55 Stylish Master Bedroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

The master bedroom is the one room in the house that is truly yours. You will be spending more time there than in any other space of the house, so be sure that you turn it into a place that you love. Let the master bedroom shine with your personality, so that when people go in, they know that it belongs to you.

Whether you are designing a new house or have decided to remodel your existing room, we know the design choices can seem overwhelming. When you begin your research, you will be faced with so many options that it can be hard to figure out what you really want. Well, we want to help. We have gathered 55 master bedroom design ideas for you to look through. See if you can get some ideas.

Breathtaking Master Bedroom Designs

1. Wood Panel Wall

The wood panel wall makes the perfect back drop to this room. Surrounded by windows that allow wonderful natural light, this room is grand and stylish.

2. White and Pastel Blue

This room is beautiful because it makes use of white and a pastel blue for a full bright effect. It is a cheerful and welcoming look.

3. Great Hardwood Blends

From the weathered style hardwood floor to the matching table, this room has an open luxurious style. The decor is simple and it matches the room.

4. Beach Style Room

This room perfectly captures the beach look. With light colors, a woven style bed frame, and plenty of natural light, you will love coming here at the end of a long day.

5. Modern Mix

This master bedroom makes use of a contemporary design blend, matching the adjoining bathroom perfectly.

6. Plenty of Shelf Space

When you have things that you want on display, whether it is books, movies, or your music collection, you can do it with a design like this one.

7. Upward Office

Don’t ever think you’re short on space. If you are struggling to find somewhere to get your work done, you can build upward.

8. Modern Luxury

This master bedroom makes use of a wonderful color scheme. With a mix of light to dark colors, they all blend together to make a beautiful space.

9. Entertainment and Relaxation

At the end of a long day, you will love nothing better than coming home and kicking back in your four post bed. Click on the television and catch up on the day’s shows.

10. Seafoam Green

The hardwood in this room is beautifully stained green and it uses matching decor. With plenty of natural light to show off the brilliance of this space, you will be pleased with a design like this.

11. Great Color Use

Nothing brightens up a room and adds character like a little color and some great designs. This carpet brings the design brilliance and the blue cushions stand out.

12. Calm Colors

This master bedroom gives off a calming sense of style with its use of color. The headboard is a darker teal, making it stand out well in the room.

13. Comfortably Lit Shelving

The lighting that is built into this shelving will show off your decor and give you light to read by at night. During the day, these windows will let in plenty of natural light.

14. Grand and Elegant

This master bedroom is meant for a king and queen. With a grand design behind this bed, it is lit to show off the elegance of the space.

15. Pitched Wooden Ceiling

The hardwood on this ceiling takes on a classic weathered look and really gives this room character. With light furniture and white carpet over the darker hardwood floor, this room has wonderful contrasts.

16. Creative Decor and Designs

The lighter designs and decor used around this room really give it a lively sense of style. The light fixture draws the eye upward, but the leafy artwork brings them back.

17. Rustic Contemporary

If you never thought of the words rustic and modern being used together, you haven’t seen this room. The light fixture has a timeless style and blends well with the modern furniture.

18. Contemporary Gray

This room uses a great design layout with room for an office space. After a hard day of work, you can lay back and watch the television.

19. Soft and Bright

This bed has such a light style. With subtle use of gray, starting with the wood and touched on by the pillows, you will love sleeping here every night.

20. Minimal and Beautiful

This room takes a wonderful contemporary minimalist style and makes it work. From the hardwood blends to the simple artwork, this space is uncluttered and fantastic.

21. Elegant Island Style

If you want a tropical island style, but don”t want to go overboard, here is how to do it. With a wonderful hardwood floor, great decor, and a luxurious bed, you will be right at home.

22. Upscale and Open

This open bedroom designs around these wonderful exposed hardwood beams and does it well. With a large mirror and luxurious furniture, this is a grand space.

23. Creative Decor

You can re-purpose all kinds of items and turn them into great furniture. The lamp in this room used to be a tripod, but now it simply looks great in the bedroom.

24. Fantastic Darker Walls

While most bedrooms make use of lighter walls, don’t be afraid to go dark. This open bedroom has a lighter hardwood floor and brilliantly matches it with its decor and wall color choice.

25. Rustic Upscale Cabin

For a rustic feel, always make use of hardwood and stone when you have it. Both work together to create a wonderful and desirable rustic style.

