52 Craftsman Kitchen Designs and Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Designing your kitchen is important and we know that. We want to help you get it right.

Below, we have gathered over 50 craftsman kitchen designs and ideas for you to look through. You will see just how many options you have with this style. We have some great contemporary designs, as well as some more traditional and classic ones. We also show you some storage ideas that will amaze you.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one, your options can seem overwhelming. Take some time, calm your mind, and see if any of the options below suit you.

Craftsman Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Built Right In

Without being in the way, this storage fits right into the wall. Simply open up the cabinets when you need something. When they are closed, they look great.

2. Hardwood Perfection

The exposed beams in this kitchen give the space a log cabin sense of style. The hardwood cabinets complement the area perfectly.

3. Problem Solved

Have you ever needed a good place to put some of your larger plates? This drawer solves the problem, easily allowing you to access them when you need to

4. Wonderful Color Blend

The gray toned kitchen blends well with the hardwood floor. With plenty of natural light pouring in, you have a comfortable space to cook and enjoy a meal.

5. Eat-In Option

This kitchen is perfectly suited for this space. The hardwood blends work so well together, and this kitchen island has a wonderful eat-in option.

6. Mid-Century Crafted

This comfortable kitchen has a great tile design behind the stove area that perfectly complements the hardwood. Everything is close by and easily accessible.

7. Great Hardwood Blends

The elegant center island works well in this spacious kitchen. With a great darker tile design behind the stove area, you can sense the style of the room.

8. Light with Life

The lighter styles of the room work great to bring life to the space. The stone style counter tops are the perfect match for the light style of the room.

9. Decor Completion

This kitchen has wonderful shelf space, allowing you to have decor space and storage space. The decor used in this kitchen looks wonderful and perfectly complements the design.

10. Space for Everything

Never worry about kitchen storage space when you have these drawers. Everything you need to store can be kept here and is easily accessible by rolling out the drawers.

11. A Perfect Center

The wonder of this kitchen is how well is connects to the other areas of the house. The center island here has all the cooking space you need and even has a space to store your books.

12. Boldly Crafted Color

The darker green blend used for these cabinets and center island are a perfect combination for this kitchen. The stone floor, the hardwood designs, and the island all work well together.

13. Wonderful Light Fixtures

Sometimes a kitchen needs just one thing to make is great. This kitchen has great light fixtures that give the space a crafted Asian style.

14. Skylight Shines

The skylight in this kitchen lets the natural light shine into this contemporary space. The marble island counter top works perfectly with the stainless steel appliances.

15. Roll Out Help

Don’t spend your time digging around in the drawer shuffling through all of your dishes and cookware trying to find what you need. Keep it all organized and standing upright and easy to access.

16. Plug-In Space

We know how important it is to stay connected. There is nothing worse than seeing your devices run low on the battery. Keep everything charged with a space like this.

17. Classically Designed

This wonderful multi-colored tile blends perfectly with this kitchen. The hardwood and stainless appliances look fantastic together, and the rug is a perfect match.

18. Booth Style Eating

This spacious kitchen is well designed, with plenty of natural light pouring in through the large windows. After you finish cooking, you can bring your meal over to this great booth-style seating.

19. Window Wonder

This modern kitchen uses light colors to blend with the hardwood floor. The large window lets you have plenty of natural light and a great view as you go about your business.

20. Calm Colors

This glossy hardwood floor brings an elegance to this classically designed space. The crafted cabinets look wonderful and there is great lighting underneath them to give a wonderful ambiance.

21. Calm Lighting

Calm, well lit, and classically designed. This kitchen has an L-shaped style that leads right to the dining room. Everything is tied together by the beautiful hardwood floor.

22. Wonderful Design

Curving to match the design of the hallway, this kitchen has a wonderfully connected design. The window lets in a ton of natural light and has a perfect center island that gives you just the space you need.

23. Perfect Plate Storage

This drawer works perfectly to store all of your plates. Notice that you can adjust the space requirements, so if you buy new plates, you are all set.

24. All Around Wonder

Both sides of this center island give you plenty of cooking space. The whole kitchen is centered by the great window that lets the light shine in.

