19 Wonderful Walk-In Closet Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 1, 2022

Walk in and have plenty of space to get yourself ready for the day. Come on, we know you’ve wanted a walk-in closet. A room that lets you display all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories so there is no confusion to start the day. Space to move around as you get ready.

The question is, what kind of walk-in closet do you want? What designs will suit you? Everyone has different tastes, but you want to make sure you get the closet you deserve.

No matter your budget, you can find ideas that will work. Don’t think you have the space for a walk-in? Maybe you do. If you are thinking seriously about walk-in closets, we want to help. Look below and you will find 19 great ideas for walk-ins. Some of them may be similar to what you’ve seen before, but some of them may inspire you to think outside the box. Take a look and borrow some ideas.

Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

1. A Room In Itself

Design your walk-in closet the way you want to. This one uses great artwork and decor to spice it up. Colors work anywhere.

2. Grand Walkway

Walk down this hallway style walk-in closet and surround yourself with style. Built for elegance, this closet is able to handle all your needs.

3. Bright and Ready

With great lighting and the use of light beige carpet to bring the space to life, this walk-in closet is great for anyone.

4. Blue Delight

The use of blues with this fantastic hardwood floor works to add some character to this walk-in. Take a seat by the mirror while you decide what to wear.

5. Slide the Shoes Please

Create more space by having roll out compartments. Look at how organized this design keeps all these shoes. You can have this too.

6. Dark Elegance

Using dark hardwood designs brings a certain seriousness to a space. This walk-in is both ready for business and elegant.

7. Supreme Readiness

Kick back on this seat while you look around this spacious closet and decide what the day will bring.

8. Carpeted Style

This silver carpet style blends well with this closet. All of this space is available for you to fill with your clothes and accessories.

9. Keep it all Ready

Whether it’s your shoes, clothes, or jewelry, you will find space for it all in this great walk-in closet.

10. Classy Hardwood Style

With this great patterned carpet overlaying the hardwood floor and matching the rest of the closet, this space is handsome and elegant. You will find it has room for everything you need.

11. By the Window

This walk-in closet features a window so you can check out your wardrobe in the natural light provided. This fantastic rug has a great pattern to match the room.

12. Compartments for All

Don’t ever worry about organization inside of a drawer. You can make compartments that will fit everything you could possibly have in your wardrobe.

13. Brilliant Designs

From the great wood carvings to the wallpaper, this walk-in has style that will leave you in awe. Closets certainly don’t have to be boring.

14. Color Splash

Something as simple as colored upholstery can make a room livelier. This purple topped seat make a statement.

15. A Glossy Effect

Not all hardwood floors are the same. This one is glossy and reflects the brilliance of this walk-in. You will never run out of space with a design like this.

16. Closet Anywhere

Don’t worry about wasting space in a house again. This walk-in closet makes use of every inch of usable space in this house. The exposed hardwood beams are a great built-in design bonus.

17. Reflecting Elegance

The front of these drawers reflects the light that shines into this closet. This walk-in features great lighting no matter what time of day it is.

18. Ready for Business

A businessman will certainly be happy with this walk-in. From his head to his feet, this room is designed to take care of it all.

19. Shine in Style

Whether it is from these great lights or from the window to the outside, this walk-in will give you plenty of light to match the abundance of space it has.

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  1. Closet 6’×6′ and 9ft tall- how to get the most storage? Can you send me a drawing or something

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