23 Stylish Home Exterior Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

The exterior of your home is a space that is meant to be seen. Every time you, your family, and guest come and go, they will get a look at the exterior. The design of your house and the style of landscaping you plan are important.

When designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, you will spend a large amount of time planning the exterior style. There are so many options to choose from, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Have some fun with it. Figure out a style that matches your personality and go with it.

Below, we’ve gathered 23 home exterior ideas for you to browse through. Relax and see if anything fits what you are looking for.

Stylish Home Exteriors

1. Fits the Environment

This home doesn’t just sit on the landscape, it blends perfectly it. With a wonderful hardwood outside and two levels, it fits the surrounding environment well.

2. Small and Perfect

This micro-home has a wonderful two-toned look and fits perfectly. You can move it anywhere and your expenses will be much less than a traditional home.

3. Fun and Unique

This home has a great circular corner that has a staircase leading inside. The blue and white blends work well here and the landscaping complements it.

4. Crafted Style

The eye-catching feature of this exterior is the blue color. It blends so well with the white trim and the stacked stone design.

5. Southwestern Style

This home takes on the classic Southwestern architecture that looks so great. With fantastic landscaping to match the beautiful white and hardwood exterior, you will enjoy coming home to this space.

6. Step Up to Tradition

This exterior has a wonderful welcome, with steps leaving up to a beautiful, classic porch.

7. Blended Architecture

Like a mountain cabin blended with modern geometric designs, this home mixes hardwood and stone style beautifully.

8. Darker Exterior

Going with a darker exterior for your home can work really well. This black exterior really makes the rest of the landscaping stand out.

9. Maintained and Organized

This wonderful rounded driveway leads up to a beautiful home. Surrounded by great plant life and a well maintained yard, this home stands out.

10. Fits the Environment

Not all homes have to look alike to look great. This house fits right in with the surrounding landscape.

11. Contemporary Stand-Out

Not only does this home make great use of a contemporary design, but the dark exterior really helps it stand out.

12. Rounded Drive

Pulling around this driveway, you are surrounded by open space and a beautiful landscape. It is traditional and welcoming.

13. Geometric Entertainment

The exterior to this home gives you a new style with plenty of space for entertaining guests. The pool blends right into the space, and the surrounding deck gives you plenty of room.

14. Fantastic Landscaping

The glow coming from the many windows of this house is beautiful and the landscaping matches. The space is well organized and maintained.

15. Relaxing Space

This relaxing area lends right into the landscape. Built around the tree in the middle, this calm space is perfect for hosting your get togethers.

16. Bright and Open

This traditional open lawn has a wonderful stone walkway leading to the house and the gravel driveway and courtyard work perfectly.

17. Two Levels

Both the house and the yard of this area have two levels, and it works wonderfully. A beautiful design and color scheme for the house blend right in with the surroundings.

18. Into the Earth

Not all homes have to be above ground. This one is build into the hillside and features a unique design that looks great.

19. Modern Glow

This contemporary home glows from the inside and looks fantastic on the outside. The exterior is modern and stylish.

20. Great Porch

With the beautiful walkway and the green plant life, it is almost easy to miss the fantastic hardwood porch on this house. You have plenty of space here to relax.

21. Garden Walk

With a Southwestern design for the house, the exterior is surrounded by a beautiful garden. Walking in this area will calm you every time.

22. Hardwood Highlights

The hardwood beams around the outside and the window really bring this exterior character. Surrounded by a great fence, you are guaranteed privacy here.

23. Easy Contemporary

This tall and open contemporary home really shows off an architecture that looks fantastic.
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