27 Stunning Covered Deck Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Your fun and relaxation times don’t have to be relegated to the indoors. Where would be the fun in that? We fully believe that that outside of your home can be just as inviting and enjoyable.

That’s why we’ve gathered over 25 examples of how amazing covered decks can be. We have been blown away over the year with the creativity of these outdoor spaces. We love the wide variety because what works for some people won’t work for others.

Below, you will see simple designs that won’t call for a huge amount of time and money to build. You’ll also see some luxurious examples, spaces that can host entire dinner parties. You’ll see a range of architectural styles, so buckle up and be ready to take some notes!

Covered Deck Design Ideas

1. Complete Entertainment Space

Complete Entertainment Space

Grab some friends and family and come here to be entertained. This covered outdoor deck has it all, from a bar to a television. Comfortable seating – check.

2. A Modern Architecture

A Modern Architecture

We love the modern approach to this design, incorporating both hardwood and metal in a beautiful architectural style.

3. A Calm and Simple Design

A Calm and Simple Design

This great outdoor deck features a cover that simply slants down from the house, giving you a wonderful place to relax out of the elements.

4. Outdoor Eating Space

Outdoor Eating Space

we love that this slanted deck incorporates both a covered and uncovered area, as well as a connection to the home. You can enjoy a meal after you cook in this outdoor area.

5. Luxury Hardwood and Stone Design

Luxury Hardwood and Stone Design

This beautiful outdoor deck space incorporates a blend of hardwood and stone. We live the lighting, both natural and artificial. This is a complete space.

6. Indoor Outdoor Combination

Indoor Outdoor Combination

This wonderful outdoor deck space has the ability to be opened completely to the inside of this home, greatly expanding the area you have to entertainment.

7. Perfect Outside Addition

Perfect Outside Addition

This great outdoor deck has a wonderful and minimal overhang that creates a fantastic look. We love how this space rises to the second floor of the home.

8. A Great Design

A Great Design

This deck and overhang is the perfect addition to this home. With two levels, you have plenty of room for any outdoor activity.

9. A Rustic Setting

A Rustic Setting

This peaceful outdoor deck has a great rustic look thanks to the stone fireplace and the wonderful light fixture.

10. Handsome Outdoor Mountain Style

Handsome Outdoor Mountain Style

The materials used for this outdoor deck area, from the stone to the hardwood, all lend themselves to a wonderful mountain vibe.

11. Large Relaxing Area

Large Relaxing Area

Attached to the house, this outdoor space has a comfortable and light style. We live the stacked stone fireplace area as well as the shades that can be drawn.

12. Multi-Level Deck

Multi-Level Deck

You can see how this deck incorporates two levels, accessible from the yard as well as from the home. We love how this whole area blends together so well.

13. Great Passthrough

Great Passthrough

This outdoor deck was well planned out. We love how accessible it is to the inside of the home, both through the open walkway as well as through the kitchen bar area.

14. Dine and Relax

Dine and Relax

This outdoor space is a perfect fit for its environment. We love the stone style floor and how it blends with the home’s architecture.

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15. Country Relaxation

Country Relaxation

This charming outdoor covered deck has a wonderful and light bucolic feel thanks to the wicker furniture and color scheme.

16. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling

We love the raised ceiling of this space. The contrast of the natural hardwood deck and the white covering really works.

17. Wonderful Dark Hardwood

Wonderful Dark Hardwood

We love the hardwood architecture of this whole outdoor space. The forest look has a sense of calm and we love the modern style.

18. Fireplace and TV Combo

Fireplace and TV Combo

This area features a great stacked stone fireplace that works so well with the hardwood architecture. We love how well the furniture matches this whole area.

19. Large Deck With a View

Large Deck With a View

This is an amazing space thanks to the natural hardwood look of the posts and railings. We love how open this whole area is, giving you a wonderful view.

20. Length of the Home

Length of the Home

We love decks that run the length of the home, giving you plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors. This one blends with the house so well.

21. Great Covered Space

Great Covered Space

This hardwood space has a beautiful railing that lets you see through and enjoy the view. We love how large this space is, giving you plenty of room to entertain family and friends.

22. Modern Sophisticated Space

Modern Sophisticated Space

This outdoor space has everything you need for a complete fun experience. Whether you are relaxing for the evening or waiting for another swim, this space is contemporary and amazing.

23. Great City View

Great City View

Outdoor decks aren’t just for the suburbs. Here, you can see how great a covered hardwood deck can work in a city environment.

24. Covered and Uncovered

Covered and Uncovered

This outdoor deck and patio area extends down the house, giving you plenty of space. We love the simple hardwood furniture, as it gives an easy bucolic feel.

25. Large Beach Deck

Large Beach Deck

This large covered deck space gives you plenty of room to sit and rock, enjoying the ocean breeze. No matter the time of day, this space will give you peace and relaxation.

26. A European Design

A European Design

We love the European style of architecture used here, from the arched openings to the calm furniture. This space is light and gives you an amazing view.

27. Around the House

Around the House

This deck wraps around the house, giving you plenty of room to enjoy the view, no matter which way you want to look.

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