56 Ideas for an Elegant Master Bathroom (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Elegant is a word most of us would love used to describe any room of our homes.  This is perhaps especially the case in the bathroom, a room that can easily fall into a style rut.  Can you honestly say that your master bathroom is elegant at the moment, or are some changes in order?

The images below contain a plethora of great ideas for elegant bathroom design features and additions.  You’ll find everything from the elegance of understatement and clean simplicity to 18th-century baroque elements.

Also in store are elegant ideas such as cream furniture, shades of mint and cornflower blue, white column pillars, veined marble, satin-finish ceramic tiles, natural light and soothing colors, recessed lighting, boldly-colored cabinets, mocha walls with bright white molding, casement windows, skylights, and sophisticated floral patterns.

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Elegant Master Bath Design Ideas

1. Understated counter top

This crisp beige counter top offers plenty of space for display and practical use.

2. An eye-catching bright white vanity

This absolutely lovely vanity table pairs well with the champagne-colored upholstery of the chair.

3. Cream furniture

This bathroom furniture of the creamiest ivory looks perfectly elegant with a mint-colored upholstered chair of a unique design.

4. Pale lilac

The pale lilac of this bathroom is tranquil and gentle.

5. Elegant door to the outdoors

This elegant door with a rounded top and ornate window links the master bathroom to the beauty of the outdoors.

6. Double sinks

This bathroom’s double sinks look beautiful with corresponding matching light fixtures above.  The stylish rug is another popular choice.

7. Clean simplicity

Master bathroom designs don’t have to be elaborate to be elegant.  This simple design is both stylish and practical.

8. Don’t forget the little finishing touches

Some artwork on the wall and flowers in a vase on the counter top are lovely additions to the master bathroom.

9. Camel and cream

Sophisticated camel walls pair beautifully with pure white window frames and design features.

10. Shades of mint

This master bathroom combines different shades of mint for a fresh and elegant experience.

11. Compact bathtub

A smaller but stylish bathtub will give you more room for other design elements in your master bathroom.

12. Pale floors and cornflower blue walls

These pale wood floors look splendid with this master bathroom’s cornflower blue walls and creamy white drawers and cabinets.

13. Wicker blinds

One window is dressed with stylish yet simple horizontal wicker blinds while another allows brilliant daylight to adorn this master bathroom.

14. Graphite gray floors

Graphite gray floors with a geometric pattern add to the modern look of this elegant master bathroom.

15. Pale sky blue and metallic frames

The shiny metallic frames of this master bathroom’s large mirrors pair well with pale sky blue.

16. White column pillars

The white columns flanking the elegantly placed bathtub give this bathroom a rather grand atmosphere.

17. Pebble mosaic

A pebble mosaic design framing that bath harmonizes with the stone wall outside the glass sliding door.

18. Shiny sunshine-tinged wooden floors

This lovely hardwood floor looks positively charming with the white drawer and cabinet unit and highly decorative round mirror frame.

19. Small can be stylish

This compact bathroom may be small but it’s not lacking in style.  Gray and graphite shades are always elegant.

20. Wall paneling

Sophisticated wall paneling is a fashionable design feature.

21. Faux window wall

This faux window wall adds the beauty of oceanic scenes to the master bathroom.

22. Pink-tinted white

This master bathroom’s walls are white with the slightest tint of pink.

23. Veined marble and gold-toned shower fixture

This shower enclosure combines the timeless elegance of veined marble and a gold-toned shower fixture.

24. Satin sophistication

Satin-finish tiles are a fashionable style avenue for the master bathroom.

25. Colorful rug and multi-tonal wood

Consider adding a colorful rug and multi-tonal wood cabinetry to increase the elegance factor of your master bathroom.

26. European design touches

There’s a distinct look of European elegance in this softly colored bathroom.

27. Wood-plank wall feature

The wood-plank wall feature behind a glossy round mirror helps encapsulate a rustic and modern style pairing.

