12 Gorgeous Multi Level Deck Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Many decks consist of only one floor and look similar, but a multi level deck is outrageously gorgeous and upscale. If you are considering adding a multi level deck to your yard, check out this photo gallery of 12 gorgeous multi-level deck ideas.

Multi Level Deck Photo Gallery

1. Custom Spiral Staircase

2 level deck design ideas

An amazing custom spiral staircase separates the expansive lower deck from the upper. Enjoy the views from up top while drinking your coffee in the morning or lounge in an Adirondack chair down below while you soak in the sun. A second staircase leads directly to the backyard.

The semi-transparent stained decking contrasts perfectly with the white outdoor furniture and trim.

2. Useful Space

multi level deck

This is a very beautiful and noteworthy multi level deck. This deck connects to both the first and second stories of the home and includes functional seating amongst this beautiful landscape. With this deck, you’re sure to have plenty of room for whatever you may want.

The top level of this deck is connected to the second story of the home. This deck is surrounded by a railing because of its height. On the deck, you can see a table and two chairs. These features make this deck perfect for enjoying the view.

The bottom level of this deck is connected to the top level because of a cascading stairway. This stairway is made from the same wood as the deck and includes a railing that matches the top deck. The stairway is very noticeable and gorgeous against the green background.

The bottom level of this deck is also very beautiful. It is made from the same matching wood, which creates a point of connectivity amongst the deck. On the sides of the deck, you can see two benches. These benches are very functional because they allow seating without taking up space in the patio area.

3. Pool Party Ready

multi level deck

Here is an example of a classic multi level deck. This deck overlooks a beautiful backyard landscape and pool. With this deck, you are sure to have enough space to throw the most ridiculous of pool parties.

This deck is made from a classic wood. This wood is treated to prevent splinters, but its coloration is very natural. The railing tops and surface materials are covered in a grey sealant. This material is very basic, but it works in this backyard design since it does not take away from the beautiful view.

On both decks is a single table. The lower-level deck has a glass table with four white chairs, while the upper level deck has an umbrella-table with four brown chairs. This seating arrangement provides both shaded and sunny seating for everyone.

Additionally, the bottom deck is lined with flowers and greenery. Lining the bottom of the lower deck with this material makes the deck look more soft and picturesque. It also makes the construction match the green landscape better.

4. Paradise

multi level deck

This multi level deck is upscale, glamorous, and everything you could want. It has a beautiful view and includes beautiful features. This deck would be perfect for lounging or beach parties with friends and family.

This deck is made with a medium hue, finished wood and it adds a lot of warmth to the deck. The deck floor matches the wood ceiling, which adds even more warmth and a note of connectivity.

On the deck are two beautiful wooden tables. On the upper covered deck is a long skinny table with chairs for many friends and family. While the lower deck hosts a round table that is perfect for easy brunches and chatting with friends.

This deck is also amazing because it has a gorgeous landscape and scenery. In the background, you can see a lot of greenery, palm trees, and shrubs. Additionally, you can see a pool, as well as a natural water landscape in the background.

For a pop of color, the railing and framing on the house are white. This white color adds a crisp note to the warm wood that makes up the rest of the deck.

5. Watch Your Step

multi level deck

Here is a very simple yet elegant multi level deck. This deck includes two levels. The main level is connected to the house, while the second level is more of a patio area. Both deck levels are made from wood and include beautiful lighting.

The main deck level is connected to the house and is slightly elevated from the ground. This deck includes a table, chairs, and a red umbrella. These features make the deck great for relaxing and enjoying time with family.

The second level of this deck is built onto the ground and is made from the same wood as the first level, but it does not have railings. Instead, the second level is the ground. The main level of the deck and the second level are connected by three simple stairs.

Both levels of the deck are decorated with very simple lighting and flowers. The lighting is a great choice because it makes it easy to walk on and see during the nighttime. Additionally, the flowers are a great addition to this deck because it adds a little bit of color and texture.

6. Clean and Spacious Upgrade

multi level deck

If you want a deck that seems to be bigger than your home, you will love this multi level deck. This deck includes two main levels that are spacious, gorgeous, and stand out from the home and landscape. If you add a deck like this to your home, you are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.

The main level of this deck is connected to the door on the second story of the home. This level is surrounded by intricate railing that will keep you and your loved ones safe from any falls or slips that might occur.

This level of the deck is connected to the patio level by stairs. The stairs are made from the same material and include matching railing as the rest of the deck.

The patio area of this deck is very large. It is made of the same wood as the rest of the deck and includes a matching railing, despite being almost ground level. The patio area has two stairs added to the side to connect the patio to the ground.

In this design, the deck does not have any accessories or furniture, but you could put large furniture on this multi level deck thanks to its size. You could also host dance parties in which you might not want to add furniture. The patio level of this deck would be great for dancing and having fun.

