54 Deck Ideas That Will Leave You Breathless (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Have you ever been to a friend or relatives house and been in awe of the decks they host their parties on? Maybe it’s time you started designing your own outdoor space. We get it, you probably don’t know where to start, but that’s okay. First you need to come up with a great idea that fits your current home or the home you are designing.

No two outdoor decks have to be the same. They come in all types of styles, from the traditional to the new and stylish. Don’t worry if you have a space that seems like an odd fit for a deck. You can find a design that works for you.

Look below for 54 design ideas that are just fantastic. They range from the grand and luxurious to the quaint and relaxing. We know you’ll find something you can use.

Deck Design Ideas

1. Draped Over

With a great drape over style awning, this deck is lit with warm lighting all around.

2. Weathered Wood Style

This deck is a great space to relax. Featuring a weathered look and great furniture to match, you can watch the small city life.

3. Dark Hardwood Luxury

The dark hardwood used to make this deck really blends with the surroundings. With plent of seating and a warm fire pit, you can entertain family and friend here.

4. Beautiful Walk to the Water

This deck extends out beautifully over this lake. You can fish from the end or relax after a long day.

5. Quaint and Relaxed

Relax with a friend or loved on in this great cozy space. Right outside the home, this deck is just the right size.

6. Asian Sensibilities

With the stone benches and the Asian style designs, this deck brings a Zen-like experience to the outside.

7. Indoor Connection

Open up the window and have your guest sit right at the kitchen as you finish a meal or serve some drinks.

8. Light the Stairways

The lighting used on these hardwood stairs brings a calm and relaxing mood to the entire space.

9. Rustic Experience

With a great archway and door built into the stone style wall, this deck has a rustic sense that brings character.

10. Glowing with Relaxation

With calm lighting and a stylish fire pit, this deck features plenty of seating space for your friends and family to sit around.

11. Draped Over Tree

This large space is centered around a stylish tree. The lighting is unique and the drapes bring a sense of a lavish life.

12. Plant Life Decor

The beautiful use of plants around this deck make it a place full of life. The hardwood blends perfectly with the the surroundings.

13. A Great Swing Bench

Have an outdoor meal at the table and afterwards sit and swing on the bench. Enjoy the surrounding nature as you sit and relax.

14. Relax on the Benches

These wooden benches will give you plenty of space to entertain friends around the warm fire pit.

15. Sleek Step Up

With a hand towards elegance, this deck is raised a bit and designed flawlessly. With spaces for your plants, you can make this space your own.

16. Calm Lighting

If you need a place to unwind after a long day, this deck space will help you. With lighting set to calm, this space will leave you relaxed with its wooden surroundings.

17. Blends with the Outdoors

This deck stretches different directions and features multiple designs. Rounded into the garden, come lay here and enjoy the outdoors.

18. High Class Style

Who says that all patios and decks can’t be on the top of the house. This deck merges with the rising landscape for a great place to entertain family and friends.

19. Multi-Purpose Space

Whether you want to simply relax or prepare a meal, you can do it all in this space. Pull up a chair and stay for a while. Everything you need it here.

20. By the Fire

This outdoor space features a complete fireplace. Relax around it with style. All you have to do is throw some firewood in every once and a while.

21. Upscale Picnic

This deck was built right around the tree and is a great space to have a wonderful picnic outdoors.

22. Either In Or Out

This deck is like an extension of the house. Simply open up the space and you will have plenty of room to entertain.

23. Mystic Fire Pit

This fire pit almost makes it look like the fire is dancing on water. With a great stone and rock floor design, this outdoor space is luxurious.

24. Hammock by the Lake

Sling a hammock up and relax by the water. This gorgeous deck has an area for anything you want to do.

25. Contemporary Designs

This deck uses a modern wooden design style to full effect. The stone fire pit is warm and inviting.

26. Grill Time

Fire up the drill while your guests enjoy themselves on this large space. Beautifully attached to this house, this wooden deck is classic and true.

27. Vineyard Ideas

This space will have you thinking of vinyards in Italy with the way the plants are able to grow. This retractable awning will come in handy on sunny days.

28. Outside Dining

Bring the family meal outside and sit at this full table. Enjoy eating while you look at the plant life allowed to grow around this deck.

29. Retractable Awning

Awnings don’t have to be boring. This retractable awning is beautifully designed to blend with its surroundings.

30. Hot Tub Relaxation

Step outside and into the hot tub. Enjoy a fire in the fire pit while you relax in the warm water.

31. Plant Space

With plenty of space to sit back an relax, you can also plant decorative plant life all around for a great scene.

32. Rooftop Time

Just because you are in a city doesn’t mean you can’t have a deck. This space is on the rooftop and has a luxurious design.

33. Window to the Inside

This bar style outdoor seating comes right up to the kitchen inside so you don’t have to miss out on anything.

34. Beautiful Sunspot

Catch some rooftop rays under the umbrella as you relax here. Featuring a raised wooden deck over the stone, you will have plenty of space for fun.

35. Look Over the Water

This is a great space to enjoy a meal or some drinks outdoors as you take in the scene over the water.

36. A Grand View

Build your deck where you will have the best view. Why? Because you are sure to be spending a ton of time there.

37. Meals Outside

This raised deck features a great area to both prepare and serve your meals. You can be sure that your parties will end up out here.

38. City Style

Even the city offers an outdoor view. This beautiful rooftop space has beautiful furniture that blends with its surroundings.

39. Modern Brilliance

This deck rises from the backyard and right into the back of the house. With calm lighting leading the way, you may just stay outside for a while.

40. Seaside Lookout

Like something out of a European vista, this deck blends into the natural landscape and features a view you can look at for hours.

41. Backyard Life

Bring your backyard to life with great white furniture on the deck that stylishly blends right into the inside.

42. Convenient Spaces

The charm of this outdoor space is unbelievable. You can entertain from the inside or out when you open this area up.

43. Fireside Entertainment

With great wooden and cushioned seating, you can entertain to your heart’s content by the fire.

44. Look at the Nature

With the style of a luxury cabin in the woods, this deck will meet all your needs. With a beautiful fireplace and elegant furniture, you can enjoy the outdoor view here.

45. Plants Incorporated

By incorporating great plant life into a deck space, you will blend it with your surroundings. This deck has a weathered hardwood look and plenty of plants for life.

46. Bamboo Style

Featuring a great bamboo garden, this contemporary deck design brings an Asian sense of design along with peace and calm.

47. Open Ocean Air

With bar style seating that lets you look out at the beach scenery while you eat, this deck will fulfill all your needs.

48. Wrap Around

This dark stained hardwood deck wraps around this house and carries a great sense of style. The decor is welcoming you to relax.

49. Into the Trees

This space expands out into the natural world for a great view. Relax at this table with some friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.

50. Privacy Ensured

This beautiful wooden deck also has wooden privacy fences on either side to ensure your privacy.

51. Country Style

With the deck right out the back door, this country design works so well for this space. This deck will host many nights with some food and drinks.

52. Great Grill Area

With great use of plant life to bring the area some character, this wooden grill area will let you cook great meals outdoors.

53. Relaxing Space

With bamboo in the background and contemporary decor, this comfortable space is perfect for two to sit and chat.

54. Covered Luxury

Host parties of any size with this outdoor deck that comes complete with a grill area and plenty of table space.
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