29. Center of attention

This table is positioned in the center of the room, successfully making your dinner the real focus of attention.

30. Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains in a pale color allow more light to come through the windows, making for bright and cheerful breakfasts with family.

31. Perfect for birthday parties

This energetic space seems just perfect for kids’ birthday parties.  The colorful rug full of images as well as the picture on the wall will give the children lots to look at.

32. Relax and chat by the windows

A group of four can have a cozy chat here, basking in the daylight allowed in by generous windows.

33. Display your best

This stunning room features an incredibly spacious china cabinet where you can display your porcelain.

34. Vaulted ceilings and exposed beams

The combination of vaulted ceilings and exposed beams creates an impressive look.

35. Mint walls and white panels

This lovely dining room features mint walls with white paneling, as well as extraordinarily glossy hardwood floors.

36. Exotic rug as the center attraction

37. Harmony of the spheres

This dining room’s chandelier comprised of a number of spheres is a fascinating addition.  The round cherry-wood table is another wonderful design choice.

38. A dream come true for the wine enthusiast

This dining room features a special wine cabinet with clear doors.

39. Rustic chic

Rustic elements, such as this dining room’s exposed beams and weathered floors, add warmth to a space.

40. Bright white brick

This dining room’s bright white brick walls are unique and complement the rest of the room’s decor.

41. A breath of fresh air

This dining room’s large door to the garden lets in fresh air and makes socializing after dinner easy.

42. Navy blue

Navy blue is a popular color that can be used in almost any room.

43. Pastel luxury

This luxurious dining room has pastel tones that add to the space’s general elegance.

44. Latticed ceiling

This stylish dining room’s latticed ceiling provides a greater sense of space.

45. Cherry-wood with royal blue accents

Brown and blue work brilliantly together, as evidenced in these chocolate and navy chairs.

46. Olive and hunter green

These textured olive green curtains harmonize nicely with the graphic wallpaper and hunter green ceiling.

47. Aqua accents

Aqua is a fantastic color for dining room design accents.

48. Lofty ceilings

Lofty ceilings make this dining room seem more expansive.

49. Several chandeliers

This dining room’s several chandeliers both light up the space and add to its stylishness.

50. Understated pine

Understated pine floors help ensure the beauty of this dining room.

51. Decorative tile floors

Decorative tile floors like this one will add liveliness and personality to your dining room.

52. Black and white checkered floor

A black and white checkered floor adds vintage flair to this dining room.

53. Cozy fireplace

An electric or gas fireplace might be just the dining room addition you’ve been looking for.

54. Tranquil cabin

Incorporating some of these design elements into your dining room will add to its sense of hospitality and authenticity.
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