38 Attractive Contemporary Bedroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Bedrooms are your area to relax. They are where you start and end your days. Why shouldn’t you make our bedroom into a space you absolutely love? What kind of space are you interested in? Do you want classic or contemporary? If it is contemporary and modern you are looking for, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’re going to show you 38 contemporary ideas for your bedrooms. Whether you are looking for modern designs that save space or trying to upgrade an older area to give it a newer feel, you will find some idea below.

In the following images, you will see blends of color that bring out the life of the room and you will learn ways to bring texture to a room. There are ideas for work spaces as well as rooms you can completely relax in. Take a look and see if anything here interests you.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Fold Down Bed

If you need a way to save space in your bedroom, this space shows you how. When folded up you have a good area complete with a couch. Folded down, you have a bed ready.

2. Modern Grays

This master bedroom uses a blend of grays to add a coolness to this contemporary design. From the artwork to the television, this room sparks with modern life.

3. White Backdrop

The white walls and light hardwood floor in this room work together to make the colors and plant decor come to life.

4. Bold Decor

The floating dark hardwood bedside tables feature mirrors that reflect the natural light in this room to show off the bold color scheme.

5. Modern Island Style

A blend of contemporary art and classic furniture bring this room together. Open up to the outside and enjoy the fresh air.

6. Simple and Modern

This little bedside table is perfect for a space that already bounces with life. The color and lighting in this room make it welcoming.

7. Twilight Comes Inside

This wooden design brings the feeling of a luxury mountain cabin and is lit with contemporary lighting for a sense of the stars being inside.

8. Minimal and White

A bedroom doesn’t need to have overwhelming decor and this space proves it. With simple white designs blended with hardwood, this bedroom is minimalist at its best.

9. Simple Wooden Furniture

This wooden furniture is simple and stylish. It fits the tone of this room and blends with the modernist artwork on the wall.

10. Rustic Reminder

This hardwood rustic wall brings a certain cabin home kind of character to this master bedroom.

11. Comfortable FIt

You don’t need a whole bunch of space to have a graceful bedroom. This one uses great natural light to bring out the best of the black and white theme.

12. Blue Wall Stand Out

The hardwood featured in this bedroom would have been enough to complete it, but the bold use of this dark blue wall really puts on the finishing touches.

13. Natural Elegance

This classy chandelier and the clear lamps are great features to show off the natural light that shines into this space.

14. By the Window

You will enjoy the comfort of the light shining in while you relax on this bed. This bedroom space is so cozy that you won’t want to leave.

15. Functional and Colorful

With a place to work from and store your books and decor, this bedroom will serve a purpose. Whether you need to work or relax, you can do it here.

16. New Age Blend

The abstract artwork on the wall sets off this bedroom that uses geometric patterns and a splash of color for life.

17. Elegant and Full of Light

This master bedroom is filled with contemporary elegance and is bathed in natural light from windows on all sides of the room.

18. Antique Style

This master bedroom is made graceful by the use of antique style furniture that brings a regal sense of style.

19. A Yellow Splash

Don’t underestimate what a little bit of color can bring to a bedroom. The yellow used here really makes the space pop with life.

20. Simple and Useful

A wooden headboard and a simple bedside table. A little bit of light to read by and you have yourself a great space.


22. Unique Mosaic

A black and blue, multi-dimensional mosaic behind this bed brings a great contemporary style to this bedroom.

23. Clear and Simple

This clear bedside table does its job without getting in the way. It’s sleek and blends in nicely with these modern surroundings.

24. Mint Shades

The walls of this master bedroom give off shades of mint green for a subtle calming effect. Blended with a rustic bed frame and great decor, this room is simply beautiful.

25. Sea Foam Green

The hints of sea foam green used in this bedroom make sense when combined with the re-purposed paddle used for decor.

26. Checkered Wall

This checkered wooden wall adds great texture to this bedroom. The floating bedside table completes the contemporary vibe.

27. Light Hardwood Floor

It all begins with the hardwood floor in this room. It is a washed light color blends with the white contemporary decor of the room.

28. Bathed in Natural Light

This bedroom uses lighter colors that really stand out with the natural light that is allowed to shine in through the windows and doors.

29. Blue Patterns

Great patterns are used for these curtains and throughout the room the blue brings the space to life. Natural light spills in to shine on the bedroom.

30. Open to the Outside

This classy space comes to life by opening the doors to the outside deck. Open and let the fresh air in or relax on the outdoor chairs.

31. Raised Ceiling

This raised white ceiling makes this bedroom seem even more spacious. With great light from the outside shining in, you will always feel alive in this bedroom.

32. Gray and White

What a great contemporary blend of gray and white used in this bedroom. Perfectly decorated with simple plant life, this room is bathed with light from the outside.

33. Spacious Living

You have all the room you need in this space. Whether you want to go to the outside patio or get some work done, you will have this luxurious bed nearby when you are finished.

34. New and Blue

A classic design and style mixed with contemporary decoration, this room is bathed in a lively aqua blue.

35. Simple Blue and White Design

Minimal and simple. This bedroom uses two colors to blend with the light hardwood floor. The minimalist approach makes the space seem spacious.

36. A Country Window

This bedroom captures a classic country design with the bench by the window. The natural light spills into this space that is beautifully decorated.

37. A Regal Cabin Style

This bedroom brings a rustic cabin sense to the forefront and blends it with elegant and graceful patterns and colors.

38. Handsome and Modern

This master bedroom uses a great blend of earth and fall colors to bring out a bold style graced with contemporary art.
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