25. Super Center Island

You can gather all of your friends or family around this spectacular center island for a meal or some drinks. The hardwood blends of this room work perfectly together, from the floor to the cabinets.

26. Country Charm

The white tiles used on the walls for this kitchen really work well with the design here. The back drop to the stove and the farm style sink blend with a wonderful design.

27. No Pet Mess

Why have bowls all over the kitchen that you trip over every time you walk in? With these low roll out drawers, you and your pets are all set.

28. Light Earth Tones

The colors used in this kitchen blend perfectly in a vibrant style that goes so well with the fantastic hardwood floor. The natural light looks great, and really makes this space come to life.

29. Charming Farm Style

With a wonderful tile design at work behind the stove and around the kitchen, the blue gray cabinets are a perfect fit with this hardwood floor.

30. Colorful Combinations

This traditionally crafted space looks so great because it blends so many designs together. The counter tops are both light and dark, complementing the light cabinets with the darker island.

31. Coffee Space

Not only does this nook give you the perfect space to make your coffee, but you have somewhere to keep your toaster as well. The wine storage is both stylish and functional.

32. Great Designs

The run used on this kitchen floor blends perfect with the decor around the kitchen. The hardwood styles are like a farm design, matched with this great sink.

33. All Inclusive

When you are finished cooking the meal in this spacious kitchen, you can enjoy eating at this booth style seating.

34. Modern Elegance

The light designs, used both for the cabinets and the tile backdrop, are a perfect match to this hardwood center island and stove hood vent.

35. Bold Functionality

This darker, bolder hardwood style is met with the beautiful exposed beans and classically designed cabinets. The center island is large and functional, giving you all the space you need.

36. Industrial Brick

You can see just how much space you have in this kitchen. The center island is the perfect addition to give you some extra cooking space. The red brick tile backdrop blends perfectly with the hardwood floor.

37. Contemporary Choices

The dark hardwood in this kitchen is wonderfully matched with the black counter tops. The lighting is calming and really highlights the great tile designs.

38. Neat and Organized

This storage area will give you all the space you need to keep everything completely organized. The roll out drawers are a great way to help you spot what you need quickly.

39. Spacious and Clean

The light ash colored hardwood used for the floor is combined with elegant modern decor to create a wonderful effect in this kitchen.

40. Back In The Corner

Maximize kitchen real estate by cleverly utilizing dead corners. Here, an irregular shaped drawers in the corner stores various kitchen stuff.

41. Let It Varnish

Stained wooden kitchen cabinets in natural finish don a stainless kitchen hood and stove, bringing the whole look of this kitchen up to date.

42. Peter Pantry

Impress everyone with your very tidy and organized pantry and spice collection. Tall paneled cupboard in matte white paint opens to reveal an array of tasty ingredients.

43. The Great Divide

Visually divide a space through a clever use of material placement. The backsplash of this kitchen stretch around the kitchen and created an effective linear border of color and texture.

44. Black And Golden

Gold hardware accessories of the cabinets coordinate politely with the gold knobs of an elegant kitchen stove to create a unified and smashingly beautiful kitchen interior.

45. Walk In The Pantry

A hoard of cooking equipment and kitchen supplies are well-organized for easy access in a wood shelving inside this walk-in pantry,

46. Go Draw Glow

Stainless steel division tidies up the different tools and accessories of an otherwise chaotic kitchen drawer.

47. Kitchen Lockers

Hide all your unsightly and bulky kitchen equipment, as well as all your cooking ingredients, all tucked nicely in this locker-style tall kitchen cabinet.

48. Swing Swing

Accordion-style cabinet doors open wide to reveal a cozy and intimate shelving space for your wine and cooking needs.

49. Ode To Modular

White modular shelvings filled this pantry and hold a colorful array of kitchen equipment and refreshments.

50. Slip And Glide

Thin pull out drawer glides in and out to reveal a casual towel holder.

51. Brick Moranis

Gray brick tiles made a splash in the backsplash of this lovely and modern sink. Lighted cabinets with clear glass doors showcase the glassware and the collectible ceramics.

52. Dreaming Of Morocco

Moroccan patterns grace the backsplash of an all-white kitchen interior with glass cabinet doors. So simple, yet very elegant.

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