20 Breathtaking Family Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

A home is more than furniture, pillows, and curtains — it is more like your very own temple, or a way of an escapism for your visitors to take in the beauty around them. As a temple, you fill it with things that matters and you hold dear to you, like your favorite books, memorabilia, and even expensive artworks.

Not only you impart some of your personality to your home, it also helps make it visually appealing and inspiring. The array of what you can display is boundless. The only limit is how many shelves, ledges, and cabinets you have.

Furniture, along with the right furnishings, also plays an important element in beautifying your sanctuary. A well-selected sectional sofa, set of armchairs, and even accent chairs help create the feeling of living at large and instantly transform your home into a stylish getaway, perfect for that long overdue home staycation.

Once you have decided on the perfect spot and layout to place all your furniture, all that’s left to do is just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.Read on for our stylish room picks that will give you inspiration, ideas, and tips on how to create your very own mecca.

Read on for our stylish room picks that will give you inspiration, ideas, and tips on how to create your very own mecca.

Breathtaking Ideas For Your Family Room

1. Kitchen Superstar

Be the star of your own gathering in this dramatic Kitchen and Dining Combo. The black marble kitchen countertop doubles as bar to entertain your guest sitting comfortably in the fabric covered sofa and armchairs, both in light gray fabric.

2. Boulder And Bolder

Make a bold statement by combining large brick pattern and a sleek floor-to-ceiling height windows. Place a Persian carpet on top of a gray flooring and you got yourself a winning combination.

3. Let The Sunshine In

Soak in the morning sun all day long anywhere in this open floor plan dweling. Let Mr Sunshine be your everyday welcomed companion.

4. Blue and Ladder

You can stand in the cold until you turn blue but this lovely home uses the color as an accent to an already warm palette of wooden floors, white wall and wainscot ceiling.

5. Bar Level

Bring your game face on in this spacious game room that features a foosball, a round, satellite high table and a pair of comfortable lounging chairs with a metal mobile kart.

6. Up To The Ceiling

To emphasize an already tall window, hang a floor-to-ceiling height curtain and add sticker frosting to the glass window. The curtain frames the view and the frosted sticker filters the light that shines through.

7. Twilight Ending

Watch the world change its colors in a room filled with tall glass windows, some fashionable and comfortable Art Deco furniture, and a romantic movie by the fireplace.

8. The Right Passage

Add more interest in your home and at the same time nurture your brain by having a bookshelf within reach near this delectable blue sofa and by the corridors.

9. Book To Cook

Speaking of books, one sure way to up your game in the cooking department is to have a collection of recipes and baking DVDs proudly displayed while you’re watching the Cooking Channel from the kitchen.

10. Splash Of Color

Liven up your stark white space by boldly covering your furniture, pillows and curtains in contrasting bright fabrics like aqua marine and electric orange. Easily change color when winter comes right back in.

11. Opposite Colors

One sure way to emphasize contrast is through the use of colors. Here, a deep blue tufted long sofa is paired with a tan leather armchair to create a harmonious color combination that shares the spotlight with a sleek, elevated fire place.

12. Book and Booze

You can rarely find a person that has their mini bar and books displayed oh so proudly out in the open. And when you do, that person is a sure keeper.

13. Musically Inclined

Picture yourself with couple of audience sitting by the fireplace while you are playing the blues in the piano in this coincidentally blue and white musical room with picturesque bay windows.

14. Solid Coffee Table

Match your already bulky and protruding fireplace with a center piece and surround it with soft and delectable armchairs, comfy upholstered sofas, some accent pillows and plants.

15. Up In The Air

Hang a custom made, cone-shaped pendant lighting covered in fabric and suspended from a metal rod to cast soft light -day and night- in a high ceiling setup. Its practical and very stylish.

16. Game Night

Invite your friends over for a casual game of pool or watch the playoffs in this exhilarating multi-purpose attic room that features a hardwood floorboards and gabled roofing.

17. Picture Of Perfection

Spice up your den or just any place in the house by featuring a mini black and white gallery that showcase some of your favorite photos and sketches. Add in a gold side table and some pink cushions for that undeniably feminine touch.

18. The Wonder Marble

Break the white cycle by incorporating multiple textures and finishes in your kitchens, such as a white synthetic countertop, marble facade, high gloss cabinet doors, and white plastic bar chairs.

19. Little Bistro

Feel the romance of Paris in your very own home by placing tiffany blue painted wooden chairs against a tiffany blue painted wall, round dining table covered in a flowery table cloth and some piano music on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

20. Blurred Lines

A custom made coffee table in a combination of various species of wood is the supporting actress to this contemporary take of a countryside lodge led by the stone cladded fireplace tied with an artisan pink carpet.

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  1. Beautiful rooms, lots of books but very few lamps that one could actually use to read by. Not designed with readers in mind which is my starting point when putting a room together. We read everywhere so well-placed lamps with enough wattage to read by are important.

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