28. Bright teal blue cabinets and recessed lighting

Bright teal blue cabinetry and drawers and recessed lighting are fun companions to the floor with a daringly graphic design.

29. Soothing colors and natural light

Choose colors such as pale green-blue and fresh white for a tranquil bathroom experience.

30. Black and gray design motifs

Design motifs in black and gray always impart a modern atmosphere.

31. Mocha walls and bright white molding

Mocha walls are set off nicely by white molding.  A mint and mocha rug looks gorgeous on the marble tile floor.

32. Pale pine floors and mocha walls

Pale pine floors and dark-wood cabinetry are excellent additions to this master bathroom.

33. Stained glass window

This master bathroom’s stained glass window is a unique and upmarket addition design touch.

34. Brick wall feature

A brick wall feature is a contemporary design touch appropriate for master bathrooms with a bit of extra space, such as this remarkably large example.

35. 18th-century baroque

This remarkably large mirror with elaborate, gilded frame and old-fashioned but upmarket bathtub with legs make for a bathroom fit for royalty.

36. Immediately adjacent shower enclosure and bathtub

This master bathroom’s shower enclosure is positioned immediately next to the bathtub.  This can be an excellent arrangement for elegant master bathrooms that may be a bit on the smaller side.

37. Fresh jade green with an abundance of windows and mirrors

The fresh jade green of this master bathroom evokes the beauty of the outdoors, especially with the addition of daylight pouring through the windows.

38. Neutral-to-cool palette

The colors present in artwork displayed on the wall coordinate well with the neutral-to-cool color palette of this master bathroom, with attractive grays and blue tints.  A shelving unit tucked away in the area behind the sink allows for convenient storage, and a window beside the pedestal sink is an added attraction.

39. Lantern-design light fixtures and pewter-look bath siding

Lantern-design light fixtures and pewter-look siding on the bathtub are a unique design combination.

40. Retro sink with metal legs

This retro sink is made unique by the stylish addition of metal legs.  This modern look is pleasantly offset by the decorative touch of three simple but colorful flowers in a vase.

41. Floor-length window

A floor-length window will never fail to add extra elegance to the master bathroom.

42. Glossy white marble and abundant daylight

This master bathroom’s luxurious white marble is made even more impossibly glossy by the lovely daylight streaming through the windows.

43. Rounded corners

The uniquely rounded shape of this master bathroom works well with the choice of bathtub and window design.  Gorgeous artwork displayed near the door adds to the room’s elegance.

44. Teal frames and wooden ceilings

Teal-colored frames adorn this master bathroom’s mirror and window.  They pair well with the room’s rustic wood-plank ceiling feature.

45. Mirrors positioned opposite windows

Mirrors facing windows help maximize the daylight filling the room.

46. Lilac gleam

The hint of lilac in this bathroom gives a feminine yet universally appealing look.  The vanity is a lovely addition.

47. Scenic shower

The picture window in this shower enclosure gives a welcome view of the outdoors that will help ensure a pleasant start to your day.

48. Stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding in a soft shade complements this bathroom’s several modern elements.

49. Casement windows with white frame

Casement windows beside the bathtub elevate the beauty of this master bathroom.

50. Mid-century drawers

These drawers have a distinct mid-century style element.

51. Super compact shower enclosure

This extra compact shower enclosure is an excellent choice for people with limited space who want to fit in a bathtub, as well.

52. Champagne-colored ceramic tiles

The large ceramic tiles in the shower have a champagne-color and granite-like look that will work in many master bathrooms.

53. Marble-tiled floor with pattern

A marble-tiled floor like this one always pairs nicely with a fresh white marble counter top.  The unique shape of the bathtub in this master bathroom is something worth thinking about, too.

54. Scattered lights and round bathtub

This master bathroom’s unique scattered recessed lights and round bathtub are elegant and intriguing.

55. Skylight

Who wouldn’t enjoy having a skylight in their master bathroom?  This wonderful style element will let the daylight flood in, brightening your day.

56. Floral-patterned floor

The lovely flower pattern of this bathroom floor creates a fashionable look.
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