36 Awe-Inspiring Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

Get ready to be amazed at these stunning living rooms with their amazing color schemes, gorgeous furniture and more. There’s something to inspire everyone in this beautiful set of images and you’re bound to find something that will give you ideas for your own living room.

Creating a space where you can relax with friends and family and just enjoy life is important in any home. For some, this is a home office, bedroom or even the kitchen, but for most people, it’s the living room that receives this kind of attention. Details matter, so pay close attention to the decor, lighting and everything else you put into the room to make it feel like home.

The following 36 living rooms will give you plenty of inspiration.

Awe-Inspiring Living Room Designs

1. Dark Art

Hang a dark piece of art in your light and bright living room to give it some contrast.

2. Circle Art Miror

Add a fun mirror to your living room mantel surrounded by an artistic frame that really makes it stand out.

3. Sculpture Chairs

Everyone will want to try these neat looking sculpture chairs out when they arrive in this living room.

4. Living Room Cupboards

If you don’t have much storage space, these built-in cupboards with seats will give you plenty of room to store things.

5. Stove Within a Fireplace

In older homes, fireplaces don’t always work so well, but a simple stove put inside the fireplace lets you continue to enjoy it.

6. Dark Gray Paint

This living room feels close and cozy because of the dark paint used on the walls and ceiling.

7. Tan Paradise

Tan walls and shelves make this room feel open and light, while offering plenty of space to show off your collectibles.

8. Tiny Art

When your art doesn’t go together well, shrink it down and put it in the same size frames with a mat to create a wall of unique art.

9. Comfy Leather Armchairs

These classic armchairs made of brown leather are a classic feature in living rooms and they make it feel like home.

10. Yellow Stripes

Delicate yellow striped valences hang in these windows, giving them a finished feel.

11. Black Framed Fireplace

Set your fireplace apart by adding a beautiful black frame around it to create a delightful contrast.

12. Country Style Armchairs

In this rustic living room, it makes sense to have armchairs that look lived in, like this leather armchair that is right at home.

13. Car Art

Regular art has no place in a room like this, where an actual car is mounted on the wall as art.

14. Gray Patterned Rug

Visual texture is just as important as actual texture and this carpet gives the eye something to rest on.

15. Black Room

What saves this black room from being depressing is the sheer amount of light being used in the shelves.

16. Beaded Chandelier

Elegance is the only way to describe the feeling in this room and it’s all summed up in the beautifully beaded chandelier.

17. Spike Light

Sometimes the simplest details are the perfect touch, like this light fixture with bulbs at the end of long spikes.

18. Mandala Art

Calm yourself and any visitors to your home with a large mandala art hung on the wall above the sofa.

19. Twisted Stairs

While this tiny living room is beautiful, it’s the twisted staircase beside it that really captures the attention.

20. Corner Apartment

Corner apartments with odd angles make it a challenge to decorate, but this living room manages beautifully.

21. Black and Gray

From sofa to pillows, this living features plenty of black and gray, with a smattering of yellow for an accent.

22. Globe Lights

This living room feels like an outdoor courtyard with open spaces and glass globe lights hanging from above.

23. Leather Sofas

Two oversized leather sofas make this living room extra comfortable, particularly when placed before a roaring fire.

24. Bold Art

Art pieces flank this elegant fireplace, lending some color to the space and drawing the eye to the far end of the room.

25. Wooden Ceiling

You can’t help but look up in this stunning living room, with the peaked wooden ceiling above.

26. Giant Plant

You can’t miss this huge green plant when you come into this living room. It adds personality and fresh greenery.

27. China Collection

Display your fine china in shelves that separate living room from kitchen and put them on display in both spaces.

28. Polka Dot Glass

The patio glass in this fun living area is frosted with clear bubbles or polka dots giving you a way to peek outdoors.

29. Simple Table

This room keeps things simple, from the furniture to the floor, but this little table catches everyone’s eye.

30. Old Fireplace

When restoring a home, sometimes it’s a good idea to leave the old fireplace in the living room.

31. Enormous Wooden Table

The massive coffee table in this living room nearly takes up all the space in the tiny room, giving you plenty of table top.

32. Wood and Metal Stairs

The wood and metal staircase shown here is perfectly in tune with the rest of the airy space.

33. Mounted Art

Small panels of color, mounted on a back brace of metal, serves as a unique art piece to display in your living room.

34. Hanging Stairs

The staircase to one side of this spectacular room appear to be hanging from above, via lines that dangle from the ceiling.

35. Old Brick Decor

Leave a section of old brick wall as you renovate your home and you’ll have the perfect feature wall for your living room.

36. Storage Drawers

Never run out of space to store things with this gorgeous, antique cabinet set up to hold your treasures while looking good.