7. Modern Relaxation

multi level deck

If you have a beautiful pool in your backyard, you should consider adding a multi level deck such as this one. This multi level deck is simple, yet elegant and upscale. It matches the modern home and sleek pool perfectly.

The main level of this deck is attached to the home. It is crafted from blonde wood, which complements the dark green grass, charcoal pool structure, and white home beautifully. This level stretches almost the entire length of the home.

On this main level, you can see a table, chairs, and other decorations. Notably, there are two white chairs that match the structure and design of the home. These features add a touch of connectivity to the entire landscape.

The second level of this deck is located to the left of the pool. On this deck, you can see four sunbathing chairs. This lower deck is a great design because it allows the sunbathing chairs to be at the same level as the pool.

8. On the Water

multi level deck

Here is a deck perfect for a lakehouse. The deck is made of two materials, which is different from other multi level decks. It also includes many accessories that make the deck feel very inviting and cozy. More so, this deck has a beautiful view, making it a great addition to any home.

The main level of this deck is attached to the house. It is made from concrete and stretches the length of the house. On this level, you can see many chairs, a table, and other plant accessories and figures. All of these additional features make it look very comforting.

The bottom level of this deck is next to the water. It is surrounded by beautiful railing that will keep you safe by the water. This deck is made from wood, which reflects the sun beautifully. Because of how much sun is directed at this level, there are a lot of sunbathing chairs on it.

The best part of this deck is its eclectic feel. Many multi level decks are very upscale and serious. This deck, however, has many colors, designs, and features, which make this deck stand out as one-of-a-kind.

9. Maybe Not For Everyone

multi level deck

Here is an absolutely stunning and funky multi level deck. It’s large and unique design makes it clear that this deck is luxury an upscale, but it’s unique color scheme and matching color features make it very fun and outgoing as well.

The color scheme of this deck is pink, red, and white. The floor of the deck is painted red. The home and siding surrounding the deck, though, are white. This white contrast beautifully from the red. Interestingly, the railings, as well as the light fixtures, are hot pink.

This color scheme is very fun, unlike many of the other multi level decks we have seen. This fun color scheme is matched by a simple structure, though. both levels of the deck are incredibly simple and include minimal decorations and accessories.

The second level of the deck is actually the main deck area. It is very open and very large. It could easily host a table, chairs, or other furniture pieces. It would also be perfect for inviting over friends, family, and other guests.

The higher level deck is much smaller. It would be perfect for simply looking over the landscape, which is absolutely breathtaking due to the wonderful large trees.

10. Imagine the View

multi level deck

This multi level deck design proves that you can use the top level deck as shading. This design would go perfect on any two-story home and give you the best deck on the block. Let’s check out this design.

In this picture, you can mainly see the top level deck. This deck is made from wood and includes railing. The railing is very interesting because it includes charcoal beams. Additionally, this upper deck has a pergola roofing, which adds a little bit of shade and texture.

A beautiful and note-worthy the stairway cascades from this top level deck. It is made from the same wood and includes the same railing, which is also beautiful on the stairway.

Beneath the top level deck, there is another patio deck. This patio deck has a very strategic design because it is shaded by the deck above. This design is very unique and ingenious because it will allow you shade if you desire it.

11. Evening Relaxation

multi level deck

Here is an extremely large and extravagant multilevel deck. This deck includes a very minimalistic design That does not distract from the scenery yet matches the home perfectly.

This deck is very simple in that it is made from simple wood. It does not include many railings at all, even though it is located on a mountain. It also has very few decorations and accessories. Only a simple table with four chairs, two more chairs, and a flowerpot sit on this deck.

The main portion of this deck is attached to the kitchen area of the home. This main portion is where the table, four chairs, and flowerpot are located. Even though it is decorated, it is very spacious and gives you plenty of room to move about.

The rest of the deck cascades down the hill in follows the length of the home. The far side of the deck includes a metal railing to protect anyone from falling over. It also has the two other chairs for you to enjoy the view from.

12. Simple Yet Well-Done

multi level deck

Here is another multi level deck that includes a main deck level and patio area. Both areas are made from stained wood and include various decorations. This type of deck is perfect for any neighborhood home.

The main level of this deck is beside the home and includes a railing. This railing is put in place because the main deck is elevated from the ground. On this level, you can see a lot of rolling plants, chairs, a table, throw pillows, and an umbrella. These pillows and umbrella add great color to the deck.

The patio area of this deck is much more simple. It does not have decorations like the upper level, but it is a great addition nonetheless. It’s a great place to just lie out or add a grill. This area is connected to the main level from a series of stairs, which are equipped with lighting.


As we have seen, a multi level deck can be absolutely gorgeous. No matter what size home, design, or material you choose, the multi level deck will add a touch of refinement and luxury to your backyard.