26. Great Furniture Choices

Starting with the hardwood floor, this space makes the right choice in going to lighter colors. Balanced perfectly with the wooden chest of drawers, this bedroom is stylish and well lit.

27. Warm and Unique

This master bedroom will keep you relaxed at all times. With a wonderful and unique fireplace to keep you warm, you can kick back in the chair or on the couch before going to bed.

28. Sophisticated Simplicity

The darker styles used in this room, starting with the hardwood floor and moving to the wall and decor, really give the space a sophisticated look.

29. Designed Brilliance

Traditional elegance is the best way to describe this room. With a wonderful wallpaper design, the furniture and bed match it perfectly.

30. All Connected

With this master bedroom, the master bathroom comes right along with it. Everything is connected in a beautiful way. The space is calmly lit for a relaxing environment.

31. Photo Art Decor

This master bedroom has a wonderful and light color scheme and works well with minimal decor. The artwork used on the wall does a good job at bringing the space together.

32. Contemporary Design Blend

Instead of being separated by a traditional wall, this master bedroom and master bath are connected by glass. The whole space features contemporary design styles that work well together.

33. Creative with Color

Make your master bedroom match your personality. This room uses a great blend of color that is matched by the creative decor.

34. Shining with Elegance

Whether it is being lit fromthe abundance of natural light or not, this space is shining with grandeur. From the furniture to the color choices, this room is elegance at its best.

35. Unique Lighting

There is nothing wrong with getting creative with your style. This unique light fixture shines a room that makes use of a darker color blend and looks great for it.

36. Antique Style

There is something about this master bedroom that reminds you of a quiet European villa home. With wonderful and timeless hardwood design, this space has a fantastic look.

37. Slide Open and Expand

Connected to this master bedroom, and only a sliding door away, is a wonderful living space. With creative decor, like these spotlight lamps, you can see creativity at work.

38. Cathedral Grandeur

With a cathedral style pitched ceiling, this bedroom has an open feeling. With a wonderful arched doorway leading outside, you can have fresh air any time.

39. Dark Hardwood Exposure

You really can’t go wrong when you have this much dark hardwood available to design around. The furniture and the decor in this room perfectly capture the essence of warm character.

40. Elegant and Modern

This elegant master bedroom has a modern style that makes use of a light to dark color blend. From white to grays, this space really has a great style.

41. Natural Light Shine

Wrapping around this room are great windows that let the natural light shine in. With an eclectic yet timeless decor style to show off, you will always be comfortable here.

42. Ultimate Space Saver

43. Ultimate Cabin Luxury

Great choices were made to paint this room in contrasting colors. It allows for a wider range of decor to be used. With a great blend of dark furniture and decor, this room has serious character.

44. Open to the Outside

There is not much better than having a master bedroom that has a door to the outside. You can come and go without having to go through the rest of the house.

45. Hardwood Wall Welcome

Just one wall is true hardwood style and it looks great. It catches the eye and is not overbearing. With great cubbies as the bedside tables, this space uses simplicity well.

46. Complete Wall View

Who needs a wall here when you can have a window that opens to the outside. With an amazing view, nothing should obstruct it.

47. No Wasted Space

Sometimes people don’t make good use of the upper area of their house, but this bedroom makes great use of it. With wonderful use of blue and great light shining in from above, this is a space to show off.

48. The Rafters Work

Having rafters isn’t a bad thing. They look great and give you something to design around. The hardwood floor and this darker end couch really make a great contrast to the lighter colors of the room.

49. Lower the Bed

Having a bed that sits lower to the floor really can look great. This room is designed to have an easy going sense of style, and opens right up to the outside deck area.

50. Light and Dark Combo

This traditional and open bedroom makes great use of a black and white balance, going so far as having split personality chairs.

51. Symmetry Works Best

Both sides of this bed have the same shelf space and feature great space saving bedside tables that slide out when you need them.

52. Abstract Art Style

The great wallpaper design used behind this bed is matched by the abstract artwork that really adds character to this room.

53. Exposed Brick Comfort

The bed is at an angle and the corner features exposed brick. It all looks great sitting on top of the hardwood floor. Natural light shines in to show everything off.

54. Wide Open and Fresh

This room opens completely to the outside. Anytime you want fresh air, or simply want to get out to the deck area and relax, you can.

55. Sleek and Comfortable

This bedroom is calm and traditional. Featuring a great design in on the wall behind the bed, this space is comfortable and relaxing.
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