Best Thin Waffle Maker – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Up for some mouthwatering waffles? What if we tell you, you don’t have to stand in long queues or wait for the yummy and delectable delights anymore! With a nice, reliable and quality waffle maker at home, you can make these tasty waffles, your weekend specials, every week or literally every day!

If you are like most people, you really wouldn’t know what a good waffle maker is and which attributes to look for when thinking of buying one. Take a look at our list of some super waffle making wonders and bring one home today!

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Thin Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker makes extra crispy and delicious waffles. There is a recipe book included in the package that gives you a range of toppings to try that go with your delicious waffles. There are five distinct setting controls to select the browning of the waffles from a range of light to golden brown. Plus the unit is safe to use with the lid locking in during the baking process.

Then the Euro Cuisine WM520 Eco-Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker is a perfect waffle maker for the complete family. Heart shaped waffle making just got easier with the heart shaped non-stick mold in this one that produces five heart shaped waffles at a time that barely take about five minutes to bake. The temperature control allows you to control and customize the crispiness of your waffles so everyone will fall in love with your waffles.

Next one in line is the ZZ WF330 10 in 1 Heart Waffle Maker. This bakes ten delicious and mouth-watering waffles in just five minutes. The LED indicates the baking time so your waffles bake accurately and well. The baking plates are non-stick and scratch resistant. Overall the waffle maker is really easy to use, operate and clean. There is a temperature control to select your preferred level of cooking.

If you are looking for a multi purpose waffle maker the BLACK+DECKER G48TD 3-in-1 Waffle Maker just for you. This one allows you to cook, griddle and bake waffles on the go. The baking plates are removable and non-stick, that makes cleaning and changing them rather easy and quick. You can cook four waffles at a time and roast up to eight sandwiches for breakfast to serve everyone and sit down to eat them all together with your family.

Finally, the Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker is the ultimate waffle maker that is not only compact and stylish but also very affordable. The waffle maker makes rich, tasty and deliciously crispy or fluffy waffles. The plates are non-stick and easy to clean and the adjustable temperature allows you to control and customize the taste and shade of your waffles as per your liking.

2018’s Reviews of the Best Thin Waffle Maker




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5.2 x 10.8 x 8.5​

Are you craving for waffles? Well, say hello to your waffle making expert, the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker that features five distinct settings to control the crispiness of your waffle from golden brown to golden light.

The Cuisinart Classic Waffle Maker comes with non-stick baking plates that prevent your waffle from sticking onto and over the edges. Plus there are rubber feet underneath the waffle maker that prevent the unit from slipping over the surface. For safety purposes, the waffle lid cap is locked and therefore the lid will not open during the baking process. Moreover, the cord wraps under unit so it takes up lesser space. You can easily place your waffle maker within your reach and convenience.

About the waffles, the Cuisinart bakes the waffles in round shape with four slices divided evenly from each side making them not only just delicious but just amazing in looks. Your waffles are great, mouthwatering and rich always with the Cuisinart. The cover of the Waffle Maker is made of stainless steel that gives you a clean, elegant, sleek and stylish look.

There are two colors available for this model that is silver and red. The waffle maker weighs four pounds and it comes with three years of international warranty along with some special waffle making recipes.


  • Compact and Stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Five customized browning control setting
  • Safety lid lock


  • Non-removable non-stick baking plates
  • Uneven cooking of waffles in the four quadrants

Set aside all the hatred or arguments with these heart shaped waffles. Do you wish to share our lovely heart shaped waffles with your loved ones?

The Euro Cuisine WM520 Waffle Maker brings you a friendly heart shaped mouth-watering waffle maker that features an 8-inch heart shaped waffle making mold with a non-stick ceramic coating. You can now make five heart shaped waffles at a time instantly baked and ready within 5 minutes and you can show your love to your loved ones.

The temperature control allows you to customize the shade of your waffles batter that not only makes the waffles delicious but the adjustable setting also lets you decide the accuracy to cook the best heart shaped waffles in your neighbourhood. PTFE and PFOA coating makes Euro Cuisine not just safe for the environment but for your health as well.

The Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker has the chrome exterior that makes it rather robust and sturdy. The overall design is Italian Inspired and the Waffle Maker is quite affordable and reliable. It hardly takes about five minutes to bake the waffles and the non-stick plates are really easy to clean. Just spray water over the baking plates and clean them using a soft cloth.


  • PTFE and PFOA for health safety
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-stick non-removable plates
  • Robust, steady and affordable


  • Uneven baking
  • Non-stick coating chipping off

Celebrate your holidays, Christmas Eves or Valentine’s Days with your family and loved ones with the ZZ WF330 Heart Shaped Waffle Maker! This one lets you bake 10 heart shaped delicious crispy waffles at a time. The waffles are quite easy to cut through and they hardly take 5 minutes to completely bake.

The LED indicator of the ZZ WF330 Heart Shaped Waffle tells you the precise cooking time so that your waffles do not ever get overcooked and always taste delicious.  The temperature control allows you to choose the type of waffle you like be it fluffy or crispy or even somewhere in between keeping them always full of love and perfect for the good times

It is very easy to clean too as the baking plates are non-stick and scratch resistant. This also makes them safe while cooking. The power cord wraps right under the base of the Waffle Maker and you can make it stand vertically so it takes up the minimal space and you can keep it anywhere with ease.

The ZZ WF330 is really easy to operate and use. The top cover is made up of stainless steel with a touch handle and lock. If you want to make Norwegian style waffles this ZZF330 Waffle Maker is the ultimate waffle maker for you, weighing only 7 pounds.


  • Bakes ten waffles at a time
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-stick non-removable plates
  • Compact and Elegant


  • Uneven baking
  • No buzzing tone

Are you looking for a toaster, sandwich maker, and grill? The Black + Decker g48TD is a 3 in 1 Waffle Maker that is the latest in the markets and gives you all three functions in one that is, the waffle maker, grill, and griddle.

Now you can easily toast your sandwiches, fry up eggs or steak and make large crispy or fluffy waffles right away. The plates are easily removable and are made up of non-stick material that makes them very easy to clean. Plus, these are made from the quality material that makes these lasting and durable enough to handle almost any meal you desire to cook.

So whether it’s breakfast time, lunch, dinner time or anytime during the night this multi-purpose Waffle Maker has everything. There’s a variable temperature control to assist you in maintaining the perfect temperature for baking and cooking and it also allows you to bake four waffles and cook eight eggs or sandwiches each placed on an 8-inch non-stick baking plate.

The plates are interchangeable and they are held together with metal hinges making this waffle maker very easy and safe for use. The cord wraps around the hinge and you can place it vertically for compact storage. This waffle maker weighs 7.5 pounds making it easy to move from the counter to cupboard. So, why wait? Order this all-in-one beauty today!


  • Multi-purpose grill, griddle, and waffle maker
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-stick, reversible and removable plates
  • Sleek and compact


  • Flimsy and distorted
  • Loose base plates and not very durable

Indulge yourself in the experience of fresh and deliciously cooked homemade Waffles. Oster is a Belgian Waffle Maker that is not only affordable but also makes perfectly cooked 8-inch large waffles so that you can bake over and over again to your heart’s pleasure.

The adjustable temperature allows you to control your waffle’s taste and it is also compatible with multiple types of batters. There are LED lights that tell you when the waffle maker is powered on and ready to bake. The stainless steel body makes Oster Waffle Maker durable, and resistant to wear and tear and rust.

You can easily get the waffles out when done without any of the batter sticking to it. Plus cleaning is quite simple and easy as well. The Oster Waffle Maker is simple compact and easy to use with straight forward instructions included in the box.

The As a safety measure, the touch handles stay cool to prevent burns and other accidents.

Overall the Waffle Maker weighs about 3.3 pounds and it looks neat, sturdy and stylish. You can also store it vertically to save space on your shelf. Go ahead and immerse yourself into the Belgian crispy waffles like you never had before, right at home!


  • Produces four Belgian waffles at a time
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non-stick and non-removable plates
  • Sleek and compact


  • Gets very hot
  • Does not cook evenly

Features to Look for in a Waffle Maker

Shape of the Waffles

Then the shape of the waffle may be an important consideration for many. You usually get the round or square shapes, but you will also find these in many other shapes. Triangular, Heart shaped and other unique shapes make these waffles more attractive and fun.

The Size

Waffle makers are available in various sizes. Depending on the type and serving of the waffles you are planning to make you can select the waffle maker by looking at the size of the grid. Other things to consider before the purchase include the counter space you have and the storage for keeping the unit.

Usually, these waffle makers are not really small. So you will have to look up some space in the cabinets or anywhere in the kitchen to keep these when not in use.

The Surface

Traditional waffle makers were not non-stick and hence cleaning and maintenance was not quite easy. The batter had more chances to sticking to the surface and getting it all out was one major problem. The latest waffle makers have a non-stick interior and hence, are quite easy to maintain.

However, you must always take care of the grid. Make sure it never comes in contact with the steel utensils as it may damage the non-stick layer. Also, in order to ensure that the batter never sticks, spray a thin layer of oil before pouring your batter onto the grid.

The Number of Waffles

If you have a couple of waffle lovers at home, you should try to look for one that can produce more than one waffle at a time. Many of the waffle makers can only make one waffle and you have to wait till it's completely done to make the second one. That may be great for a single or two persons, but if you have a house full of waffle lovers, that may not be a great choice.

The process of making more than one waffle is quite simple. There’s a single grid for these too, only it is larger and has certain cutting lines. So you just have to cut along the lines once done and serve them. Some of the latest versions even have different compartments for making two or more waffles at a time. This makes the job even easier and faster.

Thick or Thin?

Depending on your preference, you may either be fond of the thin waffles or the thick deep crust ones. The waffle makers for both types are different. For the thin waffles, we have the shallow grids whereas the grids for the thick waffles are deeper.

Indicating Lights

How would you ever know if your waffle is ready or not? Since the grids are closed, there’s no way to even take a look at the waffle. So many of the best models come with indicator lights that tell you just when it’s ready to be served.

Analogue Vs. Digital

While you will find that most of the older versions had the analog controls and knobs for the settings. However, in this age when everything is being digitized, the digital versions have been introduced to the markets.

These digital models are very precise and you will always end up with balanced and well-cooked waffles.


Just like the toast, people have different preferences when it comes to the waffles. Some like it light brown, some love the darker tones, some like it fluffy while others prefer the crispier ones. So to cater to the unique tastes the manufacturers have incorporated the waffle makers with adjustable thermostats.

This actually lets the user decide and preset the temperature to make the waffles as per his/her preference.


Nowadays you will find many of the waffle makers are insulated. This keeps the exterior of the maker cool to the touch and safe. However, if you buy a non-insulated type, be sure the keep a pair of kitchen mittens handy.

These waffle makers can get really hot and if not handled well may cause burns. So we recommend the insulated latest versions for the convenience and safety.


You will find that the price band for the waffle makers reaches a low point of $ 20 and goes as high as $ 100. If you have the budget, you can go for the premium quality ones. These are also more suited for a commercial setting.

But for home usage, you can get many of the reliable models at quite less price.

The Design

While it is not one of the major considerations, many people may still be concerned about the aesthetics of the waffle maker they intend to buy. You will find these in an array of colors, styles, and sizes. The stainless steel waffle makers are considered a safe choice by many; especially if you are more concerned about the color coordination in your kitchen.

Plus as we discussed there are different styles, shapes, and sizes as well. You can select one according to your liking with ease.

Other Features

  • Drip tray
  • Multipurpose waffle makers
  • Recipe books


Waffle makers are heaven for the waffle lovers. They are not just convenient and provide a quick and easy breakfast or snack, whenever you need but also a favorite amongst kids.

With your very own waffle maker, you can eat these yummy, hot and delightful treats whenever you want and make the whole neighborhood envious!

Happy Waffling!

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